I will repeat the mistakes that I made as a coach for Juventus

Andrea Pirlo has said he will repeat the mistakes he made in his disappointing first season as coach of Serie A champions Juventus as it will help him develop in the future. The team from Turin beat Napoli 2-1 on Wednesday to regain third place, a result that will ease pressure on Pirlo after the … Read more

Andrea Bocelli attracted the largest audience during the holidays

According to the results of research by Nielsen Audience Measurement “Miracle of Life – Easter Concert” attracted the largest audience to TVP1 during the holiday season, which at the peak amounted to 3.2 million viewers, and on average over 3 million people with 21.3 percent. antenna shares in the band. A few hours after the … Read more

Marisol del Olmo tells what it is like to work with Nina Rubín, Andrea Legarreta’s daughter, in the novel | Famous

She considers that they are an example of a family, especially the host: “The mother is a warrior, fighter, champion, a star, and yet she took the time to leave after Hoy to accompany Nina to the calls, to bring her the food, that’s the way it has to be, that’s the way we have … Read more

Andrea Pirlo: I will repeat the mistakes you made as coach of Juventus

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The team from Turin defeated 2-1 at home to Napoli on Wednesday, to regain third place, a result that will relieve pressure on Pirlo after the team only got one point in front of Benevento And defaulting Turin. But Juventus’ dominance in the domestic title came to an end under … Read more

Andrea Osvárt Christmas to Gergely: Don’t let yourself get upset!

The actress commented under the mayor’s vaccination post. He was vaccinated on the first Sunday in April Christmas Gregory, about what we are we reported. The mayor wrote in his Facebook post that he read the news after the vaccination and saw that “according to Fidesz, the opposition is anti-vaccination and the municipalities are troublemakers”. … Read more

Andrea Bocelli. “Miracle of Life” concert. Jacek Kurski: the concert was watched by 4 million viewers

Andrea Bocelli presented to the audience of Polish Television songs from his latest album “Believe”, with a message of love and hope, but also with content referring to the most important values ​​of faith, family and human life. Bocelii performed together with the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra and the vocal ensemble of the Warsaw … Read more

Andrea Legarreta is leaving “Today”? Show off photos of your new job

Andrea Legarreta and her daughters shared a project in Colombia. Photo: Cuartoscuro After so many years on television, Andrea Legarreta raised suspicions that I could leave the program “Today”. The driver shared some photos with which showed off his new job. The wife of Erik Rubín, that recently He remembered that he had a funny … Read more

Dybala, Arthur and McKennie dismissed by Andrea Pirlo

The “corona party“from the American Winston McKennie, which was also attended by his teammates the Argentinian Paulo Dybala and the Brazilian Arthur Melo, is not without consequences for these three Juventus players. Their trainer Andrea Pirlo said at the press conference leading up to the derby against Torino (Saturday 6 p.m.) on Friday that he … Read more

Andrea Pirlo Welcome To Leave If Juventus Conflict Again in Two Italian League Matches

TWITTER.COM/CHEJUVENTUS Andrea Pirlo’s fate at Juventus will be determined by two matches in the Italian League 2020-2021. <!– –> BOLASPORT.COM – Andrea Pirlo reportedly invited to leave Turin if Juventus cluck again on two games at Italian League 2020-2021. Andrea Pirlo shaken by the temptation of dismissal following a poor performance Juventus in the 2020-2021 … Read more

Sebastián Lizarzaburu surprised Andrea San Martín with compromising WhatsApp messages

Andrea San Martín was in the middle of an interview and the notifications appeared all the time. What did Sebastián Lizarzaburu tell you? Andrea San Martín was in the middle of an interview in En boca de todos and her phone received several notifications at that time. Santi Lesmes took the cell phone and showed … Read more