A trick from Amber Heard to get money .. “A book that reveals everything”

After losing an $8 million defamation lawsuit against ex-husband Johnny Depp, the actress appears to be… Amber Heard She is looking for a source of income to earn money, especially since the future of her profession is ambiguous. Information revealed that Heard is in talks to write a book that reveals everything, in order to … Read more

Amber Heard’s friend Eve Barlow warns that Evan Rachel Wood is the next

La journalist Eve Barlow has come out to defend her close personal friend Amber Heard amid a thread of tweets directed at her by YouTube journalist “The Umbrella Guy.” “Did you know that so-called YouTube journalists like That Umbrella Guy make THAT (ie $1 million a year) by making up nonsense and obsessively posting videos … Read more

Amber Heard Thinks Johnny Depp’s Exes Don’t Report Him For Fear Of Retaliation

If no other of the companions of Johnny Depp did not accuse the actor of domestic violence, it is because they were all afraid. In any case, this is the point of view Amber Heard, who continues to respond to the failure of his lawsuit against his ex by speaking out in the media. Interviewed … Read more

Johnny Depp will go to court again on assault charges, but not on Amber Heard

Barely finished the trial against Amber Heard, that Johnny Depp will again find himself in court this year. In question a violent behavior which goes back to a few years, whereas the actor would have been under the influence of alcohol. Reminder of the trial The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was ultra-publicized … Read more

Here’s why Amber Heard was sentenced more heavily than Johnny Depp

The verdict of the trial-river for defamation of the ex-spouses Depp-Heard could surprise. • Read also: Amber Heard stands by ‘every word’ of her accusations against Johnny Depp • Read also: Amber Heard speaks out against ‘hate and vitriol’ online during Johnny Depp trial • Read also: Johnny Depp’s lawyer calls romance rumors ‘sexist’ The … Read more

Amber Heard Will Be Recast As Mera In Aquaman 2 According To Reports

Rumors of an imminent reformulation of Amber Heard and his role in Aquaman Every day they gain more strength. And now, these theories come from Warner Bros. Despite a petition that reached millions in terms of signatures, Warner Bros. was initially very adamant about keeping Amber Heard safe for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom despite … Read more

Amber Heard on US TV: I’m afraid Johnny will sue me again – people

She lost the lawsuit, but she is far from thinking about giving up… Amber Heard gave her first interview on NBC’s Dateline this Friday night, three weeks after the spectacular trial of her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Speaking to Savannah Guthrie, Heard explained that she finally wants people to see her as a normal person. During … Read more

Juror discusses Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial

The defamation trial between Amber Heard, 36, and Johnny Depp, 58, is over, with the jury deciding largely in favor of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star. His ex-wife was left behind – the jury appeared not to have believed her dramatic statements that she had been punched, kicked and sexually abused. Now a juror … Read more

Amber Heard put pressure on the jurors. “We felt uncomfortable”

After the jury in Virginia found it Amber Heard guilty of defamation Johnny’ego Deppa In a column for The Washington Post, one of its members broke their silence about the high-profile case and dismissed the actress’s claim that social media played an important role in it. The juror from the defamation trial between the ex-spouses … Read more

Amber Heard to be COMPLETELY REMOVED from the second part of “Aquaman”? Due to the failed “process of the decade”, she can be replaced by ANOTHER ACTRESS …

Until recently, the whole world lived by the “process of the decade” in which Johnny Depp i Amber Heard vindicated their rights in court. The actor accused the exporter of defamation, and she, in turn, accused him of physical and psychological abuse during their marriage. While they both did what they could to bring the other … Read more