ASRock ASRock Z790 Taichi-Continuing the tradition of stacking good materials, the high-quality overclocking performance is amazing-

IMG_7635_1.jpg (61.96 KB, Downloads: 6) Download attachments save into the album Yesterday 08:48 upload The tradition of stacking good materials continues, and the high-quality overclocking performance is amazing ASRock’s ASRock Taichi series has the title of King of Stacking Materials, all kinds of good materials are in one, and this time the new chipset Z790 … Read more

5 amazing impact craters on Earth that shed light on our planet’s history

The Earth is constantly bombarded with space debris Fortunately, most of it burns up as it enters our atmosphere, but some of it hits the ground, leaving amazing impact craters, according to the RT report. Impact craters occur on every planetary body in our solar system, regardless of its size. By studying impact craters and … Read more

South Korean Spaceship Shows Amazing Pictures of Earth and Moon

loading… After orbiting the moon for more than a month, the Korean Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO) sent back stunning images. Photo/KARI/Space SEOUL – After orbit moon for more than a month, the Korean Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO) is sending back stunning images. The images, which were posted to the Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) website, … Read more

Index – In the meantime – Kontar transporters left eight hundred thousand forints worth of furniture in a scratched stairwell in Sanaszé – they caused amazing damage

The singer reacted to the incident on Twitter. Good will guided the worried fans of Britney Spears, who visited their favorite’s home on Wednesday was called the authorities after the singer’s Instagram page became unavailable again, but Spears got quite angry about it on her Twitter page. “As everyone knows, some phone thieves he called … Read more

Mummy with 49 amulets: X-ray of the “Golden Boy” shows amazing things

Mummy with 49 amulets X-ray of the “Golden Boy” shows amazing things 01/24/2023, 09:40 am A mummy referred to as the golden boy has not yet been opened. With a special examination method, a research team is now able to elicit the secrets of the 2,300-year-old mummy. A boy was sent on his last journey … Read more

The Slayer of Christmas surprised again. Amazing. It took 81 minutes Tennis

Jelena Rybakina (25. WTA) on Sunday she defeated Iga Świątek (1st WTA) 6:4, 6:4 and advanced to the quarterfinals Australian Open. For last year’s Wimbledon winner, it was the best result in the Australian tournament in her career and another chance walk for a second Grand Slam title. See the video Santos will delete an … Read more

You can also grow mushrooms at home. The lemon mushroom has a beautiful yellow color and amazing effects

So here it is! I started growing mushrooms at home! How did I do with the lemon mushrooms? Let’s just say that every beginning is difficult, but I don’t lose faith and you can look forward to the next parts of growing mushrooms in an apartment or house! 00:00 introduction to mushroom cultivation00:40 first steps … Read more

Kimura Takuya Haruka Ayase’s unique spying act “It’s amazing! I can’t win no matter what I do”-Fuji Television Review!!

Ayase Harukasurprised everyone with a unique act of espionage. Tuesday, January 24th,“Full power on Tuesday! Huadai-san and Chidori-kun”(Kantele Fuji TV) was broadcast. This time in “Spy 1/7”,Takuya Kimuraand Haruka Ayase challenged. View the image gallery[16 photos in total] From left) Takuya Kimura, Haruka Ayase Hakata HanamaruMr. Miss,Daikichi HakataMr. Miss,Chidori(DawuMr. Miss,KnobMr. Miss),Kenji Yamauchi(Kamaitachi), one of the … Read more

This natural substance has amazing effects, here’s what it is and in which foods it is found

It fights free radicals by sweeping them away and, in doing so, helps fight premature aging of which free radicals are, in fact, one of the major causes. We are talking about a natural substance that we all encounter in everyday life, without knowing it. So let’s find out what it is, what are the … Read more

Fossil Flowers Trapped in Sap for 40 Million Years, Experts Reveal Amazing Facts

Middle Indo Pos,Jakarta – The largest flower fossil is nearly 40 million years old trapped in sap. Researchers say this flora is a new species. A study published on January 12, 2023 in Scientific Reports says this flower can provide clues about climates and ecosystems in the past. Although it was discovered 150 years ago, … Read more