The ‘Mysterious House’ Puzzle on the Moon Solved, What is it?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Last month, China’s Yutu 2 spacecraft discovered a strange object on the far side of the Moon. Speculation erupted after that and some claimed it was a house where aliens were, really? One month passed, finally the foreign object was answered. The answer is, it is not as special as you … Read more

Marc Marquez Disappears, Carlo Pernat Suspects The Baby Alien Can’t Take Tests at the Mandalika Circuit : Okezone Sports

MADRID – To date Marc Marquez like disappeared because the Repsol Honda did not also provide the latest news regarding the flagship racer. Seeing that condition, observer MotoGPCarlo Pernat feels that it is possible that Marquez will miss the MotoGP pre-season test which will be held in February 2022. As is known, until now Repsol … Read more

Find Aliens, NASA Involves Religious Figures Including The Imam of the Grand Mosque

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – United States Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA involving 24 theologians or theologians to study life beyond the earth. Religious scholars will study the world’s reaction if life is found on another planet. NASA engages these religious leaders in a program at Princeton University’s Center for Theological Research (CTI) in New Jersey. … Read more

Alien Secretly Observes Human Movement on Earth from Here

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Researchers have identified a number of planets that are thought to be where aliens can see human activity on Earth. The findings of two astronomers United States (US) found the number reached 29 planets. The two made this discovery after seeing a faint shadow as the planet passed in front of … Read more

NASA Involves Religious Experts in Finding Aliens in Space

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) involved as many as 24 theologians, or religious experts, to search for extraterrestrial life, as well as to assess how humans would react if alien life were found on other planets. The collaboration is part of his program at the Center for Theological Research … Read more

Epic Store is giving away PREY, a super fun alien shooting game for free! Until 5 pm tonight

Currently, the Epic Store is still in distribution.gamefree daily latest gamethat were revealed include:game FPS shooting aliens like PREY, which will be distributed until December 26 at 11 PM. For PREY isgameShoot an FPS style where players have to assume the role of one of the research team in the space station. But instead to … Read more

Possible alien life forms in the clouds of Venus

Astronomers believe that clouds in Venus”Venus may incubate possible forms of life responsible for the production of “ammonia” gas, explaining that it is “completely different from everything we have previously seen”, as the presence of this colorless gas indicates [الأمونيا]Note that it is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen, possibly due to chemical reactions that … Read more

Revealing the secret of Pablo Jaffe’s strange habit with Barcelona

The rising Spanish star Pablo Jaffe has drawn attention to his talent in the first place, and secondly because of a strange habit that has accompanied him since his appearance with the first team of the Catalan club. The 17-year-old Spanish international often plays matches without tying his shoelaces, which is not a common habit … Read more

[스타in X 록킹돌] This is my first time seeing an alien fairy like this… Rocking Doll Making (Video)

Rocking idol Roa in the midst of filming a music video [이데일리 스타in 윤기백 기자] [스타in X 록킹돌]is a corner introducing SRP Entertainment’s new girl group, Rocking doll. The ‘non-earth-class rookie’ rocking idol has finally landed in the music industry. Rocking Doll is the first girl group to be launched by SRP Entertainment. It is … Read more