“Tamghart”: A collective exhibition that addresses the human approach

Organized by the El Mada Foundation until December 30 in Rabat As part of its cultural program, the El Mada Foundation is organizing until December 30 the unprecedented exhibition “Tamghart” (Woman in Amazigh), at the villa des arts in Rabat. It brings together paintings and sculptures by Farah Chaoui, works on paper by Rim Laâbi … Read more

The cost of Rail Baltica could approach three billion euros

With the adoption of next year’s budget, it is clear that more than half a billion euros (1/4 of the initially planned 2 billion) will be spent on the Rail Baltica project in Latvia by the end of 2022, but construction of the first section of the main railway line could start in 2023. This … Read more

‘de facto’: Rail Baltica’s costs could approach three billion euros

“Rail Baltica“The Latvian part of the project will cost much more than the previously planned two billion euros, but how much – none of the responsible parties is even ready to predict,” Latvijas de facto “reports that the costs could approach three billion euros. means that you will have to think about where to take … Read more

PlayStation Plus: Direct competitor to Xbox Game Pass on the approach?

Microsoft is enjoying enormous success with the Xbox Game Pass game subscription. So it’s no wonder that Sony now seems to be seriously trying to bring a direct competitor to the start. According to a new report by the renowned business magazine Bloomberg Sony now has a comparable counterpart to the Xbox Game Pass in … Read more

Amazement about the hard approach of Belgian investigators at the …

Not the accused, but the Belgian anti-terrorists have come under heavy fire in recent days during the Paris attacks. Especially by the victims’ lawyers, who accuse them of evasive answers, carelessness and even contempt. “It must remain the process of the terrorists,” responds the Belgian victims’ association V-Europe. Yves Barbieux Friday 3 December 2021 at … Read more

Dusno in Litvínov. We can’t play with such an approach, Růžička was angry

In the match of the 29th round of the extra league with Olomouc, the hockey players of Litvínov scored their third defeat in a row and their cabin was stuffy after the match. Coach Vladimír Růžička spoke to the players’ souls because he was not at all satisfied with their performance. “We played badly, it … Read more

The EU launches the alternative plan to the Silk Road – World

The EU Commission launches the Global Gateway plan of 300 billion distributed between now and 2027. “With the Global Gateway we take a step further to support investments and infrastructures in the rest of the world. Countries need trusted partners to achieve sustainable projects marked by high transparency and good governance. We want to show … Read more

NASA’s Parker probe sets two new distance and speed records during its 10th approach to the Sun

Published: 30 nov 2021 11:00 GMT At that speed, it would take the probe less than an hour to reach the Moon from Earth, a journey that would typically take about three days. NASA’s Parker solar probe reached the closest point to the Sun, called ‘perihelion’ on November 21, as part of its tenth approach … Read more

Polish PM hopes Germany will change approach to Nord Stream 2

“I hope the new German government will do everything possible to prevent Nord Stream 2 from becoming [Rusijos] the president [Vladimiro] “Putin’s arsenal is a weapon,” Morawieckis told Dpa in an interview with Sunday. The project is becoming a “tool to blackmail Ukraine and Moldova,” he said. “It is also a means of manipulating energy … Read more

NASA warns 2 asteroids will approach Earth in December

Jakarta – NASA warn there will be two asteroid that will approach Earth next month. But there’s no need to worry because the two of them will pass a safe distance and will not harm the Earth. The first asteroid to pass will be 4660 Nereus. This asteroid was first discovered in 1982 and has … Read more