Australian Open | The controversial ban on supporting missing Chinese tennis players no longer applies! The organizers of the AO under pressure allowed

The social media video, which showed how the security guards confiscated T-shirts and a poster in support of Pcheng Shui, caused outrage on Saturday. The organizers of the season’s inaugural grand slam tournament have defended the move, citing a ban on political slogans in Melbourne Park, but have garnered sharp criticism. According to the group … Read more

AirCar: Slovak flying car is allowed to fly! Production is around the corner – News – Auto

Klein Vision’s flying car has all the necessary documents for operation. Formally, nothing formally stands in the way of mass production. Photo: Klein Vision Air Car – 2021 AirCar has a flight speed of 170 km / can handle 1,000 km per refueling. After six years of development, the project of the Slovak flying car … Read more

The Frenchwoman saved the piglet of the wild boar, the authorities allowed her to keep him in the backyard

“I tried to return him to nature, but he systematically returned to my land. He went to hide with the sow I keep, “explained Consol, who lives in the village of Lot-et-Garonne. “I try to live like a wild boar. I made a big muddy pool for him in the garden, I let him dig … Read more

Pregnant Woman in Depok Wants to Sell Kidneys, Is Buying and Selling Body Organs Allowed? page all

JAKARTA, – A pregnant woman with the initials MM (23) di Depok, plans to sell his kidney to pay off debt. At first, he borrowed money from moneylenders for the business capital he was running. “Initially I borrowed it from a friend, I also borrowed a friend’s loan account for me. There were also … Read more

Arema FC Striker Allowed to Join TC Indonesian National Team

Arema FC player M Rafli, received permission to join the Indonesian national team’s training camp (TC) late. The dispensation was given because he had just married. Rafli married Laras Carissa Devinta, who is the daughter of PSSI vice chairman Iwan Budianto. The event was held to coincide with the start of the Indonesian national team … Read more

Index – Domestic – A man who was not allowed to take off because he was not wearing a mask nearly killed the bus driver

A 31-year-old man did not put on his mask, so the driver of a scheduled bus in Budapest did not open the door of the vehicle. The incident continues when the unworthy man hit the driver on the head with his fist and then left the injured driver alone, the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office reported. The … Read more

Scalping Intel Alder Lake allowed to reduce the temperature by 10 ° C

It’s no secret that replacing the standard thermal interface often allows you to significantly reduce the temperature of the processor. Company RockItCool released a tool for removing covers from Intel Alder Lake-S processors and then replacing the standard solder with a liquid metal-type thermal interface, and at the same time told how such manipulation affects … Read more

Another problem for Djokovic. Unvaccinated tennis players will not be allowed at the French Open either

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison did not rule out that Novak Djokovic could play at the Australian Open next year, even though he was legally threatened with a three-year ban on entering the country after his deportation. Currently, however, the Serbian tennis player risks losing the second grand slam tournament of the season, Roland Garros, … Read more

Here, developers are allowed by Apple to offer alternative payment methods

Only for dating apps This week we could write that Apple will in the future allow South Korean developers to offer alternative payment options in their applications. Now they offer this opportunity to Dutch developers as well – but only in applications with dating purposes. Again, this is not a voluntary choice from Apple, but … Read more

Most Popular in Business: Luhut Questions Citizens Are Allowed in Public Places, How to Sell NFT

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The most popular economic and business news throughout Sunday, January 16, 2022, starting from the Java-Bali PPKM Coordinator Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said that only residents who had been vaccinated twice could move in public places until the Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir, appointed the former boss of Bank Jatim as director at … Read more