Through the eyes of Sasha Mitrofanov: Everything is different or Pre-prepared, better armed

After many years, when many people were convinced of many things that they were so and could not be different, a wave of knowledge came that something, if not everything, is different. I will randomly mention three seemingly disparate points that have emerged from the foam of days in recent times. First, the pope left … Read more

Palm Oil Farmers in Riau Attacked by a Group of Armed Men, Perpetrators Come Using 2 Buses, Women and Children Injured – Oil palm farmers in Terantang Village, Tambang District, Kabupaten KamparRiau, was attacked by a group of armed men, Sunday (19/6/2022). The attack left several residents injured. The mob attacked using swords, clubs, and wood. A number of victims recounted the moments of the attack. Also read: Oil Palm Farmers in Riau Attacked by … Read more

Attacked by OTK Armed, Dozens of Residents in Kampar Injured and Fleeed to the Bhayangkara Hospital of the Riau Police

PEKANBARU – Dozens of residents of Terantang Village, Tambang District, Kampar Regency, Riau, were attacked by unknown people carrying samurai and other weapons. The attack took place on Sunday (19/6/2022) afternoon. At that time, dozens of unknown men came and attacked the people in Terentang Village, using samurai weapons and clubs. There were dozens of … Read more

Funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces: Dmitry Komarov sells his “favorite toy”

The popular Ukrainian TV presenter, world traveler Dmitry Komarov, who is now filming in his reports showing the ruined Ukrainian cities, decided to auction off his favorite car on his birthday. The proceeds will be donated by the television personality to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. “I’m left with the 39th War today. I would like … Read more

The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost about 50% of its equipment during the war

Photo: AP / Scanpix / LETA Ukraine’s Armed Forces have lost about 50% of their equipment since Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Volodymyr Karpenko told National Defense. “To date, we have lost about 30-40%, and sometimes up to 50%, as a result of active combat. So we have lost about 50%. About 1,300 … Read more

Ukrainian Armed Forces lost about 50% of their equipment during the war / Article

“To date, we have lost about 30-40%, and sometimes up to 50%, as a result of active combat. So we have lost about 50%. About 1,300 infantry fighting vehicles, 400 tanks, 700 artillery systems have been lost,” Karpenko said. He said that international assistance provides 10-15% of the needs of the Ukrainian army. “I will … Read more

“What happens in the army stays in the army”: the hell of reporting sexual abuse in the Mexican Armed Forces

The Breath of Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Dorian N that day smelled of guajillo chili. Sergeant AFJ says it a month later and squirms many miles away. At the end of April, the military denounced her superior for sexual abuse in a process plagued with obstacles. Since then, she tells EL PAÍS, her life has turned … Read more

Dresdner and criticism of the Armed Forces: They will act in flagrante delicto where people’s lives are in danger | National

Given the controversy and questions generated because the Armed Forces did not act in time due to the attacks registered on Tuesday in Curanilahue, despite being warned of the events, the Bío Bío presidential delegate, Daniela Dresdner, assured that the Armed Forces will act when “in endanger a person’s life. In addition, she confirmed that … Read more

Afraid of Following Russia’s Pattern, China Allows Its Military to Hold Armed Operations in Other Countries

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has reportedly paved the way for the expansion of China’s military role in other countries, shortly after the Chinese government signed a Security Pact with the Solomon Islands. The Chinese government says President Xi signed dozens of documents allowing the country’s military to conduct non-war “armed forces operations” outside China. State … Read more

Violence in Silanus, armed and masked beat the former mayor and threaten to set him on fire

Two people brutally assaulted 67-year-old Luigi Morittu Simonetta Selloni June 14, 2022 SILANUS. An attack with modalities, from organized crime. Luigi Morittu, 67, surveyor and former mayor of Silanus (from 2005 to 2015, Pd), was confronted by two masked men armed with guns who waited for him yesterday morning, Tuesday 14, in an estate where … Read more