Infections as a risk factor for Alzheimer’s and Co?

Neurodegenerative diseases are diseases in which nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord gradually die over a long period of time. These include Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. Using the information in a Finnish biodatabase FinnGen and a British database, researchers identified 22 virus-disease pairs in which infection with the virus was associated … Read more

Is Alzheimer’s a Hereditary Disease? Page all – Alzheimer’s is one type of disease that involves memory and can be experienced by anyone, including young people. The exact cause of Alzheimer’s disease actually not known. However, there are many factors that cause this disease. So, Is Alzheimer’s a hereditary disease?? Check out the following explanation. Read also: Get to know what … Read more

“My old man”, filial love put to the test by Alzheimer’s

My pal ** by Elie Semoun French film, 1 h 17 “Who is ready to be forgotten by their parents? No one “, replies Elie Semoun. When he learned that his father Paul was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, the comedian decided to film the last moments spent with the one he affectionately calls his « … Read more

Alzheimer’s: These are the 7 worst foods that increase risk according to a study

Today the causes of the degenerative Alzheimer’s disease are still unknown. However, some scholars link the excessive consumption of certain foods to the onset of the disease. Let’s see what they are and if you are a regular consumer. ©liudmilachernetska/123rf Alzheimer’s is a progressive degenerative disease that damages some brain cells, leading to an irreversible … Read more

Division about ‘breakthrough’ in the fight against Alzheimer’s: ‘It’s spectacular’ | Health

17 jan 2023 om 05:06Update: 24 minuten geleden Six minutes of vigorous exercise a day may delay Alzheimer’s by ten years. New blood tests may enable us to detect the disease much more quickly. And a promising Alzheimer’s drug has even been approved in the United States. The hopeful messages about the fight against Alzheimer’s … Read more

6 minutes of intense physical exercise would be enough to slow down age-related cognitive decline

The study shows that a short but intense cycling session would be more effective than a longer light session, or than a day of fasting, in stimulating the production of a protein that protects cognitive decline. To delay the onset of neurodegenerative disorders such asAlzheimer and Parkinson’s disease, short, high-intensity physical exertion is better than … Read more

Certain foods play a decisive role in cognitive decline

As many as 6.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The number, enormous to say the least, increases if we consider dementia more generally which, according to statistics, affects 1 in 10 Americans over 65 in the United States and currently around 1.2 million people in Italy: in practice more than the entire population … Read more

ALZHEIMER: A new immune culprit?

This isn’t the first study to suggest this therapeutic pathway, but it is the first in-depth analysis of the brain’s immune system. Within this system, the researchers recall the role of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) reservoir, which circulates in and around the brain and spinal cord. This liquid barrier between the brain and the skull … Read more

ALZHEIMER: But how old is your brain?

Beyond dementia risk, assessing brain age provides many clues about a person’s long-term health: this research itself shows that brain age is a more useful and accurate predictor of risks of future illnesses than date of birth- or chronological age. This new artificial intelligence (AI) model fed with data from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain … Read more