Bad News! Blow star fears for now… –

Florian Silver Iron: Bad News! The pop Superstar to tremble … on 22.06.2020 14:24 PM This is Florian Silbereisen View description That doesn’t sound good. Bad news for Florian Silver Iron! The pop star gets the effects of the corona crisis. Currently, many artists are faced with great challenges. Events with spectators is not possible, … Read more

Mega-shock for shock star! Now he fears for… –

Florian Silver Iron: Shock News! The blow star is afraid now… on 21.06.2020 at 07:57 PM This is Florian Silbereisen View description Bad news for Florian Silver Iron! Because of the Corona-crisis, many artists are faced with great challenges. Events with spectators is not possible, not even for a pop star Florian Silver Iron. Now … Read more

Lobby affair: Amthor leaves Amri-investigation Committee – tagesschau

Lobby affair: Amthor leaves Amri Committee of inquiry day look The case of Amthor: SPD politician calls for disclosure of stock options by members of THE MIRROR Lessons from the Case of Amthor:lobby control to take politicians in duty the n-tv NEWS The case of Amthor: SPD calls for a duty of disclosure for share … Read more

Now Austria has chances of winning the song contest in Germany – Eurovision Song Contest

7.05.2020 13:28 (Act. May 7, 2020 1:28 pm) Austria’s song contest hope: Pop singer Vincent Bueno © APA / ROBERT JAEGER After ORF, ARD is now also organizing its own ESC challenge on television – ten finalists will be entering the final round next Saturday. The Austrian alternative for the canceled Eurovision Song Contest was … Read more

Germany argues about the mask requirement

Mask requirement – yes or no? This topic leads to controversial discussions across Germany. The wearing of a mask is still regulated differently across countries. According to police unions in buses, trains and shops, simple face masks in the corona pandemic should become mandatory across Germany. Both the German Police Union (DPolG) and the Police … Read more

Talk show trouble between ARD and ZDF

After disagreements between ZDF and ARD due to news programs running at the same time, there was another overlap in political talk shows – the whole thing was said not to have been coordinated. Photo series with 16 pictures Several times in the past few weeks, ZDF has shown special talk show editions about the … Read more

“Tatort Dresden”: Maybe this nonsense has a method

Updated April 6, 2020, 8:05 a.m. Waving pistols and carefully looking around corners: An interrogation turns into a hostage drama in a children’s home, and the police are almost as amateurish as the young parents. A criticism from Iris Alanyali More “crime scene” news can be found here The first thought: The walls of the … Read more

Number of infected people in Germany and worldwide

Downing Street in London Foreign Minister Dominic Raab will presumably chair the cabinet meeting on Monday. (Photo: Reuters) Dusseldorf The admission of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the hospital has raised doubts about his ability to continue in business despite Covid 19. Johnson had been taken to a London hospital for precautionary testing on … Read more

Corona crisis: no live sports – these are the emergency plans of the TV stations – football

This is how the TV channels and platforms react to the loss of live sports in times of the corona crisis. Institutions are being continued, new formats and classical events fill the programs. ARD: Virtual and abbreviated sports show plus classic The ARD holds the sports show on Saturdays – but in abbreviated form from … Read more

Olympics in Tokyo: next year, (almost) the same time? | Sports show –

IOC A new date for the postponed Olympic Games has apparently already been found. According to media reports, the Tokyo Summer Games will be held from July 23 to August 8, 2021. Officially there is no decision yet. This could be announced later this week. The Tokyo Summer Olympics canceled for this year are expected … Read more