Alcohol: containment has taken its toll

Overwhelmed with consultations, drink addiction experts sound the alarm: during the pandemic, part of the population has lost control over their consumption. A national alcohol plan is needed. Ça circulating in public opinion: stressed, anxious, idle, many Belgians have forced on drinking at home, since the start of the health crisis. But thirteen months after … Read more

How much alcohol can I drink after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine? | Health | Magazine

Drinking in moderation is unlikely to affect the immune response to the vaccine, but drinking too much could have an impact. After a long year and much anticipation, getting vaccinated against COVID-19 can be a cause for celebration, which for some may mean pouring themselves a drink and toasting their newfound immunity. But can alcohol … Read more

VIDEO: “Lauku sēta” participants are in trouble – they are caught, we use alcohol

In the new work week, the hostess is thinking of new jobs. The participants, as promised to them, will fight in pairs this time. An insight into the second show of the seventh season of “Lauku sētas” +50 See more Participants draw pairs and divide the weekly entries. This week, William and Venus will work … Read more

Apple Watch Series 8 May Monitor Your Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, and Blood Alcohol Levels

GPS, accelerometer, heart sensor, oximeter, the Apple Watch already has an impressive collection of sensors. But very soon it could gain new functions aimed at helping its users to take care of their health. Three new features could be integrated into the connected watch from Apple: the measurement of blood pressure, the level of glucose … Read more

Apple Watch in 2022 will learn to measure blood pressure, sugar and alcohol levels

British newspaper The Telegraph reported about new functions of “smart” watches Apple Watch Series 8 due out in 2022. They will learn how to measure blood pressure as well as blood sugar and alcohol levels using non-invasive methods. According to the newspaper, Apple has chosen Rockley Photonics as a partner – it will supply optical … Read more

Apple Watch 8 adds blood sugar and alcohol monitoring features.

although Apple Watch 7 Will not be released yet But it is revealed that In the near future Apple Watch 8 It adds an interesting new ability that is able to measure blood sugar levels. As well as measure the alcohol level as well The report of the Telegraph newspaper in England revealed that in … Read more

Bloody bruises and scratches: The strong images that would demonstrate the tremendous beating that Alejandra Guzmán gave to Frida Sofía

It seems that the violent episode began after having been ingesting alcoholic beverages. The alleged evidence could be used in court. Volatile and explosive. So it seems that it was actually the relationship that Frida Sofía has always had with her mother, Alejandra Guzmán. Proof of this are some shocking images that have been leaked … Read more

Can I go to the restaurant for dinner tomorrow? And buy alcohol after 8 pm? 11 questions and answers with everything that changes – Executive Digest

Tomorrow Portugal enters a situation of calamity, thus leaving the state of emergency after 173 days and 15 renewals. With this new regime, a set of new rules and activities appear that are now allowed or whose opening hours have been extended. Know everything that changes from this Saturday. 1.Can I go to a restaurant … Read more

Turkey outraged: Erdogan imposes ban on alcohol sales

PHOTO: Pixabay The rich table with brandy, salads and appetizers is typical for Turkish families celebrating Ramadan. They were all the more shocked to learn that President Erdogan was imposing a total ban on alcohol sales. Turkey is shocked. The government imposed a total ban on the sale of alcohol during a three-week new lockdown … Read more

Can you drink alcohol after the coronavirus vaccine?

After a long year and great anticipation, getting the Covid-19 vaccine can be a reason to celebrate, which for some may mean pouring themselves a drink and toasting. But, Can alcohol interfere with the immune response? The short answer is that depends of the amount that is drunk. No test that having a drink or … Read more