Are the occupiers able to come to Kyiv again – Klitschko’s answer – Kyiv –

Kyiv, as it was the goal of the Russian occupiers, remains the goal of the aggressor. Kyiv – the main goal of the Russians, because this is the heart of the state. But as of now, the Russian army cannot come to Kyiv and capture the city. This was stated by the mayor of Kyiv … Read more

Experts answer whether you should postpone the purchase of an iPhone 14

It iPhone 14 It’s now a month away, and in case you’re wondering whether you should opt for the 2022 model or stick with your current phone and wait until 2023 iPhone 15Leading industry insiders have shaken the question. callFor whatever reason, it takes a long time before a new technology is introduced, which explains … Read more

A little girl invites Prince George to her birthday: Kate Middleton and Prince William answer her

As little Prince George celebrated his 9th birthday on July 22, he received an invitation from a little British girl to celebrate his 6th birthday. A super cute anecdote that was revealed by the Mirror newspaper. It all started when a little girl, whose identity is unknown, decided to invite Prince George for his sixth … Read more

Without mercy or pity.. an Egyptian young man practices vice inside the grave, and when they asked him why, the answer was shocking and unimaginable!! (shocking details)

Egypt witnessed a strange incident, which some may describe as stranger than fiction, where the Cairo Criminal Court is trying a citizen who dug up a grave in the Helwan area and extracted the body of a newly buried girl and raped her. During the investigations, the accused admitted that he deliberately set fires to … Read more

A little girl invited Prince George to a birthday party, Katalin personally responded to the invitation

An amazingly sweet story is going around the world, which is connected to a brave 6-year-old girl and her birthday party: it happened that the young girl invited none other than Prince George to her party. Well, the inquiry was answered by Princess Katalin herself, which no one expected… Special guest list The 9-year-old Prince … Read more

How a planet forms and where we come from: this discovery could answer it

Over the past 30 years, astronomers have found more than 5000 exoplanets, an eclectic collection of worlds far removed from our stellar neighborhood. The last of these could just be a baby. Scientists announced Tuesday, in the journal The Astrophysical Journal Lettershave convincing evidence of the existence of a world only 1.5 million years old, … Read more

“Is it normal to still find OPEN freezers in supermarkets?” Asks Loïc: here is the answer from Cora de Rocourt

You have surely noticed it already: in supermarkets, a mix of fridges and freezers with and without doors coexist. But this type of open furniture raises questions, particularly regarding the excessive energy consumption that this entails. But, is there a law in Belgium that regulates their use? Or are the supermarkets themselves the ones who … Read more

What Minecraft players would love to remove from the game? One and the same answer is repeated

Players via Reddit did a simple “poll”. They asked others what they would like to remove from the game. At one time, everyone was happy that Mojang was acquired by Microsoft. The game has taken a blush, has been greatly improved and improved. With time, however, the situation changed until the last few months back. … Read more

Omicron, why is it so easy for someone to get infected again? Pregliasco’s answer

After vaccination or an infection, we are protected from Covid for about four or five months. But not always: there are people who re-correct themselves immediately after finding a negative swab. Fabrizio Pregliasco, medical director of the IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute of Milan, explains why it can happen Interview by Cinzia Lucchelli Editing by Lorenzo … Read more