They asked the media person, Sama Ahmed, about the reason for her running away from her groom on the wedding night? .. She answered without a shred of shame and with all boldness

The media, Sama Ahmed, revealed details of what was raised during the past hours about her escaping from her groom on the night he wrote the book and the wedding. Sama said, during a telephone interview with the “Hazrat Al-Muwatin” program, on Saturday evening: “My mother has been tired for a while and had a … Read more

A famous media person blows up the artistic community and runs away from her groom on the wedding night.. When they asked what happened, she answered boldly and without shame.! !

The media, Sama Ahmed, revealed the fact that she ran away from her wedding in Sheikh Zayed, which sparked a lot of controversy about her leaving her wedding. Sama Ahmed said, during her interview with the media, Suhair Joudeh and Mufida Shiha, on the “Sitat” program, which is broadcast on the “Al-Nahar” satellite channel, on … Read more

Vietnam U-16 National Team Qualifies for the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup Semifinals After Malaysia Slips, Prayers for Indonesian U-16 National Team Fans Are Not Answered: Okezone Bola

SEMIFINALIST AFF U-16 Cup 2022 is Indonesian National Team U-16, Thailand U-16, Myanmar U-16, and Vietnam U-16. Vietnam’s qualification did not match the expectations of the Indonesian U-16 national team fans who wanted Malaysia to be a semifinalist. As is known, fans of the Indonesian national team are still passionate about the loss of the … Read more

When they asked the artist, Yousra, if you were a man, who would you marry? She answered boldly and without shame and revealed the hidden

The actress, Yousra, was exposed to an embarrassing situation during her hosting in one of the episodes of the comedy program Abla Fahita, which is broadcast on the ON channel. And the famous star doll Yousra asked if you were a man, who would you marry? Yusra laughed and said that she was going to … Read more

Hassam answered if he will return to TV, after Happy Saturdays

In recent times, Gerly Hassam Gómez Parra has been seen starring in news and situations of all kinds; news about her health complicated situations in your familyindependent projects, criticism of politicians, etc. But everyone expects him to work on television again and it seems that this is not very close. (You may be interested in: … Read more

The expert answered readers’ questions about monkeypox

A transcript from Dagens Nyheter, 2022-07-31 20:49 Original address of the article: Updated 18:32 Published at 1:33 p.m Bild 1 of 2 Anders Sönnerborg, professor of clinical virology and infectious diseases at Karolinska Institutet. Photo: Stefan Zimmerman/TT Bild 2 of 2 Photo: Anders Humlebo/TT Slide show The monkeypox virus continues to spread and the … Read more

Your questions about monkey pox answered: ‘Disease course relatively mild’ | NOW

The monkeypox virus has been declared an international public health hazard by the World Health Organization WHO. In the Netherlands, the first people have now been vaccinated against it. Two experts from RIVM, Margreet te Wierik and Brigitte van Cleef, answered all your questions about the monkeypox virus (also known as monkeypox). Biermans: If you … Read more

When they asked Dina about the reason for her divorce from her nine husbands.. the artist took all the shame and answered without hesitation and with all boldness?

The Egyptian dancer, Dina, said that there were many mistakes she made in her life, the most important of which was her hasty marriages. She added: I have hasty choices, such as marriage, which is in my heart, not in my suspension, and I go back and repeat the same thing. Dina said: “I think … Read more

Yann Moix’s tribute to deceased actress Charlotte Valandrey does not pass on to her family: “He never answered Charlotte’s calls who needed him”

In the issue of Paris Match released in France on July 21, the writer Yann Moix had the opportunity to pay tribute and tell his story with Charlotte Valandrey, the actress who died on July 13. Yann Moix then writes: “She had a heart, even when it wasn’t hers. Charlotte Valandrey is dead: she wasn’t … Read more

Hasto’s satire about Anies’ achievements is answered here and there

Jakarta – PDI-P Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto throwing satire at the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan about seven achievements during the leadership of the Capital City. Hasto’s satire to Anies led to responses and views from a number of Indonesian politicians. Hasto’s satire was made while giving a briefing to a number of party … Read more