It ends the risk of Alzheimer’s, protects against diabetes! This food is like a protection shield for your whole body – Gallery

Roza Gallery Roza Health It ends the risk of Alzheimer’s, protects against diabetes! This food is like a protection shield for your whole body. Nutrition is one of the most important life factors on which your health rises. It is very important to pay attention to your daily diet in order to protect yourself against … Read more

Trial of New Alzheimer’s Drug Has Disappointing Results

A thorough clinical trial of a potential drug for Alzheimer failed to prevent or delay cognitive decline, yet another disappointment in the long and difficult search for solutions to this disease. The decade-long trial was the first time that people with a genetic predisposition to develop the disease, but not yet showing any symptoms, were … Read more

Watch out! Lack of Vitamin D Can Be Fatal

Monday, 20 June 2022 – 06:49 WIB Researchers from the University of South Australia say vitamin D deficiency can be fatal. BETWEEN PHOTOS/Iggoy el Fitra/NZ, JAKARTA – Researchers from the University of South Australia say vitamin D deficiency can be fatal. One of the results of the study stated that there was a relationship … Read more

The link between childhood obesity and brain health in old age. Why weak people are considered smarter

Studies show a worrying situation regarding the future of children. Those who have problems with body weight at an early age may have a not-so-pleasant future in adulthood. Children who are obese are more prone to dementia decades later, according to a study begun in 1985 and recently completed. Weaker young people have better cognitive … Read more

The human brain reaches feverish temperatures, especially during the day and in women | Neurosciences

Before we fall asleep, the temperature drops. When we wake up, the temperature rises again. The first temperature map of the human brain shows that this organ and the body are not in sync – but that’s not a problem. You may not notice it, but the brain is warmer than we expected and the … Read more

Alzheimer Café dedicated to technical aids in dementia

AMSTELVEEN The Alzheimer Café Amstelveen will take place on Thursday evening 23 June in the Westend district center. Discussion leader Job van Amerongen will discuss home automation with Caroline Smeets, physiotherapist at Movision. This is technology that can be applied at home so that people with dementia are self-reliant for longer. Examples of home technology … Read more

Volunteers wanted for newly to be established Alzheimer Café

Image: Municipality of Roerdalen melick – A meeting will be held on Thursday 16 June in Trefpunt Apollo about the Alzheimer Café to be set up in Roerdalen. Volunteers are still being sought for this Alzheimer Café to host or host. During the Alzheimer Café, informal carers and people with dementia come together once a … Read more

Alzheimer’s and dementia risk is increasing, it’s killing the brain! Here are the foods that harm memory…

There is a close connection between nutrition, brain function and memory. Certain nutrients, especially omega 3 and polyphenols, are essential for brain functioning and support memory capacity. Foods rich in saturated fats and sugars impair memory capacities from an early age and play a significant risk in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

If you are over 50 this is the best fruit to eat every day to improve memory and lower cholesterol

Older adults who frequently consume cranberries as part of their diet have seen improvements in episodic memory, neural function, and brain perfusion. @lightfieldstudios/ With the addition redberry to your diet could help improve memory and brain function and lower the cholesterol “Bad”: these are the results according to a new one Research. This study highlights … Read more

Alzheimer’s: main theory about the disease is questioned – 03/06/2022 – Balance and Health

The main hypothesis about the development of Alzheimer is increasingly criticized, to the point that scientists wonder if they have followed a false lead in the search for a drug in recent decades. The “amyloid cascade” theory has served as the basis for the last 20 years of research into this degenerative disease, but without … Read more