Apple iOS 14.5 is ready: the release candidate is ready

Apple has another pre-release version for iOS 14.5 released. Beta testing is nearing its end with this update – according to current information, it is a serious release candidate. That would be well on schedule, because it will be after the Announcement of the next Apple event, which will take place on April 20th, high … Read more

Apple could be developing its first electric scooter in collaboration with Kia

Kia and Apple are discussing cooperation in mobility or transportation The rumors surrounding the Apple Car Manufactured by Hyundai / Kia dissipated once the deal had ended and did not come to fruition. However, that does not mean that the collaboration between the two companies has ended, since a report published by a South Korean … Read more

Foldable iPhone would make the iPad Mini disappear

It would be larger and with support for the Apple Pencil It is no mystery to anyone that when Apple launches a product, the old models or the previous line, it becomes obsolete and stops selling. In the case of the first foldable device, Apple could choose to eliminate one of its tablets, because the … Read more

Apple would strengthen its charger cable according to a patent

These wouldn’t break so easily Apple is known for selling charger cables quite fragile, since the plastic cover is not the strongest or thickest that we say. That is why now a patent seems to show that he wants to change this fame. After two years, still taking care of them, the quality of Apple’s … Read more

Apple would launch an iPhone with “invisible” Touch ID

The iPhone 12s would be the first phone with Touch ID below the screen According to recent reports, Apple will integrate Face ID and Touch ID into new iPhone. Instead of a physical home button, the company will eventually embrace the in-display fingerprint scanner. It is said that the Cupertino company could have adopted the … Read more

Apple is already working on Bluetooth connectivity problems on Macs with the M1 chip

Apparently they affect third-party accessories as well as Apple products When the new models with chip M1 on the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac Mini reached the first customers, several owners began to report various Bluetooth connection problems. They said they experienced intermittent disconnections from wireless peripherals to non-functional connections. Until a few … Read more

Apple Against Racism Will Create Center

Build innovative HBCU education center and Apple Developer Academy in Detroit This week a new project of Apple, as part of its Initiative for Equity and Racial Justice, to which it has allocated $ 100 million dollars that involves the creation of a national level, a space that helps eliminate barriers to opportunities and combat … Read more

App Store customers spent $ 540 million on New Years Day alone

On New Year’s Day customers spent 540 million on the App Store Apple has announced that customers of the App Store they spent a record amount during the season of the end of the year and the beginning of the new year. The apple company claims that, in total, the app store has generated more … Read more

Apple, from queen of telephony to queen of the automotive industry?

In the past, Apple has already given ample evidence of its great adaptability, moving from the personal computer market to turning its mobile phone, the iPhone, into practically synonymous with the smartphone, a device that is already part of popular culture, as well that if now they also launch to revolutionize the automotive market, few … Read more

At least 9 iPhone models were the best sellers at Christmas

The iPhone SE 2020 and the LG K30 increased their sales by 34% and 181%, respectively According to data published by the research firm Flurry Analytics, nine of the 10 best-selling smartphones on Christmas Day were iPhones, in fact, the only phone on the list that is not. Apple It is from the South Korean … Read more