VIDEO. Musician Andris Kivičs announces a very happy news to his fans

Andris Kivičs in the brightest moments of his life Musicians Andris Kivičs, Reinis Brigis, Māris Ozoliņš and Oskar Bachman came out with a very happy news – they decided to renew the activities of the group “Z-Scars” and in honor of that they released their first single “I love you”. In “Morning Panorama” Andris Kivičs … Read more

Shoigu, frightened by the attacks, announces Moscow’s “priorities”

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced plans to modernize anti-missile defense systems in the capital Moscow on Wednesday, following Ukrainian drone attacks on Russian territory. This year, several air defense systems appeared on the roofs of Moscow. “This year we will complete the modernization of the anti-missile defense systems of the city of Moscow,” S. … Read more

Chuvit announces raids to watch Buriram games, visits Bangkok, insists on not bringing politics into sports

Chuvit announces raids to watch Buriram games, visits Bangkok, insists on not bringing politics into sports Mr. Chuvit Kamolwisit, former politician and a former famous night businessman Who has now turned himself into an unfolding villain, announced that he is preparing to watch the Thai League Revo 2022/23 football match between “Thunder Castle” Buriram United, … Read more

Meta announces new features for WhatsApp group chats

Meta is working hard to add new features to all of its apps and services, including WhatsApp. The social media giant recently announced a few new features for WhatsApp group chats. The new features will benefit both group admins and group participants. New controls for WhatsApp group admins include more privacy, meaning admins now decide … Read more

New York Excelsior Announces Its 2023 Co-ed Overwatch League Roster – Overwatch 2

New York Excelsior found themselves in a bind this offseason, as the Overwatch League team has been prioritizing making a mixed-gender roster for players to pick from open drafts. Many have raised concerns about this because it could put the team in a bind compared to the most proficient and stacked rosters in the league, … Read more

“Diablo 4” announces that millions of people are in the Beta public test early experience, let the cute little wolf find a forever home “Diablo IV”

Blizzard wrapped up yesterday’sdiablo 4》After the Beta public test early experience, it was announced that 1 million player characters around the world have reached level 20 and obtained the Beta wolf backpack shape item. 《diablo 4“When the Beta public test schedule was announced, Blizzard announced that as long as players in “diablo 4》During the public … Read more

The last of the last: Dodge announces the 1040 hp Challenger SRT Demon 170 (+ PHOTO)

The US car company Dodge has announced the last of seven special models that were created so that customers would not be so sad to part with the era of muscle cars with internal combustion engines. The next Challenger and Charger will be electric, but before that happens, the manufacturer is launching seven special models: … Read more

Federal Government announces the resumption of the Mais Médicos Program — Ministry of Health

The Federal Government resumes Mais Médicos for Brazil, with the opening of 15 thousand new vacancies. By the end of 2023, 28 thousand professionals will be established throughout the country, mainly in areas of extreme poverty. With this, more than 96 million Brazilians will have the guarantee of medical care in primary care, the gateway … Read more