Israeli artist blasts Arabs in the Emirates for ‘forgetting Palestine’

A song in Arabic, presented on an Israeli television channel by activist artist Noam Shuster-Eliassi, pokes fun at the warm relations between Israel and “the Arabs who have millions” and who “forget Palestine”. In the Arab world, we rub our eyes. “It’s really important for me to send a message of love and peace to … Read more

The rudest look that history has known… Shams Al Kuwaiti stuns all Gulf Arabs and displays her breasts and what she possesses in a scandalous manner

A picture of the famous artist, Shams Al Kuwaiti, was published on various social networking sites. Shams appeared in the picture, showing off her body and chest with a scandalous look. Al Jazeera Bay refrains from publishing this disturbing image out of respect and appreciation for our valued followers

Scientists explain the mysterious properties of moon rocks

Khabarni – Scientists used to believe that in the past, convection currents occurred in the interior of the moon periodically as a result of the strength of its magnetic field. This explains why traces of magnetization are present in some moon rock samples.And the journal Nature Astronomy indicates that the analysis of samples of moon … Read more

Habib Kribo Calls Arabs Uncivilized, Historians: Baseless Statements

The Arabs also developed Islamic civilization throughout history REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA— A video of a person who calls himself Habib Kribo or Zen Assegaf is being talked about on social media. His remarks in the video are about ethnicity Arab called netizens insulting or demeaning Arabs. In the video footage that has been circulating, Zen Assegaf … Read more

We do not accept that Lebanon is a transit point for any evil that afflicts the Arabs

Interior and Municipalities Minister Bassam Mawlawi affirmed that “Lebanese laws prevent disturbing relations with friendly countries.” In an interview on the “Al-Hadath” channel, he indicated that “the necessary instructions will be issued to everyone who will attend the symposium in memory of Nimr Al-Nimr, and those who will meet tomorrow will be asked not to … Read more

The three best options for mid-range smartphones in Jordan

Tell me – Are you looking for a new smartphone? Now is the time to buy, and our guide to smartphones will help you compare the best 2022 smartphones available in Jordan. There are a lot of good phones to choose from right now, but who’s the king of the castle? Is there even a … Read more

Khabarni: Shams Al-Kuwaiti sends a valuable gift to Abu Jarkel

The famous Saudi social networking sites, Abu Jarkal Khabarni – The famous Saudi social networking site known as Abu Jarkel received a gift from the Kuwaiti artist Shams. Shams sent a gift from a messenger to Abu Jarkel, who presented him with the gift and photographed the apostasy of Abu Jarkel. The video documenter who … Read more

Khabarni: An Omani artist publishes romantic clips with (her ex-husband)

Khabarni – Omani artist Zara Al Balushi published a romantic video that she collected with her last husband, in which he appeared kneeling in front of her to offer her a ring and put it on her finger, and she exclaimed with joy. Al-Balushi said in her comment on the video: “Three months after our … Read more

Turkey imposes first fine on cryptocurrency

Khabarni – The Turkish authorities dealt a severe blow to the local cryptocurrency exchange Binance, after fining it about 8 million liras. According to the Turkish Anadolu Agency, a fine of 750,000 dollars was approved today, Saturday, by the Financial Crimes Investigation Bureau in Turkey. The fine is the first of its kind since the … Read more

The famous clairvoyant Laila Abdel Latif terrifies everyone with news that will descend like a thunderbolt on the heads of the Arabs: This is what will happen in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait.!

The famous Lebanese astronomer, Laila Abdel Latif, was surprised by her controversial predictions, after her predictions were true of the Beirut explosion and the outbreak of the Corona virus. 79326801 As Sibyl Laila Abdullatif, through social media platforms, appeared to us again, to inform her followers and readers in Yemen, to read the future of … Read more