Human papilloma virus | Now the HPV vaccine is applied in a single dose | Cervical cancer | WHO | | TECHNOLOGY

Initially recommended as a three-dose vaccine, these were reduced to two by the WHO in 2017. And now, in an extraordinarily important decision, only one required. READ ALSO: This is the latest on monkeypox and COVID-19 This measure is Without a doubt, transcendental for countries with medium to low economic incomes such as Peru, which … Read more

In the last three years, the number of those who want to study has applied to universities

Application for studies closed at 4 p.m. Data from “” show that 10,296 applicants’ applications were received for the 2020/2021 academic year, and 10,182 applications for the 2021/2022 academic year. Application for studies at the University of Latvia on July 13, 2022 +21 Watch more As of 5 p.m., 9,289 applicants have been approved for … Read more

A renowned driver from Santa Fe applied to enter Big Brother 2022

The presenter highlighted the trajectory of his program “Charlando de modas”, which has been on the screen in Santa Fe for 30 years. “Also, I have a degree in good manners, which will lead to putting order in the house. I am a faithful follower of the program and participating is one of my pending. … Read more

Michoacán adds 7 million doses applied against Covid-19

Of the total doses applied, 2 million 721 thousand 438 citizens have completed their basic vaccination chart Michoacanos with a good response to immunization against COVID-19, so far 7 million 150 thousand 97 doses of vaccine have been applied to the population 5 years of age and older. Of the total doses applied, 2 million … Read more

Enjoy three-dimensional sound on TV/tablet Netflix… Applied Sennheiser ‘Ambio 2-channel spatial sound’

Recently, the audio industry is trying to support richer sound and realistic sound source technology through Dolby Atmos Sound or Sony’s high-resolution codec LDAC. In response, Sennheiser announced that it would improve the sound quality of Netflix contents by applying ‘AMBEO 2-Channel Spatial Audio’, its immersive audio technology, in collaboration with Netflix, a global online … Read more

End of Life, Cappato: “Better no law than a bad one”. And Coscioni proposes a text to the Regions: “The sentence should be applied with certain times”

“Despite the pantomime in Parliament on the end of life, the decision of the Consulta on my trial was finally applied thanks to the courage of Federico Carboni. Today it is clear that assisted suicide is permitted and legal, in practice, under certain conditions in Italy. Therefore better non do one bad law. Faced with … Read more

The Stamp, in Waterloo, it is well and truly over: “we simply applied the law”

This time for sure, the music will no longer vibrate the walls of the Stamp (nor of the neighbors), on the chaussée de Bruxelles, in the center of Waterloo. The doors closed definitively on Saturday July 1st. The police even barricaded the entrance with Nadar barriers and tape. With its 14 years of existence, the … Read more

“Snaigė” applied to the court for the initiation of the restructuring case | Business

According to the draft of the restructuring plan approved by the shareholders, on Friday the company applied to the Kaunas District Court with a request to file a restructuring case, “Snaigė” reported through the “Nasdaq” Vilnius stock exchange. After the court decides to file a restructuring case, the Company’s restructuring plan should be coordinated with … Read more

In 2023, the COVID-19 vaccine developed by UNAM and CDMX would be applied

Capital authorities announced that it will be until 2023 that the COVID-19 vaccine developed by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) together with the Secretary of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (SECTEI) of the CDMX. Rosaura Ruiz Gutiérrez, Secretary of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation of the CDMXexplained that the capital government supported the … Read more

[신선한 경제] DSR is applied when the loan exceeds KRW 100 million

This is a ‘fresh economy’ time that delivers the most talked-about economic news quickly. Loan regulations will be tightened from next month. If the loan amount exceeds KRW 100 million, the total debt repayment ratio and DSR will be applied. If you are subject to DSR regulations, your principal and interest repayment amount must not … Read more