Filter list of names to replace Gertz Manero in FGR; there are several allies of the 4T

This means of communication had access to a listto with the Names of people who could replace Alexander Gertz Manner at the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR). Among the possible candidates are people very close to the Government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). For example, there is the former Secretary of the … Read more

US-Japan Have New Allies to Beat China’s Economy, Who?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The United States (US) will get allies to limit China to access components used to make advanced computer chips. This was disclosed by a source to Bloomberg quoted Associated PressSunday (29/1/2023). Previously, the US administration under President Joe Biden in October imposed export controls to limit China’s ability to access high-end … Read more

Arms in Kiev, state secrets only for Italy. (Our) allies publish lists and reports. From the USA to Germany, here’s where to find them

Germany publish the complete list of supplies and updates it on a weekly basis: 3,000 Panzerfaust rocket launchers, 100,000 hand grenades, 350,000 detonators and so on. It even takes into account the clothing: 240 thousand “hats for winter” , 116,000 jackets for the cold, 80,000 thermal trousers. What’s more, it anticipates those approved that are … Read more

Ukraine Russia Online: Allies promised 321 heavy tanks

Russian propaganda claims that Poland is planning to occupy part of the territory of Ukrainesenior Polish government security sources said on Friday. The representative of the Polish government for the information sector, Stanislaw Zaryn, wrote on the social network Twitter that the so-called The “political scientists” of Russia, who implement the goals of Russian propaganda, … Read more

Certainly not, Babiš refused military help if the allies were attacked. His marketers began to iron it out

The question of CT moderator Martin Řezniček was simple: “Should the Czechia send soldiers into an open conflict in the event of an attack on Poland or the Baltic states?” Babiš probably surprised even the moderator at that moment. “Where do you mean, to war? Certainly not.” After a follow-up question, he responded: “Why should … Read more

Defence: The contract with the USA does not mention the base in the Czech Republic

According to him, the contract is almost ready for discussion by the government and the parliament. According to him, fears that the contract also deals with the possible construction of an American base on the territory of the Czech Republic are unfounded. Why is this contract being negotiated? As a member country of the North … Read more

Garlic and Yogurt are two incredible allies | Here’s what they’re good for

Have you ever wondered what Garlic and Yogurt are good for? Well we will reveal it to you in this article: they are two truly incredible allies For mental and physical health it is important to keep in mind which foods can enrich your immune system, make you strong and give you the right energy … Read more

Home appliances as allies of healthy eating

By: Emiliana Borba, Sales Leader of Philips Domestic Appliances for Chile and Pacific countries. Innovation in the home appliance industry that currently exists in the market has become a key solution to one of the major public health problems: obesity. According to the latest data provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United … Read more