Misophonia turns out to be much more common than you think: the study confirms it

Feeling anger and discomfort listening to small everyday noises is a more common condition than you think, and this English study is proof of that @fizkes/123rf Many of us are annoyed by squeaky, unpleasant noises – like a microphone crackling, fingernails scratching a chalkboard, fork prongs screeching on a ceramic plate. But there are some … Read more

Listening to your favorite music would increase the effectiveness of certain drugs

20 milligrams of Mozart or Metallica to reduce chemotherapy-induced nausea? By designing a preliminary study, US researchers highlight the need to consider non-pharmacological treatments such as music listening. Listening to music you like could help improve the effect of drugs prescribed as part of chemotherapy. While suffering from nausea, cancer patients have noted a reduction … Read more

How to overcome performance anxiety?

Source: Shutterstock A little nervousness is normal when starting out in a new practice. But when stress levels are too high, undermining your productivity, your success, and your mood, it’s time to ring some bells. We are often our own enemies when we are new to work. This is often where performance anxiety takes shape. … Read more

Against stress, depression and anxiety, sport would be more effective than drugs

The studies are unanimous: the practice of a physical activity would make it possible to fight against mental disorders, and would even be – in certain cases – more effective than certain treatments and drugs. A look back at the many benefits of sport to combat stress, anxiety, and even psychological distress. Photo : PeopleImages … Read more

Exercise, a powerful weapon against anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are two forms of psychic suffering that are not always diagnosed, unfortunately they are often underestimated or even in some cases stigmatized. Both of these conditions must be managed with the help of a professional who usually makes use of two types of intervention: psychological and pharmacological. In recent years, however, a … Read more

A new earthquake hits Kahramanmaraş.. and raises anxiety in Turkey

The Presidency of Disaster and Emergency Management “AFAD” in Turkey announced, on Monday, that a 4.3-magnitude earthquake struck Kahramanmaraş, Turkey, which raised concern among the residents of these areas for fear of a devastating earthquake scenario. She added that the earthquake occurred at a depth of 15 kilometers below the surface of the earth, and … Read more

Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress… why sport is beneficial for mental health

Sport is (also) serious. We are of course thinking of its benefits, which are widely documented, in terms of physical health. What is less known is that it participates in the treatment of even severe mental illnesses. A top athlete and psychiatrist, Dr. Jérôme Palazzolo has been firmly convinced of this for a long time. … Read more

V. Putin has a new hope of gaining an advantage in Ukraine – in 2024. The US presidential election is causing more and more anxiety

The two front-runners in the U.S. Republican Party, former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, are making it clear that if they win the White House, Ukraine will be at risk from U.S. arms and ammunition supplies, and the war could end on Putin’s terms. Their positions underscore a growing conservative antipathy toward … Read more

New study points to a connection between the microbiome of the oral cavity and depression and anxiety

A new study shows a connection between the bacterial flora of the oral cavity and depression and anxiety. The results open up the possibility of developing new treatment methods for these mental health problems. A new study published in the journal Molecular Oral Microbiology has found a link between the bacterial flora in the oral … Read more