“The Ziryab of Virtuosos” 2022 awarded to Emirati artist Ali Obaid

The Tetouan International Lute Festival is celebrating its 23rd edition this year, from May 20 to 22, with a highly sought-after program by the festival’s artistic director, Soprano Samira Kadiri. For three days, the White Dove will live to the rhythms of several lute sounds, coming from various countries, with Saudi Arabia as guest of … Read more

The Ali Zaoua Foundation organizes “Creative Explosion”

Date :May 16, 2022 43Vues The Ali Zaoua Foundation celebrates its 13th anniversary and that of its first centre, “Les Étoiles de Sidi Moumen”, on May 16. To celebrate this commemorative date in a different way, the Foundation is organizing “Creative Explosion”, a festive event placed under the sign of innovation and discovery. On the program, … Read more

The Rewards Are Terrible, Do These 4 Practices on Friday, Sustenance Is More Smooth Says Sheikh Ali Jaber

North Sulawesi portal- Ada 4 practice most terrible the reward if done in day Friday say Syekh Ali Jaber. Syekh Ali Jaber say, if doing 4 practice it’s in day Fridaymaka the reward terrible will also bring a lot rezeki. Also Read: Crying like this can avoid the torment of hellfire says Buya Yahya By … Read more

The Inauguration of Five Acting Governors Ignores the Constitutional Court’s Decision, Mardani Ali Sera Calls Prone to Being Sued

FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Member of Commission II DPR RI from the PKS faction, Mardani Ali Sera, said that there was a big note in the inauguration of five acting (Pj) Governors by the Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Tito Karnavian. He said that the appointment process until the inauguration of the five PJ Governors ignored … Read more

When Adel Imam Ali Rabie described him as “the fool” and insulted him live, but his reaction shocked everyone!!

2022/05/11 It’s 05:10 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite The leader, Adel Imam, surprised the family of the movie “Captain Egypt”, earlier, by making a phone call on the air, while hosting them on the “Boldness” program on the “Al-Hayat” channel. Among the guests were his son, the artist, Mohamed Adel Imam, and the young … Read more

One Surah is enough to treat various diseases, read it every time you drink the words of Sheikh Ali Jaber

North Sulawesi portal – In a lecture, Syekh Ali Jaber never recommended to read a Surah into air drink. According to Syekh Ali Jaber when Surah this is read, then God willing everything disease can be cured. It turns out that there is a Surah in the Qur’an this can be a medicine and an … Read more

This Surah in the Al-Quran is Effective for Prayer for Various Diseases, said Sheikh Ali Jaber

North Sulawesi portal – When you feel sickof course we will look for drug to relieve illness. On one occasion, Syekh Ali Jaber revealed there is one way of treatment that is quite easy and easy to do. Where, the method of treatment in question is by reading the letter in the letter Al Quran. … Read more

6 Signs of the apocalypse have appeared, from the number of usury and disobedience that are justified according to Sheikh Ali Jaber

MAPAY BANDUNG – A leading scholar and preacher Syekh Ali Jaber explain, Doomsday or the Day of Judgment has begun to appear. In fact, the appearance of the signs of the day doomsday This can be seen by mankind to this day. Mentioned Syekh Ali Jabersign doomsday that among, like many riba and durhaka which … Read more

Don’t Call This Sentence As Dhikr, Sheikh Ali Jaber: No Forgiveness From Allah

North Sulawesi portal – Don’t mention sentence this as Pray say Syekh Ali Jaber because there will be no forgiveness from Allah. Syekh Ali Jaber insists not to mention sentence i ni sebagai Pray. When reading Pray don’t mention sentence like this because you can’t forgiveness from Allah. Also Read: Astagfirullah! Prayers like this include … Read more

Why is Sustenance Dragging Despite Diligent Worship? It turns out that this one habit is the cause, said Sheikh Ali Jaber

North Sulawesi portal- There is one habit why rezeki drag though hardworking worship say Syekh Ali Jaber. Syekh Ali Jaber say if habit this makes someone permanently poor though hardworking Worship said Sheikh Ali. Also Read: 9 Characteristics of Ideal Women in Javanese Primbon, Very Ideal and Suitable for Wife If hardworking worship but often … Read more