Hay fever and corona: What is important now for people with pollen allergies

NNot everyone can look forward to spring, because spring time is also the time for pollen to fly. The nose runs and itches, the eyes are red and swollen – almost 15 percent of the population suffer from hay fever every year. Many are now wondering whether they have a higher risk of infection with … Read more

Avoid allergies and intolerances: This app reveals what’s in your food

Soosee is currently only available for iPhone users, there is no similarly powerful app for Android. After all: The Android version of Soosee is in development, but not yet publicly available. But if you only have an Android smartphone, you can use it instead CodeCheck To fall back on. The free app is actually there … Read more

Here’s how to prevent spring allergies with a few simple steps

Every year it’s always the same story, spring is approaching and allergy problems start again. Runny nose, congestion and endless sneezing are just some of the annoying symptoms of this condition. In severe cases, if left untreated, it can lead to serious complications such as sinusitis, otitis or even degeneration into bronchial asthma. What is … Read more

Similar at a Glance, These Are Different Symptoms of COVID-19 with Flu and Allergies

Jakarta – There are some symptoms of COVID-19 experienced by patients when infected with the Corona virus. One of them is cough, which makes some people sometimes confuse COVID-19 with other diseases. When you feel a stuffy nose or itchy eyes, that doesn’t mean you infected with coronavirus. If you have a cough, fatigue, and … Read more

Climate change increases allergies

KARLA PADILLA / EL [email protected] | Ensenada, BC The increase in pollution, winds and climate changes are factors to consider for the increase in consultations for allergy-related conditions in medical units and hospitals, said Marisol Silva, coordinator of the Auxiliary Medical of Public Health of the IMSS in Baja California. He explained that an allergy … Read more

The vaccine for covid and allergies: what are the risks?

“In general, the immediate reactions for which epinephrine is required are those that occur within that 30-minute window,” said Merin Kuruvilla, an allergist and immunologist at Emory University. However, it is understandable that some people worry. Taison Bell, an intensive care physician at UVA Health in Charlottesville, Virginia, said she was concerned about her 7-year-old … Read more

Allergies protect against bacterial infections – naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

Allergic reactions help to defend against bacteria Allergies are becoming more common. The Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology predicts that every second person in Europe will suffer from an allergy by 2025. Why so many people develop allergies is still largely unclear. A research team has now shown that allergies are an attempt by … Read more

Allergies, skin irritations and difficulty breathing: when masks are a problem

The mask is now mandatory everywhere. Many have gotten used to it but others complain of breathing difficulties. Some also mention skin problems. Should we be worried? Two specialists respond to RTL INFO’s microphone. Worn at work, at school, in stores and even in the streets, the mask is now an integral part of our … Read more

Nestlé looms in food allergies

This is a “significant step” in Nestlé’s strategy, analysts believe: announced Monday, the takeover of the American biopharmaceutical company Aimmune Therapeutics for $ 2.6 billion allows the food giant Vevey to stand strengthen in food allergies. “With this transaction, its subsidiary Nestlé Health Science (dedicated to medical nutrition) aims to become one of the world … Read more

Yes, we can be allergic to beer

While the list of problems associated with alcohol is already long, there is one that leaves many people skeptical: a beer allergy that many consumers claim to have developed. Researchers confirm that certain ingredients used in the manufacture of beer may be involved. From the outset, however, it would be a rare allergy: in the … Read more