China adds a pawn to the Indo-Pacific chessboard

Last June 17, the Chinese aircraft carrier Fujian (ex Type 003), the most significant ship of the naval component of the People’s Republic (People Liberation Army Navy – PLAN), left the dock of the Jangnan shipyard, north-east of Shanghai, and began the final stage of outfitting. The ceremony was attended by Xu Qiliang, a member … Read more

Update on the war in Ukraine: introduction

On February 24, 2022, the world changed; forever. The large-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine by the joint military forces of the Russian Federation and the so-called People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk has been the catalyst for a dramatic clash between the heavyweights of world geopolitics that will inevitably shape the new balances … Read more

historic day for the 61st flock

LECCE – Accompanied by the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini, by the Chief of Defense Staff, Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone and by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, air squad general Luca Goretti, the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella , took part in the delivery of the patent to 48 new pilots … Read more

The Germans “resist” the Ukrainians

When the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal, met the German Chancellor Scholz in early September, he demanded that Germany hand over to Ukraine, in addition to the PzH-2000 self-propelled artillery, also modern MBTs. “The combat tanks must also be handed over to us. We expect the US to supply us with Abrams tanks and from … Read more

Kiev, in 3 days Russian air units shot down for 157 million dollars – World

Ukrainian forces shot down cruise missiles, planes, helicopters and drones of the Russian army worth 157.5 million dollars (about 157 million euros) in three days: this is what emerges from a report by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces published on Facebook and taken up by Ukrinform. The report, which takes into consideration … Read more

Government creates permanent staff for soldiers in the Army and Air Force until the end of the year | Armed forces

To make career conditions in the Armed Forces more appealingo Government will move forward with the creation of a permanent staff for soldiers in the Army and Air Force until the end of the year. At the end of October, the Ministry of Defense also expects to deliver a proposal for the revision of the … Read more

The Russian army is in deep shock. Press about the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ukrainian counteroffensive is taking place in conditions of informational silence. What do foreign journalists write about it? After announcements of a counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south There is very little information about the operation in the country – the Ukrainian authorities urged “not to create a stir,” since such … Read more

Senate asks Boric to take measures to facilitate the vote of the Armed Forces, Carabineros and PDI in the plebiscite | National

The Senator unanimously approved a draft agreement for the plebiscite, through which President Boric is asked to take the necessary measures to facilitate the vote of the Armed Forces, Police and PDI. “The opposite would imply arbitrary discrimination against this category of citizens,” the initiative states. The Senate asked President Gabriel Boric to have all … Read more

Black Eagles.. South Korean pilots’ team above the pyramids sky.. Pictures

The “Seventh Day” camera monitored the launch of the air show of the Black Eagles team of South Korea, during the participation in the activities of the Pyramids Air Show 2022 in the Pyramids area, where you hear and see the participating aircraft in the sky of Greater Cairo. The South Korean Black Eagles team … Read more

Presentation of military colleges 2022.. Start withdrawing files today

12:03 PM Saturday 30 July 2022 Books – Muhammad Sami: Today, Saturday, July 30, 2022, the Armed Forces opened the door to withdraw files for applicants to military colleges from the Coordination Office at the Military College in Heliopolis. The withdrawal of files and applications will take place from today, Saturday, until Thursday, September 8, … Read more