Amber Heard tackles Jason Momoa and announces the start of filming

The controversies surrounding Amber Heard and Johnny Depp never end, so much so that two very distinct camps have formed on the internet: those who support the actress, and those who support the actor. Among the internet users supporting the actor, many are those who would have hoped not to see Amber Heard appear in … Read more

OnePlus Thailand announces to cut the price of OnePlus 8T 5G into all capacities for the launch of OnePlus 9

The best value for money! OnePlus 8T 5G new price starts at only 19,990 baht This March, OnePlus organizes a promotion to deliver the best value without stopping. Special for you to get even more value With price reduction of OnePlus 8T 5G all models OnePlus 8T 5G surprise, all models have been reduced OnePlus … Read more

Aquaman 2: Amber Heard announces her return as Mera with a new image

Amber Heard returns with new content to enrage his haters on social media. Although the 34-year-old actress earned the fury of social networks thanks to her confrontation with Johnny Depp at the Royal Courts of London, she was able to retain her role in the DC Extended Universe and we’ll see her return very soon. … Read more

Facebook buys Giphy and announces integration with Instagram

The image of the fight between David and Goliath is all too popular when it comes to cooperation between agriculture and large retail chains. You are in the same boat, but while the farmers are rowing, the corporations are giving the direction – according to various posts on social media. The dealers would deprive the … Read more

Nayib Bukele announces vaccination of journalists in El Salvador | Coronavirus | DW

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, announced this Sunday (04/18/2021) that those who practice journalism or work in the media will receive the COVID-19 vaccine as of April 20. “We will vaccinate all journalists starting this Tuesday,” the president published in Twitter and noted that “all communicators can make their appointment now” on an … Read more

Thunderbolt at Bayern: Hansi Flick announces he will leave the club at the end of the season

“I announced it to the team, I would like to end my contract at the end of the season,” Flick told Sky after his team’s 2-3 victory at Wolfsburg. Flick, 56, took charge of Bayern on November 3, 2019 following the dismissal of Niko Kovac. He had led the club to a hat-trick at the … Read more

Sameh Sami announces his separation from Hala Sedky on air

Still echoes of the artist’s ring Hala Sidqi With the program “The Daring and Sheikh Al Hara”, presented by director Inas El Degheidy, she overshadows the news of the artistic community; Especially after her husband Sameh Sami appeared in a video clip announcing their divorce, and instructing his private lawyer to take the necessary procedures … Read more

News 24 | Hyundai officially announces Santa Cruz … a new “pickup” to compete with Ford and Toyota (video)

Hyundai has officially announced the new Santa Cruz, which it has designed as the main competitor to pickups from Ford and Toyota. The design of the new car, according to the moto1, came in a modern way, inspired by the designs of modern Tucson cars, with a structure that all edges protected from shocks, friction … Read more

Super Rare Games announces five new physical releases for the Nintendo Switch

Extremely rare games / Nintendo Live Super Rare Games hasn’t announced one, two, three, or even four physical Nintendo Switch games, but five – YeahFive new paper issues for the hybrid platform. In order, there is a game from 505 Games, one from Daedalic Entertainment, another from Chucklefish, a fourth from Vertex Pop and last … Read more

Limited Run announces new Pocket Color, Physical First Edition, 10 classics on a trade-in cartridge

In March, SNK surprised fans with the digital release of Pocket Color Choice Neo Geo Vol. 1 Commuter. It contains the following ten games – SNK Gals FightersAnd the Samurai Shodown! 2And the The King of Fighters R-2And the The Final Blade: Beyond FateAnd the First contact with fatal rabiesAnd the SNK vs. Capcom: The … Read more