Vittorio Feltri guest of Luca Sommi at Accordi&Disaccordi on 2 December at 10.45 pm on Nove. With Marco Travaglio and Andrea Scanzi

Last appointment of the year on the Nine with an in-depth analysis of the talk’s politics and current affairs ‘Agree&Disagree’conducted by Luca Sommi. The guest of Friday’s episode December 2nd at 10.45 pm, as always afterwards Cross brotherswill be the editorial director of Libero Vittorio Feltri. In the studio we will discuss the maneuver that … Read more

Andrea Legarreta’s contract ends in December, will Televisa leave?

Will Andrea Legarreta look for other opportunities? It could be the perfect opportunity for the also actress to knock on other doors, but the producer andrea rodriguez It has no plans to allow its star host to look elsewhere to continue showing its talent and capabilities already well recognized by the public. Andrea Legarreta with … Read more

The migrant priest Don Andrea Pupilla on Soumahoro: «He never went with his boots in the mud. He only did it for the videos »

“He’s a character mediaa large communicator surely. But seen from here, from Saint Severusthe situation is different from how he describes it. Soumahoro he never walked in the mud with his boots, except to make videos of us to post on the web». They are the words of Don Andrea Pupillaresponsible for Caritas from Saint … Read more

Very severe headache, Andrea faints in front of his wife and dies at 40

ARRE – A bad headache and the rush to the hospital in Padua. But there was nothing to be done for Andrea Naliato, 40 years old, hauler resident in Arre: a brain hemorrhage she gave her young husband no escape e father of two girls, Three-year-old Emma and three-month Vittoria, who died the day before … Read more

Andrea San Martín speaks after Sebastián Lizarzaburu’s ‘ampay’ with models in a carwash: “Well, he waited until he was no longer with me to accept that job” | D Tomorrow | entertainment | SHOWS

Andrea San Martin He referred to the recent images of Sebastian Lizarzaburu that raised controversy, the same ones that show him very entertaining next to beautiful young women at the opening of a carwash. And although the “rock man” denied that he was an ampay because he was not in hiding, many considered that he … Read more

Andrea Rincón’s desperate request after being the victim of a virtual scam: “Be careful”

Andrea Rincón revealed that she was the victim of a virtual scam (Instagram) Virtual scams are the order of the day. Cell phones are much more than a device to communicate from one place to another and for some time now they have become a tool to carry out multiple economic operations, such as paying … Read more

Elodie and Andrea Iannone formalize love: first social tenderness

The singer shared a photo in which the former pilot gives her a kiss The two are in Madrid together and have decided to show themselves side by side also on Instagram Elodie e Andrea Iannone they no longer hide on social media either. This time it was the singer who published an unequivocal shot … Read more

Andrea Agnelli reiterates his confidence in Massimiliano Allegri |

While some thought that this shameful defeat would cost Massimiliano Allegri the place, Andrea Agnelli defended him publicly. The president of Juventus spoke to the microphones of Sky Sport after this shameful defeat. Check out some of his statements in this article. Still trust Massimiliano Allegri? “Happy? Absolutely trust. In a situation like this, I … Read more