US popular strategy is “a new approach with strategic patience”… Korean’touch sense’

© News1 Designer Choi Soo-ah The US referred to’strategic patience’ as its strategy against China. It is a new approach that is different from the’My Way’ style of former US President Donald Trump. This is a topic that brings the sense of touch to Korea, which is inevitably sensitive to the air current between the … Read more

Ik-Kwan Paik “Severe competition with China… Approach with strategic patience”

White House spokesman Jen Saki said on the 25th (local time) that the Joe Biden administration will approach relations with China with strategic patience. According to Reuters and the South China Morning Post (SCMP), Saki said in a briefing today that the United States is in serious competition with China, and President Joe Biden wants … Read more

Integrity approach in the public sector | PCM | Intelfin | Continental University | | ECONOMY

A few weeks ago, the results were presented at an event organized by the Continental University, Intelfin and Management, in which the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Eduardo Vega, the President of the National Penitentiary Council, Susana Silva, the Secretary General of the National Board of Justice, Juan Carlos Cortés, and the Secretary of … Read more

History. They will approach Eugenio Garza Sada as a promoter of libraries

Gustavo Mendoza Lemus Monterrey / 09.01.2021 16:01:17 To the entrepreneur Eugenio Garza Sada we know him as the founder of companies and of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, but his role as promoter of 16 libraries in the city is little known. To commemorate the 129th anniversary of his birth, the Eugenio Garza Sada Center (Cegs) … Read more

Technical Zone: the nutrition approach is crucial for wheat yield

In a campaign with water scarcity, fertilization is key Source: LA NACION – Credit: Mauro V. Rizzi 2020 was not another year when raising wheat crops. Choosing the site, variety and planting opportunity makes the basic definition of yield. The limitations of nutrients for the normal feeding and functioning of plants are also widely recognized, … Read more

Layered approach prevents the spread of COVID-19

In Spanish As we prepare for the return of students to the Boulder Valley School District in January, our partners in public health say the data and research shows that schools are one of the safest places for our students and staff to be during the pandemic, because it is one of the few places … Read more

Combined Approach Boosts Immunotherapy Against Breast Cancer

MADRID, 5 One. (EUROPA PRESS) – Activating an immune signaling pathway best known for fighting viral and bacterial infections may increase the ability of genetically modified T cells to eradicate breast cancer in mice, according to a new study by researchers at the University of North Carolina. in United States. The study, which is published … Read more

The Turkish magazine “İletişim” published an article entitled “The role of the centennial AZERTAC in the approach of the world to Azerbaijan”

Ankara, January 3, AZERTAC The scientific article “The role of the 100-year-old news agency – AZERTAC in providing the world with information about Azerbaijan” by Hilmi Bengi, Advisor to the Rector of the University of Economics and Technology of the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Former CEO of Anadolu Agency, well-known publicist, it was … Read more

“Biden would have to approach the Middle East with short or small goals” – Télam

“Biden encounters a scenario left by both Obama and Trump, and he can choose between a short or a long way to get to what he wants.” The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, made some concrete promises to the world, but it is not yet clear what he plans for the Middle East, … Read more


2019 CORONAVIRUS DISEASE PANDEMIC AND BREAST CANCER APPROACH Barcelona, ​​Spain During the COVID-19 pandemic, treatment strategies and priorities had to be implemented in order to provide optimal care for each patient with breast cancer. The results will undoubtedly be of great help in the future, in the event of situations similar to that associated with … Read more