Almere is going to remove ‘peeled’ trees, stripping local residents

The municipality of Almere is going to cut five trees at a shopping center because vandals have stripped them of their bark. The trees cannot be saved anymore. It is not clear who the perpetrators are and how they proceeded. A local resident declines Flevoland broadcaster that she heard a lot of noise around midnight. … Read more

New construction projects in Almere are at a standstill, buyers are close to despair

It is unique that such a large project is not completed, says Vereniging Eigen Huis. It almost never happens in the Netherlands that houses are not delivered. In fact, contractors generally have an interest in quickly finishing a house. The Economic Institute for Construction also sees this. In general, 85 to 90 percent of homes … Read more

Photo exhibition Almere: ‘At first there was nothing and then suddenly a big city’

Memory for grown-ups, that’s what Michel Langendijk calls the realization of the exhibition ‘Almere Boven’. For months he studied thousands of aerial photos of the city of Flevoland – the oldest taken in the 1960s, the newest only a few months old. For the exhibition, which can be visited from today at four locations in … Read more