Wild boars swim across the Albert Canal and that is not allowed, they are shot

Some wild boars that stumbled and swam across the Albert Canal will be shot by hunters. Yesterday the animals swam across the canal and ended up on the other side, in Paal and Tervant. But that’s not allowed. The Albert Canal in Beringen is a border that they must not cross from Nature and Forest … Read more

“Barcelona” Fair will be allowed to leave only for 700 million euros ransom – Football – Sportacentrs.com

New step in #Messicase@the newspaper says that Messi has asked for a meeting with the club with the intention to reach a friendly agreement and a way out. As soon as possible so the situation does not get any worse. Story confirmed by my sources. Ball back to FCB court https://t.co/2yi9AM8HED – Guillem Balague (@GuillemBalague) … Read more

Laboratories can barely handle corona tests, GGDs are not allowed to expand

The Ministry of Health has asked the GGDs not to expand the corona test capacity in the near future due to a capacity problem at the laboratories. This means that no new locations will be opened and that the opening hours of existing test locations will not be extended further. In recent weeks, the demand … Read more

Moscow State University allowed the creation of a seasonal vaccine against coronavirus and influenza :: Society :: RBC

Virologists from the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University is considering the possibility of creating a “seasonal” vaccine that allows you to simultaneously vaccinate against coronavirus and influenza. This was reported by RIA Novosti Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Virology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University … Read more

Bild has the holiday photos of Alex and Máxima, which the Netherlands is not allowed to see – Wel.nl

Maxima and Alex in their boat and in a small boat on holiday in Greece. Maxima in an elegant bikini. But you will not see those photos in Dutch media: whoever publishes them will be placed on the Black List of the House of Orange. But nothing prevents you from going to Bild for the … Read more

Influencer Sammy killed by police bullet: when are officers allowed to shoot?

The task of the police is to maintain law and order, says police scientist Jaap Timmer of the VU Amsterdam. “That is why a police officer may use force during an arrest, if necessary. This could involve a blow with the flat of the hand to use of the gun.” The use of firearms by … Read more

The head of Bashkiria allowed the redemption of shares of the applicant for Kushtau after the protests :: Society :: RBC

“We need to take the enterprise, we need to take a controlling stake,” said the head of Bashkiria, whose authorities now own more than 38% of the shares of the Bashkir Soda Company Radiy Khabirov (Photo by Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti) The authorities of Bashkiria, which now own 38.28% of the shares of the … Read more

Independent repair service providers: Independent Mac repair shops are not allowed to help some customers

Apple has more details on the program for independent Mac repairs released. Stellenmarkt ING-DiBa AG, Frankfurt, Nuremberg via duerenhoff GmbH, Stuttgart area It is interesting for customers that all Mac models are covered by the program, i.e. Macbooks, iMacs, the Mac Pro and the Mac Mini. However, with one major restriction: The devices may no … Read more

Woman (79) has to move because her house is eleven square meters bigger than allowed | Inland

Heidi (l) and her daughter Marcia van Duren Watak in the hall of her house, which according to the municipality is too big. Ⓒ Ella Tilgenkamp Zaanstad – Heidi Van Duren Watak (79) from Koog aan de Zaan has to have part of her house demolished by the municipality of Zaanstad. There was a temporary … Read more