Why is Mars without a rainbow? .. NASA answers…

Thank you for reading: Why is Mars without a rainbow? .. NASA answers… Basrawi News Encyclopedia – Books: Rania Muhammad / The Perseverance rover has spotted a rainbow-like phenomenon on the Red Planet, which sparked widespread controversy on social media. NASA responded to this controversy by publishing a tweet saying, “Is this a rainbow on … Read more

Cross-country skiing, Winter sports | The Swedes do not dare to travel to the same place as Norway before the Olympics. Now the Norwegian national team doctor answers

On Saturday, the Swedish Ski Association came with a press release about the cross-country national team’s preparations for the Olympics. They have decided to move the planned altitude stay in the Italian Seiser Alm, to Livingo according to what they themselves describe as “high spread of infection”. – In these times, a good organization must … Read more

Answers Why Crocodiles Didn’t Go Extinct with Dinosaurs Revealed

LONDON – Around 66 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled Earth, but after a large asteroid hit Earth they became extinct. But only crocodile which to this day still survives. As reported by Coversation, scientists think three-quarters of all types (species) of animals that once lived on Earth have been wiped out, including most of the … Read more

Persib boss answers rumors of new players at the closing seconds of the transfer market, alludes to the issue of not staying up late

PRFMNEWS – Director of PT Persib Bandung Dignity (PT PBB) Teddy Tjahjono gives an answer regarding the rumors that the Blue Prince will announce player only at closing seconds Bursa transfer player League 1 this season, Thursday 13 January 2022 in the morning at 00.00 WIB. bunch Persib it provides answers to those who wonder … Read more

The Most Curious Topics and Answers About Turkey’s Domestic Car Togg

Togg is one of the world’s leading Li-Ion battery manufacturers for the production of the battery module and package, one of the most basic components in the electric vehicle product range, in Turkey. Farasis selected as business partner. In partnership with Togg and Chinese energy giant Farasis Siro Silk Road Clean Energy Solutions San. ve … Read more

Today’s earthquakes in Peru, according to IGP: check here the movement record today, January 8, 2022 | Trembling | TDEX | REVTLI | | ANSWERS

Lima, January 8, 2022Updated on 08/01/2022 10:27 pm For this January 08, 2022, these are the latest reports seismic registered in the country. Peru, being in the “Pacific Ring of Fire”, where the so-called convergence zones are located, which are borders of tectonic plates that collide with each other, giving rise to subduction processes by … Read more

Truth or falsehood: Audience tells a participant in “Get rich”

Freeze from the show “Get Rich” A woman from the audience in “Get Rich” tried to suggest to a participant in the game, showing a banknote of 5 leva, yellow media write. The player had to answer the question “Which of the banknotes does not show the beard?”, For which he asked for help from … Read more

Tyson Fury offers Ngannou a boxing match in little gloves. “Predator” answers

Francis Ngannou would like his new contract with the UFC to include the opportunity to fight in the boxing ring. Now Tyson Fury himself offers him a match in the ring, who wants to fight him in small gloves. Source: DAZN Ngannou’s relationship with the UFC has been talked about a lot lately. The heavyweight … Read more