the coordinator of Pastef in Dakar, Abass Fall, and Fatima Mbengue of Free Frapp.

The criminal investigations division arrested the coordinator of Pastef / Les Patriotes à Dakar, Abass Fall, as well as one of the active members of the Popular and Pan-African anti-imperialist revolutionary front (Frapp), Fatima Mbengue, in front of the prison of Cap Manuel. The latter were interviewed on their presence in front of the remand … Read more

Khalifa Sall and Barthelemy Dias at Ousmane Sonko.

Khalifa Sall and Barthelemy Dias paid a visit of support and solidarity to Ousmane Sonko accused of rape by a masseuse named Adji Sarr. The officials of Taxawou Senegaal have shown their support for their opposition colleague. The visit took place at the Cité Keur Gorgui where the leader of Pastef Les Patriotes lives. .

Will Africa be sufficiently and effectively served with the Covax initiative?

The vaccine race is still making its way around the world and particularly in Africa. To allow rapid and equitable access to the vaccine against covid-19, the Covax initiative, launched last April, should be well under way to meet the real need of African countries, because it takes care of 20% of the most vulnerable … Read more

Adama Barrow launches his party and declares his presidential candidacy in December.

The Gambian president officially launched his party this Saturday, January 30 at the Independence Stadium in Bakau. “This new Party, the National People Party (NPP), represents the present and the future, and it is there for all Gambian citizens as part of a new political consciousness and a new leadership. It is the party of … Read more

“The Covid-19 vaccine works! “

Currently, it is the rush for vaccines in the world. This, to overcome the coronavirus which has claimed at least more than 2 million victims since its appearance in China in December 2019. Meanwhile, the trend that is in Africa is the rejection of any idea to be made vaccinate. But for Professor Pape Salif … Read more

A new headquarters of the State employees’ health mutual will be built in Dakar and will accommodate a multifunctional medical platform.

The President of the executive office of the Mutual health insurance for State employees (MSAE), Babacar Ngom, presented this Thursday, December 07, the report of the activities of the mutual between 2016-2019 and the prospects, during a conference Press. Coming to chair the meeting, Mr. Ngom said that the mutual now has nearly 40,000 members, … Read more

“Institutionally, Senegal agrees on the principle” (Dame Mbodj, Sg du Cusems Authentique)

In an interview with Dakaractu, the Secretary General of CUSEMS Authentique declared that it was he who brought the case of the introduction of sex education into the curricula of Senegalese schools in the public arena. Dame Mbodji also stressed that it was during a seminar held in Saly in December 2020, in the presence … Read more

Agreement reached with Elimane Lam, including the cash payment of one billion FCFA

The Bank of Mutual Institutions of West Africa (BIMAO) and businessman Elimane Lam who operates under the JIM Production trade name, have found, after six years, an approved agreement dated November 23, 2020 , by the Dakar Hors Classe Commercial Court for the payment of a debt of nearly 3 billion. He thus undertook to … Read more

The Islamic Rally of Senegal alerts national opinion and invites the Head of State to reaffirm Senegal’s position on homosexuality.

It is through a declaration that the Islamic Rally of Senegal (RIS), through the voice of their President, Pope Matar Kébé, alerts the national opinion on the integration in the curricula, of the principles of sexuality education and reproductive health for children from 05 to 18 years old. To this end, the organization denounces the … Read more

Increase of nearly 25 billion in the budget allocated to Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr.

The budget of the Ministry of Health and Social Action (Msas) for the year 2021 will see an increase of around 24.8 billion francs. It was adopted and adopted by a majority at 216.5 billion francs in payment credit and 807.3 billion in commitment authorization against 191.7 billion in payment credit on a three-year budget … Read more