Alejandro Fantino’s discontent with América TV for the decision that affects Loose Animals: “He is furious”

Alexander Fantinus he is very angry with América TV. As detailed Marina Calabrothe driver’s discontent is linked to a decision by the channel with its nightly program, Stray animals. In his classic column of spectacles for Lanata without Filter (Radio Mitre), Marina Calabró spoke about the rating of Stray animals and then counted: “They told … Read more

Dog meat, the Yulin festival in China. The police save 386 animals, but thousands have been slaughtered-

from Alessandro Sala An illegal transport of dogs destined for slaughter in the Chinese city notorious for the fair was intercepted. In all of Asia, 30 million are sacrificed every year to become dishes They were confiscated and, in this way, they were saved from slaughter. I’m 386 dogs intended for slaughterhouse of Yulinthe city … Read more

Nyos ‘Lake Killer’ Tragedy, 1,700 People and 3,500 Animals Died Mysteriously Overnight : Okezone News

YAOUNDE – More than 1,700 people and 3,500 farm animals around Lake Nyos in Cameroon lost their lives in one night in a mysterious incident three decades ago. This horrific event made Lake Nyos have a reputation as the deadliest lake in the world. On August 21, 1986 the surface of Lake Nyos, which was … Read more

Why Are Poisonous Animals Immune to Their Own Poisons? —

IF already standing with a hissing sound, the cobra will pounce like lightning with its venomous fangs. Human beings who are accidentally pecked are guaranteed to be ‘immediately finished’, except with God’s help. Snakes or frogs and other poisonous animals are safe from their own poison. In fact, the poison comes from his body, and … Read more

Examples of Autotomous Animals in Life and Their Explanations

Examples of autotomy animals are many and you can find around the home environment. Autotomous animals are animals that protect themselves by severing or releasing their body parts when they are under threat from other predators. Animals will decide to defend themselves from predators and distract them. Even though his body parts have been removed, … Read more

Complete list of prices for sacrificial animals ahead of Eid al-Adha via Online

Jakarta – Eid al-Adha is less than a month away. For Muslims who can afford it, it is highly recommended to buy cows, goats/sheep to be sacrificed animals. Purchase of sacrificial animals is now easier to find through online stores. While there is still a month left while preparing the money, what is the current … Read more

These high temperatures also have an impact on our animals: here are some tips to take care of them

These high temperatures also have an impact on our animals. Like us, they can suffer from dehydration. Dogs suffer the most. How to take good care of them? It depends on the type of animal… Here are some tips. Laika, an 11-year-old dog, is getting old. His master, Alain, is therefore very careful to water … Read more

In Australia, a student raises her head and discovers a strange animal watching him from the ceiling

It is not always easy to remain attentive at school and there are many forms of distraction, but in Australia there are really very special ones. This is what happened in a classroom at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales: during the lesson a student raised her head and discovered that from an … Read more

Sudan, overly loaded ship sinks: over 15 thousand sheep die

Virtually all of the 15,800 sheep that were aboard a merchant ship that sank shortly after leaving the Sudanese port of Suakin on the Red Sea are virtually dead. According to the local press, the ship would have sunk because it was carrying an excessive load, more than double what was expected: the animals had … Read more