An Egyptian registered among the dead .. proved that he is “alive” after two years

After published his story, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior revealed, on Tuesday, the circumstances of the harm of a citizen named Taha Imam Shafi’i Ghazala From the fact that he was registered in the official papers as “deceased”, and he was unable to obtain his identification papers. In the details, the ministry clarified that … Read more

Black Saturday. Arsonists unleashed a finished hell in Cairo, the British burned alive

British authority limited itself mainly to the area around the Suez Canal. On the contrary, the presence of Egyptian police officers was supposed to demonstrate the Egyptian influence on the area around the canal. The British watched her with reluctance, which was significantly reflected in the knowledge that Egyptian police forces supported paramilitary Islamic groups … Read more

Discovery of 3000 Years Old Tomb in China, Evidence of Alive Burial Rituals – The tomb complex was discovered at an archaeological site within the city of Anyang in Henan Province, China. It is located not far from the ancient city of Yin, the capital of the Shang dynasty, which ruled between 1600 BC to 1046 and was the earliest recorded dynasty in China. So what makes … Read more

After Protest, Muslim Youth Beheaded by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Government – Crown Prince’s Reign Saudi Arabia bear the term head Muslim youth simply because of the problems that will be discussed in this article. Crown Prince Saudi Arabia over the past few years, has instituted several social reforms in Saudi Arabia. During the reign of the Crown Prince Saudi Arabia, the number of executions … Read more

Juventus, Rovella and Zakaria for the midfield. The Martial idea remains alive

The market for Juventus moves in midfield and the protagonist can be Nicol├▓ Rovella. The bianconeri, in fact, are trying to bring the player born in 2001 to Turin immediately. Purchased a year ago by Genoa, Juventus left Rovella on loan to the rossobl├╣ until the end of the 2021-2022 season, but by contract, the … Read more

Putin Will Eat Zelensky Alive for Breakfast

Presiden Ukraina Volodymyr Zelensky. (Sumber: AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey) KIEV, KOMPAS.TV – Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseny Yatsenyuk gave advice to President Volodymyr Zelensky. Yatsenyuk reminded Zelensky to avoid direct dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to Yatsenyuk, Putin could eat Zelensky alive if the conversation took place. This was revealed by Yatsenyuk during … Read more

Arsenal muzzle Liverpool and keep hope alive / League Cup / Half / Liverpool-Arsenal (0-0) /

Outnumbered after the expulsion of Granit Xhaka after a big twenty minutes, Arsenal perfectly resisted the onslaught of Liverpool. Everything therefore remains open in this League Cup semi-final before the return leg, scheduled for next week in north London. Liverpool 0-0 Arsenal Expulsion: Jacket (24e) for the Gunners Chelsea will have to wait a little … Read more

Rob’s daughter Ichelle (29) was murdered and mutilated: ‘These are not fine details, but talking about them keeps her alive’ | Inland

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Door Marc Klifman Updated 8 min ago57 min ago in INTERIOR Antwerp – A year ago, Rob van de Velde started an eleven-week search for the body of his murdered and mutilated daughter Ichelle (29) in Oostburg, Zeeland-Flemish. Her body parts were eventually fished out of the canal and … Read more

Journalists in Haiti burned alive by gang; country struggles with crime and economic crisis

The bodies of the murdered journalists are taken away by the police.Image AP The reporters were about to interview a local gang leader when they came under fire, police say. One of the victims worked for the radio station Ecoute FM, which focuses on the Haitian community from Canada. The other worked for local Haitian … Read more