Crazy RICH Kris Jenner FORGOT she has an apartment in Beverly Hills: “I think she has food in the fridge for TWO YEARS”

Kris Jenner has been working hard on the success of his daughters for many years. It is not without reason that in show business there is a saying that “the devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder”. “Momagerce” managed to promote all their children, except for his son Rob, who after a few seasons … Read more

For pensioners, divorced women and widows.. How to get an apartment done

07:30 p.m Tuesday 20 September 2022 Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser: The Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund announced the opening of reservations for fully-finished housing units, as part of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s initiative “Housing for All Egyptians 3” for low- and middle-income citizens. The terms of reference, payment of the seriousness … Read more

Drzyzga heard a plumber’s advice. This is how you can heat an apartment – o2

The coming winter will be extremely difficult for millions of Poles. In the face of the war in Ukraine, the government introduced an embargo on Russian coal, while it was from the East that mainly “black gold” was imported, used for heating Polish houses and flats. People who use gas, pellets or heating oil also … Read more

Pimp who is a sex slave of ABG in West Jakarta Apartment Arrested!

Jakarta – Polda Metro Jaya catch the pimp initials EMT (44) who traded 15 year old ABG in an apartment in West Jakarta. EMT was arrested in the Kalideres area, West Jakarta. “Yes, that’s right. An arrest was made on EMT on Monday (19/9) night in the Kalideres area, West Jakarta,” said the Head of … Read more

Katarzyna Ankudowicz has finished renovation. She praised the apartment

She added that “such a renovation is like a different planet”. “Time runs differently (sometimes very slowly, when you are waiting for specialists who are late, other times it speeds up, when a specialist issues an invoice), there is a different gravity (walls bend) and the atmosphere (sometimes it thickens and the oxygen is running … Read more

Apartment prices are starting to fall around the world. Will Prague and Brno join?

London, Sydney, Stockholm, Seattle and the nearby US-Canada border. These areas are among the hottest real estate markets in the world. But the situation is starting to change, and house and apartment prices have already started to fall in many of them. Some even by tens of percent. What is the situation in Prague and … Read more

Pay 45 thousand pounds and get an apartment within two weeks: and pay the rest over 15 years

How to get an apartment with a down payment of only 45,000 pounds from First Abu Dhabi Bank? When the customer chooses an apartment worth 300,000 pounds, the down payment becomes 15% (45 thousand pounds) of the total value of the unit to be purchased. First Abu Dhabi Bank is keen to provide many financing … Read more

Complaints about unsafe children’s playgrounds in the courtyards of apartment buildings in Mārupe / Article

Ilze, a nanny with eight years of experience, is worried about children’s leisure opportunities in Mārupe, she believes that with a small child, there is really no place to relax in “Vecozolu namu” in Mārupe. It doesn’t take an expert to figure out that the structures in the small playground are worn out. There is … Read more

Index – Economy – Áramár: old, outdated apartment buildings are in serious trouble

Is the demand for solar energy systems still extraordinary? Inquiries are continuous, there is no decrease in the trend. The population is now faced with utility prices, and 1 m³ of natural gas can produce 9.5 kWh of energy, so it will be extremely expensive to heat with natural gas. That is why it is … Read more