Monthly Horoscope August 2022 – Be careful what you wish for

Aries – monthly horoscope At the beginning of the month, you will be efficient and effective in an important work, but in order for everything to have a real payoff, you also need to make sure that the right people are informed about what you have accomplished. This is especially necessary if there are people … Read more

Delta Aquarius 2022: When will it peak and how to watch the ‘pioneering’ celestial event – Liku

It’s an interstellar treat! The Southern Delta Aquarid meteor shower is expected to peak between the evening of Thursday, July 28 and the predawn hours of Friday, July 29. About 20 meteors per hour will be visible, NASA said, at a speed of 41 kilometers (25 miles) per second. Their light emerges from the constellation … Read more

HOROSCOPE. Celebration for Libra and bad news for Aquarius: Astrologer Esther predicts your week | Horoscope

PODCAST Karl loses his virginity when he is 17 by a friend’s mother. “She initiated me” Karl is 17 when he visits a friend one evening, but he turns out not to be at home. His friend’s mother, Gerda (38), asks him to come in anyway. What follows is an unexpected play of pleasure that … Read more

Kaspersky Lab refused to participate in the development of the Aquarius smartphone for the Russian military and special services

According to online sources, Kaspersky Lab has withdrawn from a project to develop a smartphone intended for the Russian military and intelligence agencies. We are talking about the Aquarius device (Aquarius NS M11). This was told by the head of the business development group in the division of KasperskyOS Viktor Ivanovsky. Image source: “Aquarius” “We … Read more

Horoscope today Aquarius Monday July 11, 2022 with Padme Seer.

aquarius in life The changes in your life may have surprised you and you may not even realize it. But don’t lose sight of the goal. Moving in with a partner is something to consider carefully. You should review all the documents and initiatives related to your finances to avoid unpleasant surprises later. Today is … Read more

Daily Horoscope July 7, 2022 – Timing is important

Aries – daily horoscope Today, be a little more permissive about your environment and let this be especially true for your loved ones. Don’t criticize them, don’t remind them of their mistakes and especially, don’t start arguments or fights when something goes wrong. Remember that people don’t always like being confronted with this. >>> Here … Read more

Libra thinks about themselves, Aquarius needs to rest / – News Agency of the Far East

Sunrise: 04:24 Sunset: 20:43 Sun in Cancer. <!– –> Aries. The situation at the service is returning to normal, disputes are over. Cash receipts from outside are possible, your debtors will make themselves felt, but nothing terrible is expected. Taurus. An unfavorable day for starting new business. Try not to impose your point of view … Read more

Weekly Luck of the Week | 6.27~7.3 Libra friends rush forward, other constellations are adjusting themselves_Work_Relationship_Things

Original title: Weekly Luck of the Week | 6.27~7.3 Libra friends rush forward, other constellations are adjusting themselves This week’s Aries may yield to someone or follow someone’s expectations or dictate to them. That person may have been “pointing fingers” at you for a long time or holding you down with what he calls a … Read more

Daily horoscope June 8, 2022 – With a considered decision

Aries – daily horoscope There may be a problem in your field today that puts not only you but your environment in a difficult position, so you need to pay double attention and do your best to be in control of it. And in all of this, you can find a loyal and helpful ally … Read more

Next month, the 3 constellations welcome Fu Naji’s career and the dead tree will be full of prosperity_Good luck_Scorpio_ development

Original title: Next month, 3 constellations will welcome Fu Naji’s career and the dead trees will be full of wealth and honor No matter who you are, there are often many variables in the development of your career, and these variables may be good or bad. These are things that everyone must undertake in the … Read more