Open the depths of Mr. Baifern. This love, Father arranges for Ann Lerkuk to respond to the Division of resentment. The young man swears that he doesn’t know.

Revealing the origin of the fan zone until it became a big news Open the depth of the relationship Mr. Baifern Love this father arranges for Ann Lerkuk to respond to the events in the drama Khaen Num Kanchai swearing that he does not know. move into the fan zone This work has become a … Read more

“Ann” exposes softly

“Ann Thongprasom” reveals drinking with “Aff Taksorn”, saying that the line is strong, the bottle is still indifferent. Ready to reveal the moment in the frame “Han So Hee”, beautiful, elegant, Somsak with many people who love It made me quite excited with the picture of “Ann Thongprasom” drinking with “AFL” Taksorn Paksukcharoen. “In fact, … Read more

Aon posted a clip of the organizer in cold blood. Didn’t pay for the fee, Ann returned in a dress, barely laughing.

access_time21 Nov. 2022 time 17:51:50 Aon Sriphan Post the clip on your personal Instagram. ohnsri1000 with a caption saying “I took it for several months….then came and turned my head at me and said that the fee when Lue Oua did not pay…..because Lue playing intermittently hahahahaha #Cold blood @annethong” is a funny clip pranking … Read more

Hi-So nut. Sweet post to wife. After Ann forgives

Hi-So nut. Sweet post to wife. After Ann forgives After Luknut-Thanat Thanakit Amnuai, a former candidate for MP for Bangkok, Democrat Party Former leader of the new generation post apology to wife “Anna-Hathairat Wittayapoom” promised the divorce, stating that there was an unreasonable resentment. Not blaming intoxicants other than yourself along with stating that he … Read more

“Ann Chakrabongse” fired employees under criticism behind the job not worthy of world class.

There is drama coming out to clear. Not except every day for “Ann Chakrapong” Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited or JKN, the first Thai person to own the latest Miss Universe. JKN Global Group presents Miss Universe Extravaganza, shining the universe ready to include all the beauty … Read more

“Ann Chakrabongse” announces the acquisition of MUO, hoping to return billions in capital in 2-3 years, does not care who will claim to be number one. Got the universe in hand (watch clip)

After yesterday (Oct. 26) “Ann Chakrapong Chakrajutathib”Tens of millions of transgender women, owner JKN Global Group Public Company Limitedhas issued a statement That the company spent more than 800 million to acquire the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) to be the sole possession of one hundred percent. and announcing a new hack rule next transgender girl … Read more

October is breast cancer month, presenter Ann Reymen about her preventive breast removal: “Survival is above beauty”

In a preventive bilateral mastectomy, your breasts are not amputated, unlike with a tumor. They retain the sheath and extract only the tissue. Compare it to an egg: the cap is kept, but what’s in it is taken out. You can then have your breast filled again with your own tissue or with a prosthesis. … Read more

Ann Thongprasom is shocked! Released Ho unknowingly after being stolen for almost 20 million. Still haven’t returned a piece.

Ann Thongprasom released a ho after meeting someone close to her who stole nearly 20 million of her belongings. until he had to pull himself back Revealed that today, not a single item has been returned. from the case of the famous female protagonist Ann Thongprasom Being close to her personal belongings was stolen for … Read more

Ann and Nathalie are forced to look for a buyer for the Den Confession chair: “Obviously we will miss the case. Couples have even formed at our bar” | Meulebeke

MeulebekeAnn Vandenberghe (54) and Nathalie Vanderbeke (42) are looking for a new manager for cafe Den Biechtstoel. Their cozy brown bar in Veldstraat quickly became a household name in Meulebeke, but now the women have to throw in the towel for health reasons. Sometimes you are ready for something new in life and that is … Read more

When Russia understands: Ukraine has won. How the war will end and why the cold winter in Europe will not help the Russian Federation – an interview with Ann Applebaum

September 24, 09:15 Opening up Ukraine: the unity of liberal democracy and patriotism that distinguishes Ukraine in the war for its sovereignty, gives hope to European democracies, where these concepts often contradict one another, says writer and journalist Ann Applebaum (Photo: Serge Illin / YES) Ann Applebaum, an influential American journalist and writer, talks about … Read more