Twitter is again dissatisfied with the success of Hogwarts Legacy: allegedly no one plays it and does not want to go through it

Debates have flared up on Twitter again. Hogwarts Legacy. The social network, it seems, for some time resigned itself to the fact that the game in the world of Harry Potter is well bought, but now new accusations have appeared – two months after the release, allegedly no one needs it. One of the users … Read more

Members of the Indonesian Navy Allegedly Persecuted by Pak Ogah in Cilandak, South Jakarta

CNN Indonesia Friday, 24 Mar 2023 09:32 WIB Illustration. A member of the Indonesian Navy is suspected of being the victim of abuse by Pak Ogah in Cilandak, South Jakarta. (Photo: Istockphoto/burakkarademir) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — A member TNI The Navy is suspected to be the victim persecution by an unofficial parking attendant alias Pak Ogah … Read more

Splashy School of ‘Puang Nene’ Allegedly Deviant in Bone, 2 High-ranking Leaders Claim to be Prophets

Jakarta – Bone County Residents, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi) excited by the appearance of the Puang Nene trend suspected of being heretical. Leaders of the Puang Nene sect claim to be prophets and do not oblige their followers to pray. “The sects don’t pray, and there are two big bosses who claim to be prophets. … Read more

The explosions in Crimea were a signal for the Russians to leave, Ukrainians said. They also allegedly destroyed the Russian Kalibr | missiles iRADIO

Monday’s explosions on the Crimea peninsula are a signal for the Russians to leave the area, according to the Unian agency, the spokeswoman for Ukraine’s Southern Command, Nataliya Humenyukova, said. In the city of Dzhankoy in the north of Crimea, where explosions were heard on Monday, the local authorities introduced a state of emergency, the … Read more

Get to Know the Planet Allegedly Filled with Sea

Jakarta – Researchers estimate that a planet outside the solar system will be filled with oceans, aka covered in oceans. What planet is this? Quoted from detikEduResearchers revealed that the shape of the mini exoplanet (exoplanet) is currently not its final form. Researchers Susana Barros et al in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics explained, the … Read more

Martinus’ wife arrested, she allegedly tried several times to assassinate him

“Martinus Witte had a big mouth and a big heart. He was there for everyone, ”debby testified in July 2022 about her husband. The man had lost his life trying to protect his niece Marly Schapendonk from her ex-companion, Eric V. But things look different now. The one who had stayed two days with his … Read more

A Planet Outside The Solar System Allegedly Turned Into A Water Planet

TEMPO. TOGETHER, Jakarta – The astronomer is analyzing a planet the mysterious solar system is labeled as HD-207496b. This planet is 138 light years from Earth and is thought to be in the process of transformation. Compared to Earth, this planet has a mass and radius 6.1 and 2.25 times greater. This exo planet is … Read more

Two Americans Arrested for Allegedly Sending Aviation Technology to Russia

(CNN) — Two US citizens were arrested in Kansas City on Thursday for allegedly sending US aviation technology to Russia, the Justice Department announced. Cyril Gregory Buyanovsky, 59, and Douglas Robertson, 55, face various charges, including exporting controlled goods without a license, falsifying and failing to file electronic export information, and smuggling goods in violation … Read more

PSG Boss Allegedly Involved in Cases of Kidnapping and Torture

Paris – The investigation from the French court is targeting Nasser Al-Khelaifi. Bos Paris Saint Germain was allegedly involved in cases of kidnapping and torture. Three judges from a French court were appointed to investigate Khelaifi, Monday (27/2/2023). The team reported that the Qatari man was accused of kidnapping and torturing French-Algerian lobbyist Tayeb Benaderrahmane. … Read more