How much to invest in a Café Martínez or Atalaya franchise

Franchises, in their different versions, experienced growth this year that was higher than expected in the sector. It is that it is a business model in which more and more people invest and that is reflected in the opening of new shops. An item that grows within this universe is that of café, punctually, that … Read more

Otamendi makes history in the Argentina national team – Benfica

05 December 2022 – 07:24 Benfica player became the second central defender in the history of Argentina with the most caps (97), along with Oscar Ruggeri When playing in the victory against Australia, by 2-1, in the round of 16 of the World Cup, Otamendi became the second central defender in the history of Argentina … Read more

How to earn dollars with crypto games and collect in Mercado Pago

These games allow you to earn cryptocurrency by performing certain physical activities and other tasks in the “real” world. the keys of money The Argentines launched into a new category of video games: play to earn (play to win), which allow you to add cryptocurrencies instead of accumulating points. Thus, several families began to play … Read more

Dangerous ‘white gold’: how lithium extraction threatens water resources in Chile | Economy

The extraction of lithium with more sustainable methods for water resources in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia will be the main challenge in the exploitation of this valuable mineral in the coming years. With 65% of the world’s lithium reserves, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile, that make up the ‘white gold triangle’, they can dream of a … Read more

Foot Mondial 2022 – CdM: Lionel Messi is no longer the only god in Argentina

On Saturday, Argentina suffered more than expected against Australia, especially late in the game. She finally held on to her 2-1 success and qualification for the quarter-finals. If Lionel Messi had a leading role, another man was able to distinguish himself in the last moments. The announced walkover never happened for Argentina on Saturday night. … Read more

2022 World Cup Round of 16: Netherlands and Argentina advance to quarterfinals

World Cup 2022 round of 16 teams, the first day, the Netherlands embraces Argentina and enters the eighth round The first pair of round 16 teams competed at 10:00 p.m. between the Netherlands playing at the Khalifa Stadium. International Stadium in Doha, Qatar’s lost city, met the United States, starting the game 10 minutes into … Read more

which is the best in Argentina

In simple terms, and mutual fund it’s a investment instrument in which experts manage, either actively or passively, a set of assets acquired with the capital that investors or shareholders enter. Currently there is a large number of mutual funds, So the question arises as to which is the best. What is the best investment … Read more

World Cup 2022: Issam Chawali’s interaction with Argentina and Messi sparks debate about the impartiality of football commentators

5 hours ago image copyright Bein Sports photo comment, Tunisian sports commentator Issam Chawali Tunisian sports commentator Issam Chawali sparked controversy on social media because of his commentary on the Argentina-Australia match in the round of 16 of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which ended with Argentina winning 2-1 for Australia. Al-Shawali’s name … Read more

World Cup round of 16 results: Argentina beats Australia-Netherlands defeats the United States!

updatefootball resultsworld 2022 Saturday night December 3, 2022 Round of 16, which team is boiling? Which pair got hit? resultworld cupLast night, Saturday, all 2 pairs Netherlands 3-1 USA Argentina 2-1 Australia Summarize the situation of the two couples. Argentina secured victory and progressed to the quarter-finals against the Netherlands on Friday night, December 9. … Read more

Will there be a run against the weight when I’m done?

The MEP dollar and the cash with settlement (CCL) are cheap in historical terms and adjusted for inflation. This, explain analysts, can be “unhealthy” and lead to a possible run against the peso from January, when the soybean dollar runs outespecially if external conditions weaken. “Cash with liqui is cheap because the Central Bank has … Read more