Avoid queues at the airport, this Brit fakes disability: ‘Disgusting’

Wolf Jenkins wanted to catch his return flight from Bodrum in Turkey, but there was a huge queue. “We knew we would miss our flight,” he captioned the video he posted on TikTok. Security Fooled The student and his friend say they came up with a ruse. They saw people in wheelchairs being pushed past … Read more

Krmenčík was greeted by crowds at the airport. Then he entertained with broken English

Last week he completed his transfer to Jakarta, Indonesia, and now he has arrived in the capital of Indonesia. Michael Krmenčík was greeted at the airport by hundreds of fans, in the subsequent interview for the club he entertained with very broken English. Similar to Kúdela last week, Krmenčík was greeted at the airport the … Read more

Brawl at the airport in Perugia: the video

Maxi brawl at Perugia airport between two groups of Albanian travelers waiting to board for the direct flight to Tirana. In the early afternoon of Sunday, the Perugia police reconstructs, a group of citizens of Albanian origin who accompanied some compatriots to take the flight to Tirana met with another group of compatriots in line … Read more

Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s trip to Bulgaria becomes a real horror: an incident at an airport knocks out a celebrity

Last year, the famous model N. Campbell became her mother. Since then, the woman has decided to spend more time with her daughter and devote less time to work. The podium star began to appear less and less on events and in the pages of glossy magazines. Recently, however, the supermodel flew to the Bulgarian … Read more

Rome, the first non-stop flight from Australia landed at Fiumicino airport

With a full flight landed this morning in Fiumicino, the Australian national airline Qantas has in fact inaugurated the season of non-stop flights between Italy and Australia driven by the rekindling of the desire on the part of travelers to travel the world afterwards. two years of severe restrictions. The direct flight from Australia to … Read more

The CEO of Aarhus Airport outlines the ambitions of the network

Following the announcement that the Danish city of Aarhus will host Routes Europe 2024, Routes met with the Executive Director of Aarhus Airport (AAR) to learn more about the airport’s pandemic recovery and network priorities. How is the recovery in the summer season? We are seeing a recovery of around 85% per month compared to … Read more

Charleroi airport VS Lille, Düsseldorf, Luxembourg or Eindhoven: is it worth flying from a border airport? (COMPARATIVE)

Departing from a border airport can be cheaper. Comparative. With the strike disrupting Belgian and European skies this weekend, many Belgians are turning to the foreign airports closest to our borders. But this phenomenon exists throughout the year, because some destinations cost less from Lille, Eindhoven, Luxembourg or Düsseldorf. (…)

Passenger plane caught fire at Miami Airport after emergency landing

A plane carrying 126 passengers caught fire at Miami Airport after making an emergency landing due to a broken landing gear. All occupants survived. The vehicle came to a stop next to a runway. The fire brigade was quickly on the scene to extinguish the fire and evacuate the occupants. Three passengers were taken to … Read more

Passenger plane catches fire after failed landing at Miami Airport

The American NTSB is investigating exactly what happened, but according to the airport fire department, the nose wheel collapsed during landing. Fire started when the fuselage came into contact with the runway. All 162 passengers managed to get out of the plane and the fire was quickly extinguished. Three occupants were taken to hospital with … Read more

go viral! Wife Catches Husband Collaborating With Affair at Airport after 6 Months of Searching

loading… A wife caught her husband holding hands with his mistress at Singapore Changi Airport. The video footage of the incident has now gone viral. Photo/Instagram/Singapore_Incidents/Facebook/Jolly Hong SINGAPORE – A wife and her child caught her husband holding hands with his mistress at Singapore Changi Airport. The meeting became an emotional moment because the husband … Read more