Paladio Arte presents ‘Barro’, a project commissioned by the Spanish embassy in the United Arab Emirates

Paladio Arte has just finished its latest project “Barro”, an invitation to society to understand how the integration of people with diverse abilities into the theater can make a creative difference because of the genuine and authentic way they see and interpret the whole . This experimental theater project, coordinated by the Segovia-based company, Paladio … Read more

CULTURE / Edmundo Chacour Theater presents his work “Los viajes de Ibn Arab”

Framed in the Cultural Reactives initiative of the Murcia City Council, the Edmundo Chacour theater group represents the life and work of Ibn Arab through his poems. Next Thursday, November 26, the Edmundo Chacour Theater Group will present together with the Murcia City Council their play ‘Los viajes de Ibn Arab’, where they represent the … Read more

Against Turkey, Greece and the United Arab Emirates sign a mutual assistance agreement. – Military Galaxy

The formula “the enemies of my enemies are my friends” offers a very narrow reading of international relations. But it is a pretty good description of the relationship between Greece and the United Arab Emirates, countries that have many disputes with Turkey. Recently, the Emirates Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash strongly criticized the presence of a … Read more

Arab states approach Israel to counter Turkey and Iran

The decision of three Arab states to make peace with Israel can be attributed both to the efforts of the White House under the administration of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and to the recognition by these Sunni states that doing so would reinforce their security in the face of continuing threats … Read more

Israeli Arab members of the Knesset: enemies of peace

The recent normalization of Israel’s relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain changed the rules of the game in the region. The winners so far are Israel and the Arab Gulf states. The losers are the Palestinian Authority, Turkey, Qatar and Iran. The historic normalization of relations even has opponents within Israel in the … Read more

Turkey rejected Israeli aid after earthquake

Defense Minister Benny Gantz had given orders to the IDF to send assistance. The military attaché in Turkey forwarded the proposal to Ankara, which did not accept the offer. The Turkish authorities also rejected help from other countries. .

Unanimous condemnation of the Arab world to the attacks in France

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait or Jordan have lamented the terrorist attack. Even the Erdogan government stressed that “no reason can justify the murder of a person or violence” The conviction comes after the escalation of verbal violence between France and the Arab world. Turkey called for a boycott of French … Read more

Arab countries and Turkey condemn attack in France and separate them from Islam

The attack in a Catholic church in the city of Nice, France, it was strongly repudiated by various Arab countries and by Turkey. The leaders of these Muslim majority countries separated the crime from the Islamic religion. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia qualified the event as a terrorist attack and strongly condemn … Read more

Trump: Between “nine and ten” Arab countries will normalize relations with Israel

Donald Trump Photo: Casa Blanca Shealah Craighead vi Flickr Dominio Público US President Donald Trump said there are as many as a dozen countries that hope to soon normalize their relations with Israel, but that these developments will largely take place after the November 3 presidential election. Reporters asked Trump at Andrews Air Force Base … Read more

In repudiation of Emmanuel Macron’s statements, they organize a boycott against French products in Arab countries

This saturday, Arabian countries they called for a boycott of French products present in their nations. The action occurs after the statements of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, which generated outrage among the citizens of Middle east. The European president indicated that he will not “renounce the publication of the cartoons” of Muhammad. Turkey and … Read more