Intel’s 13th-generation Core single-core performance is unmatched! AMD can no longer see the taillights–Fast Technology–Technology changes the future

In recent years, Intel’s single-core performance has been very strong. Zen3’s Ryzen 5000 series has just caught up with the 11th-generation Core, the new architecture’s 12th and 13th-generation Cores have been running all the way, and Zen4’s Ryzen 7000 series has no hope of catching up. In addition to adding 8 small cores to 24 … Read more

Radeon Monster Profile “RMP” is a tuning utility optimized for AMD RDNA 2 GPUs coming this fall, built into Hydra.

CTR & Hydra by Yuri Popili aka 1usmusthere’s a tuning tool in town, and this time the focus is on diverting GPU performance away from the CPU with a new tool known as RMP or Radeon Monster Profiler, which will deliver higher performance and also save RDNA 2 power. The Radeon Monster ‘RMP’ profile unlocks … Read more

How far do you plan to grow? AMD Radeon improved lost arc performance with drivers

Recently, content that allows you to focus on a short period of time is in vogue. The same is true for short-form content that breathes quickly, such as TikTok and Release. FPS and AOS genres, where games are decided in a short time, are popular. Great fighting is also attracting attention again for that reason. … Read more

Zen5 is overthrown and AMD is actively preparing for 3nm and 2nm processes in Zen6 design

AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 7000 processor has been upgraded with the 5nm Zen4 architecture. The next work is all about marketing. The development team will turn to the future Zen5 and Zen6 architectures. AMD CEO Su Zifeng is also working on future products. Be prepared, and will discuss the 3nm and 2nm production capacity issues with … Read more

Bring high-end performance and long-lasting battery life to users! AMD Introduces Ryzen 7020 Series Mobile Processors

AMDReleased the new Ryzen™ 7020 series and Athlon™ 7020 series processors, bringing the perfect balance of performance, productivity and agility. Ryzen and Athlon 7020 series mobile processors are based on the “Zen 2” core architecture and built-in AMD RDNA™ 2 graphics core, bringing excellent performance and up to 12 hours of battery life Note 1, … Read more

MSI Motherboard AMD X570 vs. X670 Chipset: See the Difference?

AMD introduced the Zen architecture several years ago. No one could have imagined that the AM4 platform would become legendary, however, Socket AM4 already supports 5 CPU architectures and more than 125 processors in its lifetime. Today it’s time to welcome AMD’s newest addition to the Zen lineup – the Ryzen 7000 “Raphael” processor (available … Read more

AMD provides ray tracing support for open source Vulcan graphics drivers for RDNA 2 GPUs on Linux

Last week, the AMD Vulkan graphics driver, AMDVLK GPU Unlockedadded support for 64-bit ray tracing for Radeon RX 6000 GPUs. This includes both desktop/mobile GPUs and APUs using the RDNA 2 graphics architecture. All AMD Vulkan drivers on all platforms now support Mesa3D RADV, AMDVLK GPUOpen, AMDGPU-PRO Hardware ray tracing. AMDVLK GPUOpen, AMD Open Source … Read more

Ryzen 9 7950X, under 50°C AMD evokes a peak frequency of 5.85 GHz

The Ryzen 9 7950X is AMD’s next mainstream processor showcase. In AM5 format, it is equipped with 16 physical cores and 32 logical cores. Its operating frequency is strongly linked to its cooling This chip will normally be able to reach 5.85 GHz. This figure is surprising because its official specifications announce a maximum boost … Read more