Zoom: A US company laid off 900 workers via video conferencing app

An American company specializing in mortgage loans last Wednesday laid off more than 900 of its employees, about 9% of the workforce, through a videoconference of Zoom, according to the CNN channel this Monday. According to CNN, which had access to a recording of the call, Better.com CEO Vishal Garg told the connected workers: “If … Read more

The Xbox app on Windows allows you to better understand whether the game can run smoothly on your computer

The Red Bicycle via Getty Images Because of the freedom of specification matching, it is not easy to know whether your computer can play a game smoothly. In particular, different games may have different requirements for CPU, GPU or even memory.Microsoft seems to be officially solving this problem, by The Verge They found that they … Read more

These are the 12 best functions that the application released in 2021

Every day WhatsApp The number of users it has in different countries of the world is increasing. Much of the success of the application lies in the constant improvements it makes to its platform and the wide range of options it offers. This year, the instant messaging network it updated its different versions and implemented … Read more

Learn about the best apps in the App Store this week

Thank you for reading the news about technology: Learn about the best apps in the App Store this week and now with the details of the news Cairo – Samia Sayed – Apple offers a distinctive default camera application in iPhone phones, where the application can take pictures and process them with high quality. But … Read more

Wild Rift, Toca Life World, Among Us and Bumble, among the best apps on the App Store in 2021

MADRID, 2 Dic. (Portaltic/EP) – Apple has delivered the App Store Awards for the best applications and games on its App Store platform in this year 2021, in which he has distinguished League of Legends: Wild Rift and Toca Life World as the best for iPhone, and has also highlighted apps that facilitate the connection … Read more

The “App Store” Awards announce the best apps and games of 2021.

“App Store” Announcing the App Store Awards 2021 for the best apps and games of the year. There are 15 winners this year. and every item has been selected by the editorial team of “App Store” from around the world, with the winner receiving a symbolic prize “App Store” The blue color is made from … Read more

WhatsApp: the 5 new functions to be invisible in the app

The messaging app WhatsApp It is, without a doubt, one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. But, despite the many advantages it offers, the system has a great disadvantage: it’s not private enough. For instance, WhatsApp does not allow to hide, for example, the status “online”, once one connects; and user data … Read more

WhatsApp launches beta version of native app in Windows Store

WhatsApp has launched a beta version of the chat application in the Windows Store. The app is offered for the Windows news operating system. But also devices that still run on Windows 10 can install the app via the Store. Sending WhatsApp messages via your computer or laptop is no longer a new phenomenon. It … Read more

Apple Announces App Store Awards 2021 Best Apps and Games of the Year

Apple announces award winning apps App Store Awards 2021 It’s an award for app developers. Which are the 15 best apps. What apps are there? Let’s see. Apple Announces 2021 App Store Awards December 2, 2021 – Apple announces the winners of the App Store Awards 2021 Best Apps of 2021 by this year’s app. … Read more