Why are whales so big? A study gives the first answer

Whales weren’t always the colossal size they are now. The great dimension reached by various species of whales is the result of at least five million years of evolution. But why did they grow so much? According to a study from the State University of Campinas in Brazil, published in the journal Nature, it could … Read more

Sensitive question: should we continue to help Ukraine? Here is the answer of the former Secretary General of NATO

11 months ago, Russia entered Ukraine for what it thought was a lightning strike. But on the ground, the situation remains uncertain. As a result, a question agitates the West: how far should we help Ukraine? Should Belgium provide logistical and defensive support to Ukraine? In the program “It’s not every day Sunday” of this … Read more

Gold in the week of the Fed .. about $ 2000 or profit-taking? Experts Answer by Investing.com

© Reuters. Investing.com – It ended another strong week higher, standing near 9-month highs. Gold builds its hope on the Fed’s acknowledgment of the imminent recession, and the start of easing monetary policy. The gold market has rebounded for five consecutive weeks with prices rising more than 5% in the first month of 2023. While … Read more

How often should you change and wash your pajamas? Here’s the answer

A how often to change and wash pajamas is hotly debated. By the way, recently, a video about this went viral on TikTok. Why? The author admitted that she doesn’t wash hers after every use. To clarify doubts, The Mirror newspaper spoke with Deyan Dimitrov, the founder of Laundryheap, online laundry with deliveries. Read too: … Read more

50 questions and one answer. About referendums that were or should have been (+ interactive maps)

In the article you will learn: how political elites often spoke of the will of the people but sabotaged or ignored referenda; that when referendums were not linked to elections, they did not have a significantly greater than 20 percent turnout; that even the connection with the elections did not mean their success; how referendums … Read more

Why does Postepay not work at night? The answer leaves you speechless

Postepay for almost everyone is “the prepaid card par excellence” but more precisely the nomenclature corresponds to a series of rather popular services conceived by the Italian Post Office. In fact, Postepay is a “separate” company affiliated to the national postal service. Net of the constant improvements to the service, several users continue to perceive … Read more