A Belarusian court sent a journalist to prison for an article about the death of a Bandarenka activist – ČT24 – Czech Television

The journalist published in the article on the basis of the medical report provided, information that Bandarenka had no alcohol in his blood before his death, as investigators claimed. According to the indictment, Barysevičová disseminated data on Bandarenko’s condition in “contradiction with the official statements of the authorities”, wrote the server Nastojaš I. Barysevich’s stay … Read more

Lukashenko confers the rank of Major General on his son – Alexander Lukashenko – Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko conferred the rank of general on his eldest son Viktor. Last week he headed the National Olympic Committee of Belarus. It is reported that Lukashenka signed decrees on conferring new ranks on a number of officers. In addition, he gave the next military rank of major general in reserve to … Read more

Putin and Lukashenko discuss the economy and Covid-19 – Abroad – News

In the open part of the talks, Putin discussed economic issues and the Covid-19 pandemic with Lukashenko. Mr Lukashenko thanked Putin for Russia’s support for the Belarusian economy and said that Russia’s vaccines against Covid-19 were the best in the world. PHOTO: EPA / Scanpix The meeting of the two leaders lasted an hour and … Read more

Putin and Lukashenko ready to sign roadmaps of cooperation between Russia and Belarus

Also, Lukashenko, in a conversation with Putin, expressed the hope that the Russian Federation and Belarus will resume automobile communication across the border by the summer. “Almost all roadmaps on various areas of cooperation between Belarus and Russia are ready for signing,” he said. Earlier Lukashenka denied information that Minsk plans to request a new … Read more

“We lost the street.” Cichanouská admitted defeat of Belarusian demonstrations – ČT24 – Czech Television

“I must admit, we lost the street. We do not have the means to oppose the regime’s violence, “she told the Geneva newspaper Cichanouská, which has been in exile since last August. According to her, the government uses all its power and weapons. “Yes, at this point, it looks like we lost.” Only a handful … Read more

Crisis in Belarus – Lukashenka assessed the prospects of war in the country

Photo: Alexander Lukashenko (kremlin.ru) The unrecognized President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, declared the need to strengthen work with youth to prevent a more serious internal political crisis in the future. According to him, if Belarus does not change the situation, it will approach the war. About it Belta reports. “The post-election events showed that we … Read more

It will be worse than it was in Belarus / GORDON

Commenting on the protests in Russia, opposition leader Mikhail Khodorkovsky expressed the opinion that in the Kremlin “the public is more frostbitten” than Alexander Lukashenko, who calls himself President of Belarus. The protests held in Russia on January 23 in support of the arrested opposition leader Alexei Navalny reached a new level in scale. This … Read more

Lukashenka believes that Belarus has overly liberal laws

Photo: belta.by Lukashenko complained about excessive liberalization of laws In the country in recent years, according to Lukashenko, too much has been done towards the liberalization of legal norms. Alexander Lukashenko stated that the events taking place in Belarus demonstrate excessive liberalization of laws. On Thursday, January 28, reports BELTA. He said this, speaking at … Read more

At least one hundred thousand people demonstrated again in Minsk, over four hundred of them were arrested by police – ČT24 – Czech Television

The demonstration, which takes place under the slogan “March of Heroes”, is dedicated to the arrested leadership of the opposition, Maryja Kalesnikav, and other leaders of the protest movement, who are either imprisoned or expelled from the country by the authorities with brutal threats. The DPA agency wrote that according to observers, 150,000 Lukashenko opponents … Read more

A sea of ​​people at Lukashenko’s residence and violent detention. Last day in Minsk – Abroad – News

Access to the residence was blocked by the Omani with water cannons and other attributes for driving the crowd. Several metro stations were closed, as well as problems with Internet and mobile communications, reports the Belarusian portal “Tut.by”. When the protesters began to disperse from Independence Palace, violent detentions began. Minsk, Nemiga. The guy runs … Read more