Ancient human footprints found in the American desert

Cornell University NOS News•Wednesday, 22:10 In the US state of Utah, archaeologists accidentally stumbled upon ancient human footprints. The footprints were found in the desert and may be 12,000 years old. The tracks were found in late July at an army training ground in a dried-up lake in the north of the state. Cornell University … Read more

Collecting shards and stones is not smuggling after all, Briton acquitted in Iraq

EPA NOS News•Tuesday, 18:03 A retired geologist convicted in Iraq for antiquities smuggling has been acquitted on appeal. A month ago, an Iraqi judge ruled that 66-year-old Briton Jim Fitton should be jailed for 15 years. During a tour, Fitton had picked up stones and shards of pottery. Together with a German tourist, he was … Read more

They discovered a mysterious fortress in Iraq. It may be the lost royal city of Natounia

The Parthian Empire At the time of its creation, the fortress stood on the borders of Adiabene, a smaller kingdom ruled by the kings of a local dynasty. According to research led by Michael Brown, a researcher at the Institute of Prehistory, Protohistory and Near Eastern Archeology at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, these … Read more

Meraxes gigas, a new giant dinosaur with a huge head and small arms discovered in Argentina

Published on : 09/07/2022 – 15:44 A team of paleontologists announced on Thursday July 7 that they had discovered the remains of a giant dinosaur belonging to a new species in Argentina. It is a large carnivorous predator with a huge head and small arms called Meraxes gigas, with reference to the series Game of … Read more

Australopithecus “Madame Ples” is finally a contemporary of Lucy

Published on : 30/06/2022 – 10:45 Lucy, the Australopithecus fossil that helped locate the cradle of humanity in East Africa, had a cousin living in southern Africa. An analysis published Monday, June 27 in an American scientific journal confirms this. Until then, Lucy, from the Australopithecus afarensis branch at 3.5 million years ago, was the … Read more

Woolly mammoth discovered in Canada. A sensational find

A frozen young mammoth has been found in the permafrost in northwestern Canada. Although this is not the first discovery of this type, the find is an extraordinary event. Mammoth made of ice The discovery was reported by the authorities of the Yukon Province in northwest Canada. Paleontologists believe that the mummified mammoth from the … Read more

The Po River reveals its secrets. Drought reveals treasures at the bottom

The Po River reveals its secrets. Drought reveals treasures at the bottom – You could see the bow of the boat in recent years, so we knew it was there. However, no one expected that we would see it in all its glory. I have never seen such a drought. Our main concern used to … Read more

Life alongside the Romans: Ancient Scottish settlements reveal ancient secrets

“This is one of the most interesting areas of the Roman Empire because it represented its northernmost border and also because Scotland was one of the few areas in Western Europe over which it never managed to gain full control,” he said. CNN author study published in Antiquity magazine. Another secret around the Stonehenge builders … Read more