Omar Chaparro confesses that he would not like to see the intimate scenes of his daughter Andrea in Rebelde

Written in CELEBRITIES the 15/1/2022 · 10:34 hs Since the premiere of the remake of “Rebelde”, omar chaparro he has been proud of the work his daughter is doing Andrea shorty, who gives life in the series to MJ, a character similar to that of Roberta Pardo, played by Dulce María in the successful 2004 … Read more

Gas Jeans, the name of Andrea Citterio appears

The story of Gas Jeans seems to be at a turning point. The bankruptcy petition was decreed at the end of 2021, the historic jeans brand now sees the name of Andrea Citterio, entrepreneur to which the investment holding belongs Duke. Citterio presented an expression of interest for the acquisition of the business complex Grotto, … Read more

Juan Víctor Sánchez avoided going to the restaurant where Andrea San Martín was | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 10/01/2022 08:39 am This Sunday, January 9, Juan Victor Sanchez revealed that he had to change his plans in order not to meet Andrea San Martin Y Sebastian Lizarzaburu. Through Instagram Stories, Juan Víctor Sánchez He posted a video next to his girlfriend, Daniela, and said that they planned to go to a … Read more

Andrea Legarreta boasts a tempting body in a tiny swimsuit (Photo)

As can rarely be seen on her social networks, Andrea Legarreta, the beautiful and talented host of the Hoy de Televisa program, posed as provocative and flirtatious in a photograph posted on her social networks with which she welcomed the New Year, causing a tremendous uproar among his community of followers. The former Timbiriche’s wife, … Read more


A journey of over a thousand kilometers in one day with an electric car. It can be done? Will it be pleasant or will it become an ordeal lasting twice as long as with a normal heat engine? I am confident that the first will prove to be correct .. but let’s find out together … Read more

Andrea Valdiri gives an expensive watch to Felipe Saruma | Entertainment

Like other personalities, Andrea Valdiri He was not left behind sharing with his followers how his Christmas celebration was with his family and friends. The dancer had quirky details like a Santa Claus paragliding landing on her property to surprise her oldest daughter. Undoubtedly one of the things that most caught the attention of his … Read more

‘Tomate’ Barraza and his reaction to learning the result of his cocaine test in Andrea Llosa’s program | celebrity NNDC | BOCONVIP

Updated on 12/21/2021 11:41 am Carlos ‘Tomato’ Barraza He returned to Andrea Llosa’s program to defend himself against the accusations of his ex-partner Vanessa López, and to demonstrate with a toxicological test that he does not use drugs. The salsa singer could not avoid breaking on set after learning the negative result of the hair … Read more

Andrea Bocelli began to fill her heart instead of her eyes

One of the most popular tenors of today, Andrea Bocelli, on October 15, 2022 a László Papp at the Budapest Sports Arena gives a concert. The 63-year-old Italian singer performed at the opening ceremony of this year’s European Football Championship in Rome, where she performed Puccini’s Nessun dorma. He began his tour in the U.S. … Read more

Andrea San Martín | Juan Víctor after seeing his daughter again: “We played and she was standing looking at us” | Farándula | SHOWS

Juan Víctor Sánchez was finally able to meet his little daughter after a month, after having been confronting Andrea San Martín in the midst of mutual complaints for physical and psychological abuse, visitation and alimony. LOOK: Aldo Miyashiro breaks his silence about Andrea San Martín: “We gave him a week to solve his problems” In … Read more

Andrea Meza clarifies the rumors of cruelty against Venezuela in the Miss Universe – E! Online Latino

One of the gestures that made the theory explode was during the competition’s preliminary, when in the swimsuit parade Andre made a mistake announcing the Venezuelan. The Mexican said: “Vietnam !, and after a few seconds she retracted saying that it was Venezuela. Also, a video captured by an audience member circulated on the networks … Read more