New ORF-TVthek-App for Huawei and optimization of the Apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV

Vienna (OTS) – Recently a new ORF-TVthek-App, which is available in a Huawei Store. In addition, have been improved in the context of Updates of the Services and Features of the ORF-TVthek-Apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. The ORF-TVthek App is now also in the Huawei Store, and thus … Read more

70. Vienna city Council (16) | PID press

In-kind credit approval for the expansion of the city area in Vienna, 23, Carre Atzgersdorf Vienna (OTS/RK) – GR Mag. (FH) Alexander Pawkowicz (FPÖ) referred to the bad transport connections with public Transport in the city development area and submitted a motion for a new rapid bus service. Subsidy to the Association women’s solidarity – … Read more

The new At Lash’d Mascara by Marc Jacobs Beauty for a long time and perfectly curved eyelashes

San Francisco (ots/PRNewswire) – Marc Jacobs Beauty, the brand that brought us Noir Mascara Velvet, is now presenting the new gold standard for eyelashes: the new At Lash’d Mascara gives extreme length and curl, as well as a fabulously intense Definition. Experience the interactive, multi-channel press release: “For a long, striking eyelashes like me … Read more

“Austria is flourishing – The ‘nature garden’-the spring show” with Karl Ploberger and Nina power

Tips, Tricks, and Hits – the music show with the green thumb Vienna (OTS) – Karl Ploberger, and Nina Kraft are the gardens to visit the kittenberger Experience and will present on Saturday, the 13. June 2020, at 20.15 clock “Austria is flourishing – The ‘nature garden’-the spring show” in ORF 2. On the program, … Read more

First-time aerosol measurement in the choir, singing | choir Association of Austria, 02.06.2020

On behalf of the choir Association of Austria, a Team from the MedUni Vienna examined the extent of the Aerosol and condensed water mission choir members Vienna (OTS) – After more than 11 weeks break, the choirs can have your samples and concert activities since the last Friday resume. The choirs recommendations for responsible Sing, … Read more

FPÖ – Hofer: “Responsible Ping Pong” around Ischgl is unbearable | Freedom Parliamentary Club

If new revelations are correct, Minister of Health Anschober is ready to step down Vienna (OTS) – “Again and again new knowledge about the failure in the Corona Causa Ischgl – and again and again the Minister of Health wears off, asking for more time to sort facts. It can’t go on like this, ”is … Read more

FPÖ – Angerer: Entrepreneurs need planning security and no ‘own PR press conference’ | Freedom Parliamentary Club

FPÖ has developed a fast-acting aid package – the ‘1,000 euro Austria voucher for every Austrian’ Vienna (OTS) – “After repeating the distance rules at the Monday press conference ‘for the reopening of the accommodation facilities’ followed in today’s ÖVP press conference with Kurz, Köstinger and Mahrer the announcement that they want to test employees … Read more

Blimlinger congratulates VALIE EXPORT on its 80th birthday

“Through its engagement with feminism, performance and the media, VALIE EXPORT has established an area in media art that is unparalleled internationally” Vienna (OTS) – VALIE EXPORT grew up in Linz, attended the arts and crafts school there and graduated from the Federal Higher Education and Research Institute for Textile Industry in 1964 with a … Read more

Kogler in AUSTRIA: “Criticism of Lunacek was very violent and sometimes undermining”

Kogler on the successor candidate Andrea Mayer: “She meets the criteria” Vienna (OTS) – In an interview in the daily newspaper AUSTRIA (Sunday edition), the green Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler takes a detailed position on Ulrike Lunacek’s resignation as Secretary of State for Cultural Affairs: “We had seen many ups and downs in politics. The … Read more

“Profil”: According to Löger, Strache spoke to Novomatic owner Graf

Statement by the ex-finance minister in the Casinos / Löger case discussed Sidlo’s order with Graf privately / Graf mentioned contact with Strache Vienna (OTS) – As the news magazine “profil” reports in its current edition, the former finance minister Hartwig Löger made explosive statements in the casino affair to the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s … Read more