How do you manage common food allergies and intolerances? – The New Tribune

© Istock / Prostock-Studio THE allergies and the food intolerances can affect the quality of life of many people. Symptoms can vary from a mild reaction to a life-threatening reaction. In this article, we will discuss common food allergies and intolerances and ways to manage them. Food allergies are caused by a reaction of the … Read more

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Spring Allergies

Allergy is a natural response of the immune system. It manifests itself when an external agent is identified as the aggressor. In spring, the main allergens are the pollen released by flowering plants and circulating in the air. Also called hay fever or allergic rhinitis, spring allergy can be troublesome since in addition to runny … Read more

Give peanut products to your babies to reduce the risk of allergies

T24 Foreign News Experts say that peanut products, such as peanut chips and peanut butter, should be given to babies 4 to 6 months old to reduce their risk of developing allergies. According to studies, peanut allergy is twice as common in children growing up in Western countries in the last 10 years. In Britain, … Read more

Meat substitutes can trigger severe allergies

pte20230317001 Medicine/Wellness, Research/Development According to a scientific study by the University Hospital Utrecht, the origin of the proteins is decisive Soy: Proteins from it can trigger allergies (Photo: Evgen Litvinenko, Utrecht (pte001/17.03.2023/06:00) – People who eat less meat or do without it altogether and instead consume substitutes made from legumes that are enriched with … Read more

The 5 foods to eat to fight against allergies!

Verified on 03/15/2023 by Alexane Flament, Editor In spring, with flowering and the arrival of pollen: the air is loaded with allergenic substances! Result: itchy eyes, repeated sneezing, incessant itching and excruciating headaches! To avoid allergies, the best thing to do: take care of your digestive system! And for good reason, 70% of the immune … Read more

How do you know if you have allergic asthma?

Allergic asthma is a respiratory condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It occurs when the airways become inflamed and react to allergens such as pollens, dust mites or animal hair. Discover in this article the main causes of allergic asthma, its symptoms, the recognition of respiratory allergies and what to do in case of … Read more

Pollen allergies: spring is back!

Pollen allergies are at the heart of the next Crédit Mutuel du Sud-Est health conference, on March 23 in Lyon and by video. © Fotolia Seasonal allergies are uncontrolled reactions of the body to exposure to airborne substances, mainly pollens. They appear from spring, when trees and plants begin to release these microscopic grains into … Read more

4 Characteristics of Allergies and the Difference from the Flu – Even though they both cause colds, colds caused by allergies will not be accompanied by other symptoms, such as coughing or sore throat. Allergy symptoms will also usually gradually improve when the cause or allergen is avoided and taking allergy medications, such as antihistamines. To better understand it, know the characteristics of allergies … Read more

All kinds of allergies after the immune system “defends too much” | vibration urticaria | allergy to books | pregnancy herpes (84405 | water allergy 8) | sports allergy | metal allergy

[Voice of Hope March 5, 2023](Editor: Li Wenhan) The February 2023 issue of the Spanish “Taste” published an article entitled “Various Bizarre Allergic Phenomena Recognized by the Scientific Community”. From metal powders to alcohol, from sports to our own children… Allergy is the most common chronic disease in Europe, according to the European Society of … Read more