Archaeologists Say Early Humans Avoided Inbreeding

LONDON – A group of scientists reanalyzed DNA primordial man who lived 45,000 years ago. The results are surprising that early humans rarely chose their cousins ​​or blood relatives as partners. As reported by Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Thursday (16/9/2021), in a global data set of 1,785 individuals, only 54, which is about three percent, show typical signs … Read more

This 1,500-Year-Old Ancient Tomb Proves True Love Exists

BEIJING – Remnants framework A pair of lovers buried together more than 1,500 years ago in northern China, was found in eternal arms in a coffin. Researchers say, the possibility of the woman willing to be buried alive with her husband who died first. “This is [pasangan] first found in a loving embrace, like that, … Read more

The DNA analysis of a woman who lived 7,000 years ago leaves scientists stunned–12683217.html The DNA analysis of a woman who lived 7,000 years ago leaves scientists stunned The DNA analysis of a woman who lived 7,000 years ago leaves scientists stunned The study of the genetic material obtained from the skeleton found by Indonesian archaeologists in the Leang Panninge cave in southern Sulawesi, and … 28.08.2021, Sputnik … Read more

The findings of scientists in Maros, South Sulawesi, this Toalean woman 7,200 years ago have an ‘Alien’ lineage?

NewsBulukumba – From ancient times, fossil an ancient woman On the toilet from 7,200 years ago show to have a human lineage’Alien‘! A genetic analysis by scientists concluded that women On the toilet ancient found in Cave Liang Panninge from Maros, South Sulawesi it has by different from any modern human group. Even fossil primordial … Read more

310 Million Year Old Brain Fossil Found in Illinois

ILLIONIS – Archaeologists have unearthed a never-before-seen brain fossil of a 310-million-year-old horseshoe crab. Fossil brain belonging to the extinct species Euproops danae, found in Mazon Creek in Illinois, United States. “This is the first and only evidence for a brain on horseshoe crab fossils,” lead author Russell Bicknell, a paleontologist at the University of … Read more

In the USA, Kurt Cobain’s house was recognized as a cultural heritage site :: Society :: RBC

Photo: WASHPO / Facebook The one-story house in Aberdeen, Washington, where Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain grew up, has become a cultural heritage site. About it informs State Department of Archeology and Preservation on Facebook. Facebook post of user WASHPO “This house, owned by Donald and Wendy Cobain, was the childhood of Kurt Cobain (frontman of … Read more

The United States is returning thousands of art treasures to Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhemi, who met with President Joe Biden in the White House on Tuesday, will take as much of his taxes with him as possible when he flies home to Baghdad on Thursday. Much originates from ancient Mesopotamia, and many small pieces of document show how trade took place in the Sumerian … Read more

Archaeologists Forced to Bury Again Finds from Old Aztec Capital – All Pages

INAH A tunnel gate found in the old Aztec capital of Mexico.—To archaeologist from Mexico announced that they were planning to rebury a monument archeology an unusual one found on the outskirts of Mexico City. This burial was carried out to cover an important historical discovery for an undetermined future. The discovery in question … Read more

Thousands of Islamic Tombs Arranged in Mysterious ‘Galaxy’ Patterns – All Pages

Stefano Costanzo et al/PLOS One Satellite image of thousands of Islamic tombs in Sudan.—Thousands tomb Islam medieval times in eastern Sudan are arranged in patterns that are difficult to detect. According to the archaeologists who studied it, tomb–tomb it uses a method designed to cosmology. Thousands tomb it has a pattern like a set … Read more