Cats in German town of Walldorf are allowed to go out again after months of lockdown

AFP NOS News•Sunday, 20:19 In the German town of Walldorf, cats will be allowed to go out on their own for the first time in months tomorrow. In the spring, the authorities of the city in the state of Baden-Württemberg decided that the animals were no longer allowed to roam outside freely. The ‘cat lockdown’ … Read more

Former Samsung CEO convicted of bribery is pardoned and allowed to return to work – IT Pro – News

Former Samsung president Lee Jae-yong has been pardoned by South Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol. The businessman had been convicted of bribery and had a labor ban as part of that. The motivation for the grace is to stimulate the economy. Among other things Reuters writes that that motivation was given in a statement from the … Read more

government is no longer allowed to share personal data

ANP NOS News•Thursday, 09:55 The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) wants the reuse of personal data from government data to be prohibited in principle. There is a proposal to amend the law regulating the reuse of government information, but that still allows personal data to be shared without your knowledge or consent. The AP wants … Read more

Due to the war in Ukraine, Russian women are not allowed in a castle in France

This castle was once the residence of the French kings and is among the best-preserved monuments of its kind in Europe, and most of it is open to the public, as well as for tours, concerts, theater performances and other events. It also houses part of the historical archives of the French Armed Forces, access … Read more

Industra Bank is allowed to take over part of PrivatBank’s assets and liabilities :: Dienas Bizness

On August 9, the Council of the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FKMC) adopted a decision to allow AS “PrivatBank” to transfer to AS “Industra Bank” AS “PrivatBank” as part of the credit institution company, in accordance with the transfer agreement of the credit institution company concluded by both parties, representatives of the FCMC inform. … Read more

UZ Brussel: ‘It is a pity that we are not allowed to vaccinate against monkey pox’

About fifty patients have so far tested positive for the monkeypox virus in UZ Brussel, but none have been admitted at the moment. So says Sabine Allard, head of the department of internal medicine, herself a professor of infectiology. “It is a pity that our patients have to knock on the door of another hospital … Read more

He learned about Jani Vadon’s dismissal at the door: he was not even allowed to enter the TV building – Domestic star

Wild Jani his TV career is HBO How Much? 30! he started with his production, in which he worked as an editor and actor. Then came Z+, where he also edited and hosted a show. Here he already worked with Balázz Sebestyén, but the joint work could last only one year, because Vadon was fired … Read more

Activists disrupted the Lauwarm concert. The Swiss are not allowed to play reggae, they claim

Lauwarm were scheduled to play last week at the left-leaning venue Brasserie Lorraine. Several activists did not like the fact that the white musicians from Switzerland had dreadlocks and did not hesitate to report it to the management of the company. And others were only bothered by the fact that they allow themselves to play … Read more

Discussion on Mohanad Jeahze’s future – not allowed to train with the team

Mohanad Jeahze was in the starting eleven for Sunday’s away meeting with Varberg, but did not warm up with the team and then sat on the bench for the entire match. The club was tight-lipped about the reason afterwards, but according to Aftonbladet, the 25-year-old refused to play with the aim of moving abroad instead. … Read more

List of cars that will be banned and still allowed to drink Pertalite

Jakarta – The government is still working on the criteria for vehicles that will no longer be able to consume Pertalite. There are several proposals being considered. The first is a luxury car with an engine capacity of over 2,000 cc. Then recently it was revealed that in Pertamina’s Limited Coordination Meeting with the Coordinating … Read more