Cristiano Ronaldo wants to go to Atletico Madrid, Diego Simeone: Not suitable – Manager Atletico Madrid, Diego Simeone say Cristiano Ronaldo it is impossible to join Los Rojiblancos. Some time ago, El Nacional reported that the Portuguese player had asked La Liga to facilitate a move from Al-Nassr. Ronaldo did not feel comfortable playing in Arab Saudiand hopes to return to work on the European continent. … Read more

A billionaire wants to bring Cristiano Ronaldo to Bayern Munich – a billionaire offers Bayern Munich big funds to bring in Al-Nassr stars who are now playing for Al-Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo. According to AbendZeitung Munich, a billionaire who is willing to spend big money is named Marcus Schon. Ronaldo was linked with a move to Bayern Munich last summer after deciding to leave Manchester … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo Turns Out To Be Superstitious, Claims To Be Afraid Of Being Cursed – Al-Nassr superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo turns out to be superstitious and has never broken them throughout his career. Some of the superstitions that Ronaldo believes in are taking five naps a day and sleeping in a semi-reclining position. It is claimed that the owner of the five Ballon d’Or can improve physically when playing … Read more

Fantastic, this is the money that Ronaldo has to spend for the treatment of Georgina Rodriguez – Megastar Al-Nassr, Cristiano Ronaldo has to spend Rp. 16 billion per month on his partner, Georgina Rodriguez. The amount was revealed by the Spanish TV show ‘Viva la Via’ which said the money was sent regularly to the model from Argentina. Based on the TV show report, the money transferred to Georgina Rodriguez’s … Read more

Unable to withstand the lust and beauty of Natcha Rodrigues’ body, Ronaldo has the heart to cheat on Georgina Rodriguez – Portuguese model Natcha Rodrigues claims to have had an affair with Al-Nassr superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in 2021. According to Natcha, Ronaldo cheated on his current partner, Georgina Rodriguez by sending her seductive messages. Not just once, Natcha claimed that the winner of five Ballon d’Or titles did it for months. Natacha Rodrigues is … Read more

Christian Salary – Messi | How much does Cristiano Ronaldo charge and how much do they offer Leo Messi in Saudi Arabia?

04/04/2023 Act. a las 22:03 CEST The Portuguese striker will receive around 200 million euros per season at Al-Nassr To have Messi, Al-hilal is willing to pay the Argentine 400 million per campaign Leo Messi could charge twice as much as Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia if he finally decides to leave to play in … Read more

The story of Paris Hilton Disappointed in Cristiano Ronaldo during Dating, CR7 Turns out…. – Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous footballer who is handsome and physically athletic. However, Paris Hilton revealed a surprising confession when she was in a relationship with CR7. Cristiano Ronaldo’s achievements at club level need not be doubted, this five-time Ballon d’Or winner has successfully played a big role in helping the teams he … Read more

Ronaldo is better than Ronaldo Nazario and Henry, here’s the proof – Cristiano Ronaldo again broke the record after scoring two goals in Al-Nassr’s victory against Al-Adalh in the continued match of the Saudi Arabian League. In that match which ended 5-0 to Al-Nassr’s victory, Ronaldo has scored 835 goals during his career. According to the Daily Star, Ronaldo has even surpassed the goal record … Read more

Unlike the Premier League, the Saudi League is a different level; Cristiano shared his experience

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo shared his experience when he played in the Saudi Pro League. Rono said that the SPL is not like the Premier League and the Saudi League surprised him. The player shared his experiences in the Saudi League while talking to the media about the Portugal team facing Liechtenstein in the Euro 2024 … Read more

Ronaldo Sends Plane Loaded with Aid for Earthquake Victims in Syria and Turkey – Football superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo sent a plane filled with aid for earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey. The former Manchester United (MU) player feels sympathy and empathy for the incident that claimed tens of thousands of lives. The Portuguese player is also reported to have paid for tents, food packages, pillows and blankets, … Read more