Zhongtai Chemical: Suspension of Stocks Planning Major Asset Restructuring_Oriental Fortune Net

Summary [Zhongtai Chemical: Planning for a major asset restructuring stock suspension]Zhongtai Chemical announced on the evening of January 16 that the company plans to issue shares and convertible corporate bonds to purchase Xinjiang Zhongtai (Group) Co., Ltd. and other shareholders. Grab part or all of the shares of Chemical Co., Ltd., and issue shares to … Read more

Announcement! Tomorrow the City of Bogor will apply Odd-Even, here’s the technique: Okezone Megapolitan

BOGOR – The Covid-19 Task Force will implement several traffic engineering in Bogor City, one of which is even odd. This aims to limit community mobility in order to anticipate the spread of the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus. “We will carry out a combination of odd-even or crowd-free. So we will implement two … Read more

We have calculated that millions of Hungarians could lose their protection certificate based on the announcement of Gergely Gulyás

According to the Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, the following happens with security certificates: from 15 February become a vaccination certificate in the case of the omicron variant, the concept of disease transmission is different, so that transmission does not entitle it, from February 15, only the ID of those who will … Read more

Viktor Orbán will make an extraordinary announcement shortly

“Soon …” – that’s all the textual content of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s recent Facebook post, but the picture shows that he is preparing for an extraordinary announcement. As soon as this happens, Infostart will also publish its contents. Update: The prime minister has announced a food price stop for six products. Details can be … Read more

1/12 (Wednesday) Live delivery of “2022 Season New System Announcement Press Conference” on Official YouTube Channel and Engate !! | URAWA RED DIAMONDS OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Urawa Reds will hold a “2022 Season New System Announcement Press Conference” on January 12th (Wednesday) to announce the start of the new season. The press conference on the day will be broadcast live on URAWA REDS OFFICIAL TV (official YouTube channel) and the sports gifting service “Engate”. Please enjoy the place where new players … Read more

The announcement of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 is approaching

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from 2019 was a huge success not only for the Respawn studio, but also for its entire parent company, Electronic Arts. It almost disappointed with single-player games and the positive responses to the Fallen Order were one of the biggest impulses why EA decided to continue them. No wonder, then, … Read more

MSI prepares for the announcement of gaming and professional laptops on Intel Alder Lake chips

The web was intended for the exhibition CES 2022 Press release from MSI on January 4th, announcing a full range of notebooks powered by 12th Gen Intel Alder Lake processors up to Core i9-12900H with discrete graphics up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. Computers are addressed to gamers and professionals. The document states that … Read more

God of War: Ragnarök already getting first rating, release date announcement imminent?

God of War: Ragnarök is one of the biggest releases that Sony has planned for 2022. It is not yet known when the game from developer Santa Monica will be released, but we may find out in the fairly short term. It turns out namely that God of War: Ragnarök in Saudi Arabia has already … Read more

Mons: “I lodged a complaint against Michel Henrion”, announces Opaline Meunier

We told you, Opaline Meunier left the presidency of the Young CDH to devote herself to teaching. This Saturday, a tweet is circulating, explaining that the general assembly was called to dismiss her and not for her resignation. She denies. ** ********* ******* ******* **** ********** *** ******* *** ******* ******** ** ************* ** ** … Read more

Blu-ray Development: New litigation involving 1.885 billion yuan and failure to repay debt principal and interest 1.858 billion

December 31,Blu-ray developmentPublish part of the debts of the company and its subsidiaries that have not been repaid as scheduledannouncement. The announcement shows that the company and its subsidiaries have recently added 1.858 billion yuan in principal and interest of debt that has not been repaid (including the company’s failure to repay the principal and … Read more