England – USA 0:0, CUT: The Americans played to a goalless draw with England

England, who are without a win in their third match at the World Cup, will close Group B in Rajján against Wales on Tuesday, needing a four-goal win to progress. The USA will face Iran on the same day, who defeated the Welsh 2-0 in the morning’s match in Doha. The Albion players started more … Read more

Netherlands – Ecuador 1:1, EDIT: Ecuador drew with the Netherlands, the South Americans are worried about the gunner

The Netherlands are now 15 games unbeaten in the World Cup group stage, the third-longest streak in history. The “Oranjes” will try to extend it in Tuesday’s match against Qatar, which no longer has a chance to advance. In a parallel match, Ecuador will face Senegal, which has only one point less. In the second … Read more

They paid dearly for helping the slaves. The attack on the Seminoles ignited bloody wars with the Indians

The flight of cheap labor understandably did not sit well with Georgia planters, who considered slaves their private property. And they blamed the Seminoles for their exodus, among other things, because they not only hid the escaped slaves, but also provided them with their big boats so that they could get even further to the … Read more

Americans do not have as much savings as the Fed believed and why it can be a serious problem

The Fed thought people had trillions in savings…but they were wrong. Photo: Getty Images US household debt hit a record $16.5 trillion It is the fastest increase in debt in the last 15 years Mortgages and credit cards, the biggest contributors to that burden The number of families that have exhausted or are depleting their … Read more

Americans destroy and reach Challenge Cup final, Finland beats Sweden – Hockey – Sportacentrs.com

• The Americans won their fifth victory in five games. The tournament’s leading hockey player James Hagens (5+9) scored two goals this time, while the second leading player Cole Aizerman (9+4) had two assists this time. • The young talents of the USA were effective even in the numerical minority, with Kamil Bednarik proving his … Read more

Musk advised Americans to vote Republican in congressional elections

Musk has described himself as a political moderate in the past and has voted for Democratic Party candidates, including current President Joe Biden. But in May, he announced his switch to the Republicans after criticizing the incumbent president. “To independent-minded voters: Shared power prevents the worst excesses in both parties, so I recommend voting for … Read more

The Americans are preparing a new generation aircraft. Appearance is a closely guarded secret

American superplanes are winning again in Europe. Many countries are interested in them Not much is known about the project itself, but a few tidbits were recently revealed by Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall. He stated that there is still competition in the project, which means that not only one aircraft manufacturer organizes all the … Read more

Peruvians, Americans and Europeans among whom: ‘they liberate us all’, the tourists detained in the Amazon regain their freedom

Women and children were among the tourists retained, of whom 80 were Peruvians, 27 were from the United States, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. According to Foreign Affairs contacted by us, there is ultimately no Belgian among these tourists. Lots of anxiety, lots of fatigue The office of the ombudsman for human rights … Read more