The player that Boca followed closely in the Qualifiers: The soccer council has the Ecuadorian Angelo Preciado in its portfolio

Boca had a break in the Copa Libertadores due to the dispute of the Playoffs South American. Despite not having official action, the “Xeneize” football council was attentive to the qualifying tournament because it has a Angelo Preciado. The journalist Matías Bustos Milla reported in TNT Sports radio (Monday to Friday at 7 p.m. TNT … Read more

The right-back who could replace Buffarini in Boca: Ángelo Preciado from Independiente del Valle

In recent days it was confirmed that Julio Buffarini will not continue in Boca from June 2021. The side did not want to renew his contract with Boca and at the end of the year he could start negotiating with another club. Without going any further, his representative Martín Guastadisegno gave an overview of his … Read more

Copa Libertadores: Independiente del Valle vs. Flamengo LIVE See GOL Angelo Preciado m

Updated 09/17/2020 at 8:39 PM Independent of the Valley overcomes with authority Flamengo. The Ecuadorian team defeats the current champion of the Liberators cup. The second touchdown was a work of art, courtesy of winger Angelo Preciado. No one could stop him Valued, who started the play from his own field, based on skill and … Read more

Angelo Vaira – Who is Rosita Celentano’s partner

Angelo Vaira he is certainly not unknown to animal lovers: thanks to his profession as a dog coach, he has helped thousands of families to improve their relationship with four-legged friends. Angelo Vaira is the companion of Rosita Celentano for some time: the two have in common a passion for animals, nature and meditation. They … Read more