Circulating Intimate Chat Allegedly Owned by Nissa Sabyan and Ayus: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Nissa Sabyan now many are nicknamed actors. The 21-year-old became an affair with her band partner, Ayus Sabyan. In the midst of the heat of the news, an intimate WhatsApp conversation is circulating, allegedly from Ayus and Nissa. The screenshot of the chat was shared by the @mak_inpoh account, Friday (19/2/2021). In the … Read more

The arrest of a woman police chief who allegedly used sabu in Bandung started from community information

INDOZONE.ID – The West Java Police revealed the moments when Propam arrested a person Kapolsek women and their members related to alleged cases of narcotics abuse crystal meth. After investigating, it turned out that the police chief was secured after Propam received information from the public. West Java Police Public Relations Head Kombes Pol Erdi … Read more

They capture three people who allegedly obtained loans on behalf of officials

Catherine Perea • 18 Feb 2021 – 05:25 PM Units of the National Police (PN), together with officials from the Public Ministry (MP), captured three people allegedly engaged in obtaining personal loans on behalf of officials. The PN indicated that false identification cards were issued to these people, as evidence. The captures were made specifically … Read more

Did you aim at Hyung-jun Park… Passport, MB National Intelligence Service allegedly offensive

The passport is a political issue based on the suspicion of inspecting the National Intelligence Service during the Lee Myung-bak (MB) government. There is a suspicion that extensive inspections of the 18th National Assembly member and others were conducted under the direction of the Blue House at the time. This was raised on the 8th … Read more

The AstraZeneca Vakin Allegedly Less Effective In South Africa’s COVID-19 Variant

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – AstraZeneca revealed that recent studies show their vaccine provides only limited protection against the new South African variant of COVID-19. Its protection is limited to mild symptoms. Even so, it’s still from preliminary data. Quoted from Reuters news agency, the data comes from a study conducted by the University of the Witwatersrand … Read more

Some of the FPI Accounts Allegedly Used for Unlawful Acts

Jakarta, – Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) has completed the analysis and examination process of 92 accounts Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and its affiliates which are temporarily suspended. Based on the results of coordination with police investigators, a number of accounts of the FPI and its affiliates will be blocked due to … Read more

A woman commits obscene acts with robbers, allegedly distracts her attention until the police arrive

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – A mysterious woman is reckless doing lecherous action with one muggers in a gas station. According to reports the incident took place in Bratislava, Slovakia, on Wednesday (27/1/2021). Quoted from Daily News, It is said that the woman was determined to commit obscene acts to distract the robbers until the police arrived. The … Read more

The court acquitted Valeri Simeonov of “a group of sick women with allegedly sick children” – Bulgaria

© Julia Lazarova The leader of NFSB Valeri Simeonov was acquitted by the Administrative Court in Plovdiv for his statement against the mothers of children with disabilities, who in an interview for his own TV SKAT called “a group of sick women with these supposedly sick children”. The court’s decision, which is dated January 27, … Read more

Trump Allegedly Being a Russian Spy For 40 Years

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Former President of the United States (US) Donald Trump allegedly used so spy USSR and Russia for 40 years. Information from former USSR (KGB) Intelligence Service member Yuri Shvets states Trump is taking part in anti-Western propaganda. Quoting The Guardian, Sunday (31/1), Shvets stated that Trump’s position was the same as … Read more