The antitrust accepts the blocking of non-original cartridges. However, users need to be informed

The antitrust should monitor what may be the behavior of companies that create damage to competition, and in the case of non-original cartridges deliberately blocked by the manufacturers via firmware or via chip a ruling from the authority had been expected for months. Consumer associations pressed for the Antitrust to declare the methods that block … Read more

A strong blow to Facebook.. The European Union is asking for a deduction of 12 billion dollars

01:57 PM Tuesday, December 20, 2022 The European Union has filed a complaint with the union’s antitrust authorities against Facebook’s owner Meta, demanding a 10% deduction from Meta’s annual global revenue if it is found guilty of violating antitrust rules. According to Meta’s annual earnings, the fine could be around $12 billion. The European Union … Read more

Microsoft wants to address antitrust concerns about Teams

With the consultation, Microsoft hopes to brush off an antitrust investigation after competitor Slack filed a complaint two years ago. Microsoft has no interest in a new antitrust investigation. According to news agency Reuters wants to sit around the table with the European Commission. Two years ago Slack filed a complaint at the European Commission. … Read more

Gas and electricity bills, Antitrust investigation against 7 companies for unilateral price change

Economy Social bonus bills, how it changes according to income brackets The measure was modified with the Budget law with the aim of supporting more needy families. It will also take into account the electricity and gas consumption class The budget was redesigned with the budget law social good to reset the bill increases triggered … Read more

A flight from Milan to Sicily costs more than one to New York: the Region reports to the Antitrust. Schifani: “The government intervenes”

Like an intercontinental trip. Fly in Sicily per Natale costs more than a ticket for New York. A flight Ita Airways and Milano indeed, for the Big Apple with departure on December 23rd and return on January 8th it costs 604 euro. On the same dates, however, a flight from Milano per Catania costa 834 … Read more

Microsoft may face FTC antitrust lawsuit to block Activision Blizzard’s takeover bid: report

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is likely to file an antitrust lawsuit to prevent Microsoft from bidding for a $69 billion (about Rs. 563,500 crores) takeover of video game publisher Activision Blizzard, Politico reported on Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter. A lawsuit challenging the deal is not warranted, the report said, and … Read more

Antitrust, fine of 1.5 million to Vinted: “Incorrect methods of promotion”

MILANO – L’Antitrust concluded an investigation against the company Vinted UAB by imposing a penalty of 1.5 million euros for “incorrect ways of promoting the buying and selling platform”. It can be read in a note in which it is explained that in particular the costs of the buying and selling operations and the … Read more

Italian post office fined by the Antitrust for missing or misleading information on interest-bearing bonds

Even postal savings bonds can no longer be trusted. The investment that grandparents and parents give to their children and grandchildren. The Antitrust Authority issued a fine of 1.4 million euros against the Italian Post Office (65% controlled by the state) since the “society has omitted and / or formulated in a misleading way essential … Read more

Bills, Antitrust blocks increases also in contract renewals

With a surprise move, Antitrust strengthens its shield in defense of electricity and gas consumers. Which now seems impossible to scratch, if not through administrative appeals. The novelty is the result of a very extensive interpretation of the Aid bis decree. If so far we knew that the decree suspended all unilateral changes until April … Read more

Has your electricity supplier been reported by the Antitrust Authority? The list of suspects

The Competition and Market Guarantor Agency is investigating illegal proposals to modify the electricity and gas supply contracts made by some companies supplying energy services ©hjbc/123rf With the Aid Bis Law Decree, approved last August, the Government has put a stop to changes in the prices of electricity and gas in the bill, which can … Read more