The largest ski area in Austria will become more expensive. It is inevitable, say representatives of the region

“We cannot maintain the same prices as in the past, but we will raise them slightly, on average by about 9.5 percent,” said the head of the Ski amadé area, Christoph Eisinger, at a press conference on Thursday. “It won’t even compensate for inflation, and it’s certainly not as drastic a price increase as you … Read more

First large-scale snowfall in the Alps

Snowfall Alps, Westendorf. Photo: Jeroen Elferink – Ruijsch It is clear that it will become significantly cooler in our own country, but the temperature in the Alps will also drop considerably in the coming days. The wind is turning to the northwest and the first significant snow will fall next weekend. You can read here … Read more

Swiss glaciers have shrunk by half in less than a century. They hide faster and faster

The results of the study provided the first reconstruction of ice loss in Switzerland in the 20th century, which was partly based on the analysis of changes in the topography of glaciers since 1931. The study was prepared by the Swiss Federal University of Technology in Zurich in cooperation with the Federal Institute for Forest, … Read more

Disbelief about Roland (64) fatal fall in the Alps: ‘One of the most experienced climbers in our country’ | Abroad

sixth deadA Dutch mountaineer was killed in the Swiss Alps on Monday night, the Swiss police confirmed. It concerns 64-year-old Roland Knowam, one of the most experienced all-round climbers in the Netherlands, reports the Royal Dutch Climbing and Mountain Sports Association (NKBV). Knownam slipped while trying to climb the 4491 meter high Täschhorn. It is … Read more

Against gravity.. Inventing a new football to be played on the slopes in the Alps, “video”

Most competitive sports are usually played on flat courts, but in the case of football In the Alps, one of the main conditions is that the pitch is so steep, that it seems completely impossible, but a group of football fans in the Austrian Alps claim it is the perfect way to practice their favorite … Read more

In the Swiss mountains, they found the wreckage of a plane that crashed in 1968

The wreckage of a plane that crashed in 1968 was found on the Aletsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps on Thursday. The remains of the plane appeared near the peaks of Jungfrau and Mönch. Climate change and melting glaciers contributed to the discovery. This was reported by AFP with reference to the Swiss police. “Investigations … Read more

Popular hiking trails in Alps closed by melting glaciers | Abroad

Due to the warm temperatures in the Alps, resulting in little snow and glaciers melting at an alarming rate, some of the mountain range’s popular hiking routes have been banned this summer. Routes that are normally safe this time of year are now dangerous due to the risk of falling rocks being released from the … Read more

A glacier is as risky as driving in the opposite direction, a mountaineer says about an accident in the Alps

The pair of Czechs were relatively well equipped to climb the Écrins massif, prosecutor Florent Crouhy told AFP. On Wednesday evening, investigators found climbing ice axes and trekking poles, which apparently belonged to the couple, near the gap in the glacier on the Barre des Écrins mountain. According to the mountaineer Radek Jaroš, who has … Read more

Two climbers from Latvia have lost their lives in the Alps – Criminal News – News – TVNET

The deceased – Vita Skuja and Jānis Dreimanis – were rogaining or orienteering sports enthusiasts and went to the Alps to conquer the peak of Mont Blanc. More information about the circumstances of the incident is not yet available. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) provides support to relatives of climbers who died in the … Read more