Official: amateur football back on Friday January 28

Amateur football held its breath this Friday, codeco day. A partial return from the public was expected. A sine qua non condition for the competitions, which have been suspended since December, to be able to resume. The news was finally good with an authorized return of 70% of the speaker capacity. During a meeting of … Read more

The board of the World Latvian Amateur Theater Union will consist of 7 members – Stage – Culture +

Sandra Bondarevska, representing the Latvian Theater in Ireland “Sliedes”, Agnese Jēgere, representing the Stockholm Latvian Amateur Theater “Sala”, Čaklais, representing the London branch of the Birmingham Small Theater, Liāra Ozola, representing the Bergen Latvian Amateur Theater, LAT, were elected to the Board. Anna Kosareva, representing the Latvian Theater in Italy “Momento”, Ilona Brūveris, representing the … Read more

Volunteer crisis, less income, more activities…: how amateur football is hit hard by the covid

The ULB and the VUB carried out the very first survey on amateur football in Belgium. What does amateur football look like in Belgium? What are his needs? What challenges does he face? What impact does the Covid have on the finances and management of amateur clubs? To find out, ING (which has been supporting … Read more

Official: the stoppage of the amateur football championships extended

“No spectators, no amateur football.” This sentence now sounds like music in the minds of supporters, players and everyone around non-professional football clubs. Since the end of December and the ban on the public watching the matches from the stands, the Belgian football authorities have decided to temporarily stop the championships from the National 1 … Read more

“An amateur idiot runs down himself and the other left-wing parties” – American Népszava from Márki-Zay

January 3, 2022 Monday 08:05 | Borsonline “Because of this, this man would have to immediately resign from the post of Prime Minister-candidate if he were a Democrat. […] How can a prime minister-candidate be someone who rejoices at the death of a political opponent’s retired voters? ”Says a portal called the American People’s Word … Read more

Amateur in Catalonia. Barcelona has bought Torres, but does not yet know if it will be able to add him to the list

Zdroj: FC Barcelona Buy first, then think. This is what the last purchases of Barcelona football look like. She is drowning in big financial problems, yet she brought in Ferrán Torres for 65 million with bonuses. But he still doesn’t know if he can write it on the list. In the Spanish league, there are … Read more

Amateur football does not intend to seize the Council of State and advocates dialogue

“As always, we will have a dialogue with the Minister of Sports,” said David Delferière. “Yesterday evening and this morning, I sent an email to find out what she was planning to do. There will be a Codeco next week and sports and football requests will be dealt with at that time.” Amateur football does … Read more

Oujda International Amateur Film Festival: “The Crows Land” wins the Grand Prize

Date :December 28, 2021 The Iraqi film “The Crows Land”, by director Mohamed Houcine Darbandikhani, won the Grand Prize at the 7th edition of the Oujda International Amateur Film Festival, organized from December 22 to 25 by the Association Art message for development and creativity. The prize for the best screenplay was awarded to the Algerian … Read more

Tang Haizhao leads the “GAC Honda·2021 China Amateur Open·Finals” men’s second round women’s team An Tong and Yin Xiaowen tied for the lead by 1 stroke

Source Title: Tang Haizhao leads the “GAC Honda·2021 China Amateur Open·Finals” Men’s Second Round Women’s Division An Tong and Yin Xiaowen are tied for the lead by 1 stroke On December 24, the “GAC Honda·2021 China Amateur Open·Finals” continued at Guangdong Zhenhu Golf Club (hereinafter referred to as “Zhenhu Golf Club”). Tang Haizhao surrendered 69 … Read more

David Delferière advocates the temporary stopping of amateur football: “For me, it is almost impossible that we continue to play”

The president of the Association of Francophone Football Clubs does not see how amateur football could continue without a spectator. A crisis meeting will be scheduled for early next week. The consultation committee on Wednesday decided. And the decision is hard: there will be no more spectators in the football stadiums, not even among amateurs … Read more