Sør-Varanger, News | House fire has been extinguished: – Neighbors have been allowed to return to their homes

The fire is out, the police wrote online at 8.46pm on Sunday. – The fire service reports that the fire has been extinguished. Evacuated neighbors have been allowed to return to their homes. The police are on the scene and are investigating the incident. It was at 6.15pm on Sunday that the police received a … Read more

NMBS starts an investigation into the conduct of the conductor who put Norah (12) off the train: “A train conductor is simply not allowed to put a minor who forgot her season ticket off the train” | Popular in HLN+ REGION

LOCHRISTIThe NMBS has launched an investigation into the action of a conductor on the train between Ghent and Lochristi. On Monday, a check showed that 12-year-old Norah Hertecant did not have her subscription with her, and that usually means paying extra. However, it turned out that the girl had also forgotten her wallet. “The conductor’s … Read more

Scaring off wolf with paintball gun is not allowed, province concerned

ANP NOS News•Wednesday, 10:13•Amended Wednesday, 5:05 PM The province of Gelderland is no longer allowed to shoot paintball guns at wolves in the Hoge Veluwe to scare them off. That has been determined by the judge. The province allowed the use of the paint bullets at the end of last month, because the wolves in … Read more

Buying a home? Antwerp municipalities are now allowed to sponsor their residents considerably, but they do not have the money

Have you been living in your municipality for a long time, don’t earn too much and do you want to buy a home? Then there may be good news, because from now on 34 Antwerp municipalities can pay a large part of your home price themselves. The Flemish government wants to make living in its … Read more

Electric scooters are not allowed on the road from 11/30!Electric bicycles must be licensed for compulsory insurance-China TV News

Comprehensive report by Zou Zongliang / Taipei City In recent years, awareness of environmental protection has risen, and many “electric” vehicles have appeared on the market. In addition to electric bicycles, there are also personal mobility devices such as electric scooters. However, you should pay more attention when using these electric vehicles in the future. … Read more

Daughter (19) is not allowed to attend her father’s execution in the US: “My heart breaks that I cannot experience his last moments”

©  ACLU A 19-year-old Missouri woman has been banned from attending her father’s execution by a judge. She is legally too young to be there. A request from her father to let her be there, was of no avail. gjs Sunday, November 27, 2022 at 09:56 Father Kevin Johnson (37) was sentenced to death for … Read more

WC football | Take it off! Football fans are not allowed in bars in Arab robes. It’s an insult, the Qataris are angry

Fans at this year’s World Cup have to try a number of regulations that are not entirely to their liking, but they still try to enjoy their stay at the championship. Many of them have bought traditional Arab ankle-length robes, called thawbs, which are often worn with the keffiyeh, a traditional Arab headdress. This clothing … Read more

Crusaders are not allowed here. The Cathars expelled the English in the costumes of Christian knights

Some England fans were prevented from entering the stands before the World Cup match due to historical costumes. In the new episode of Sports Social, you will see what kind of reinforcements the Americans are preparing for Qatar. 1:35 Crusaders are not allowed here. The Cathars expelled the English in the costumes of Christian knights … Read more

Fifa says rainbow colours now allowed in Qatar after flags confiscated

A Germany fan wears the rainbow colours on their wrist in Doha (EPA) World Cup federations have been told by Fifa that the rainbow flag will “not be prohibited” at stadiums for the next round of games, and that Qatar have now given the governing body assurances on the issue after a series of incidents … Read more