This is the ancestor of the dynamic island! The LG V10 7 years ago “cut out a piece” next to the lens, and it is also equipped with a third-party App | T Kebang

The iPhone 14 Pro series uses an “exclamation mark” screen. Apple has turned this opening into a dynamic island function, which has been well received by users, and some Android developers have developed imitated related apps. In the middle, fans of the two parties are also arguing with each other, saying who copied the function … Read more

Tower of Fantasy: How to find and defeat the Bohemian Aberrant | MX | Mexico | Spain | SPORT-PLAY

Ending the Bohemian Aberrant is one of the many things you can do on the Artificial Island of Tower of Fantasy. This new space features its own side quests and main bosses. Of the total of five villains in the area, Bohemian Aberrant is one of them and here we explain how to find and … Read more

Grace is not in the dictionary of Genshin Impacts newest husbando

22/9/22 07:17 | Will Hendriks | PC, Playstation 4 | 0 comments Genshin Impact is sometimes jokingly referred to as Waifu Impact, referring to the many cute ladies you can add to your team. However, the fact is that it also contains mountains of men. Soon, that mountain will also get a little bigger, when … Read more

Hospital Hero app from WAKZ also to other hospitals

Reducing anxiety and tension in children undergoing medical treatment. With this aim, Nicole Donkel (pediatric nurse at the Willem-Alexander Children’s Hospital (WAKZ)) and Charlotte Poot (PhD student at the National eHealth Living Lab) set up the Hospital Hero foundation. The foundation now stands on its own two feet and has successfully launched its own app. … Read more

Microsoft Store Ads available in preview: get your app to the right audience

Microsoft is trying to send developers some extra love and is giving the group new features in the Microsoft Store. It would even be the passion that drove Microsoft to launch the Microsoft Store to put in a new jacket. That’s what Giorgio Sardo, GM of the Microsoft Store, quotes in the blog. Along with … Read more

FUT 23: The Web App is coming out this Wednesday!

You’ve probably been waiting for it for several days, the FUT 23 Web App is coming out this Wednesday evening. Let’s take a look at what it includes. When is the release scheduled? L’web application is coming out this Wednesday eveningwhile themobile application should be released tomorrowThursday, September 22. As every year, the applications should … Read more

Apple raises prices: apps in the App Store will rise in price

App Store icon. Photo: Apple Company Apple officially announced on their website that from October 5, 2022, the cost of applications in the App Store will become higher. The reason is the weakening of the euro against the dollar. Where and by how much will prices increase: The increase in cost is worth waiting for … Read more

COVID Radar app further improved

COVID Radar collects data via the zip code area, meaning that an individual user is part of a group of 3,000 people in the same zip code area and is not personally recognized. The added value of the app was already demonstrated. It is clear that for accurate monitoring of COVID-19, high involvement of the … Read more

iPhone 14 recycling price continues to update | Pro machine rises, Pro Max earns $2900 (20/9)

iPhone 14 Recycling Price Update (Updated on 20/9)|Apple iPhone 14 series is on sale today. In addition to the new features of the new phone, many people are more concerned about the price speculation of the new iPhone. It is unexpected that the iPhone 14 Pro series will be the first in the market The … Read more