So you can know if you are a beneficiary of the VAT Refund in April 2023 | ANSWERS

The VAT refund It is financial aid provided by the Government of Colombia to households that are in a situation of poverty and vulnerability. It tries to deliver a specific amount with which it will seek to alleviate the impact of the tax paid for the purchase of goods and services in the family basket. … Read more

Regulation of gene splicing may provide answers to why leukemia develops

A research group at Lund University has identified a new mechanism that links the metabolism of RNA, ribonucleic acid, to the development of leukemia in patients with the blood disease myelodysplastic syndrome, MDS. When important components of RNA metabolism are disrupted, the number of genetic mutations increases, leading to the development of cancer. The study … Read more

Zero Hunger via Social Prosperity: Check if you are a beneficiary of the bonus, what is the amount and more | ANSWERS

From the Government of Colombia have announced that the benefit of Solidarity income it will no longer take place in 2023; although, from the national entity of social prosperity They explained that in December 2022 the Shock Plan Against Hunger began the delivery of an extraordinary subsidy for citizens who benefit from social programs. zero … Read more

[node:title] KL Rahul Answers Critics; Wife Athiya Shetty Reacts | KL Rahul silenced the critics: his wife also responded!

KL Rahul’s brilliant performance in the first ODI against Australia was crucial to India’s victory. Rahul took charge of the Indian innings and remained unbeaten on 75 runs when the top order batsmen disappointed. India won by 5 wickets in a thrilling match at the Wankhede Stadium. COMMERCIAL BREAK SCROLL TO CONTINUE READING India won … Read more

Is the end of the frosts near to start gardening? Farid answers your weather question

Hello Rocco, I think there are no worries about the plants outside for the next 10-15 days. We are currently experiencing a cool period but the frosts are rather weak and mainly confined to the south of the country. The next few days will be milder with the establishment of a south-westerly flow bringing mildness … Read more

“It’s really exciting”: on a trip to Egypt, Princess Elisabeth answers questions from journalists for the first time alone

On the occasion of her trip to Egypt with Queen Mathilde, Princess Elisabeth for the first time gave an interview where she answered questions from the press alone. This Tuesday, March 14, Queen Mathilde and Princess Elisabeth arrived in Egypt to begin their working visit which will last three days. The opportunity for the Princess … Read more

Will Diablo 4 come to Xbox Game Pass? Blizzard answers the million dollar question among Action-RPG fans – Diablo IV

Rod Fergusson, head of the franchise, ensures that they have no plans to introduce the game in the Microsoft service. March 14, 2023, 18:04 – Updated March 15, 2023, 10:34 A great 2023 is coming in terms of releases, and fans of the action-RPG They have their eyes set on the next Diablo IV. To … Read more

Zhu Zemin’s price answers were fluent and he even put on more performances

Comptroller Zhu Zemin sparked a discussion the year before last because of “a bowl of oyster noodle noodles for 20 yuan”. He came to the Legislative Yuan yesterday to prepare his inquiries. From egg prices, pork to bento prices, he could even answer “which part of the pig is the most expensive”. He also added … Read more

When will spring and its light appear? Farid answers your weather question (video)

Hello Valérie, we will still have to be patient since this week promises to be contrasting and sometimes wet. Lots of wind on Monday with afternoon showers but mild temperatures while Tuesday will see the mercury crash back into an occlusion giving lots of rain overnight and into the morning. A drier Wednesday but with … Read more