The G7 wants to continue to put pressure on Russia and supply arms to Ukraine

On Saturday, the ministers promised to strengthen Russia’s economic and political isolation, continue arms supplies to Ukraine and address the global food shortage caused by the war in Ukraine. After meeting at the 400-year-old castle on the Baltic Sea, diplomats from Germany, the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Japan and the EU assured that … Read more

Open Arms, tension in Salvini’s trial: hearing suspended

Moment of tension in the Open Arms trial in Palermo, in which Matteo Salvini is accused. During the deposition of Fabrizio Mancini, director of the Immigration Service of the Ministry of the Interior, there was a question and answer between the prosecutor Geri Ferrara and the lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, Salvini’s lawyer. The prosecutor contested some … Read more

Irene’s mother had uterine cancer: ‘She died in my arms’

Irene’s mother was a storyteller. A ‘real connector’, as Irene calls it. “She loved starting the conversation and was always open to other people’s opinions,” says Irene, who has now made it her job to spread the word about her mother. “It all happened so fast. Within nine weeks we lost her. She fought for … Read more

Biden’s fears of the two factors that could blow up the “arms and ammunition” strategy in Kiev and unleash direct war with Russia

A president particularly furiousso sources of the White House describe the mood of Joe Biden in recent days. The revelations – respectively of the New York Times e you NBC News – that US intelligence provided information to Ukrainians to kill Russian generals and sink the Moscow, the president of the United States did not … Read more

People are dying in my arms. Stop it, beg the medic from Azovstal

“People are dying here from injuries, but also from starvation. They are dying in agony due to missing drugs and scary conditions, “he said in a video taken over by the BBC News portal. Few antibiotics A young man was working on a lifeguard before the war. “It’s painful to watch people die right in … Read more

Oliwia Bieniuk in the arms of a handsome blonde. “It’s fun”

For more up-to-date information, visit Last June Oliwia Bieniuk she revealed that she had broken up with Michaem Krasodomski. Since then, the celebrity has been reluctant to talk about her love life, and replied to fans’ questions about her new partner that she is now focusing on her career and professional challenges. Doda put … Read more

Ancelotti cries in Madrid president’s arms

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Coach Real Madrid Carlo Ancelotti crying in the arms of the club president Florentino Perez after successfully bringing Los Blancos through to the final Liga Champions. Marca uploaded a video of emotional moments when Florentino Perez welcomed and hugged Ancelotti after Madrid knocked out Manchester City in the Champions League semifinals, … Read more

“Neutralize the Russian positions”. What Guerini said about arms to Ukraine. Salvini: “Let’s ask who are they going to?”. Berlusconi: “A clear position, not a warmonger”

The government of Mario Draghi Go on. Italy supports the Ukrainian resistance after the Russian aggression, including by continuing to send weapons to Kiev. The defense minister confirmed the executive’s line yesterday, Lorenzo Guerini. “We will continue to support Ukraine in its defense also with devices capable of neutralizing the positions from which Russia indiscriminately … Read more

Recently, a member of the ‘National Girl Group’ in his son’s arms, released a heartwarming photo

Hyerim, a former member of the group Wonder Girls, has released a family photo that warms the heart just looking at it. Below is Hyerim’s Instagram Hyerim posted several photos on her Instagram on the 4th, along with the caption, “Our Siwoo filmed on the 50th. Family photo.” In the published photo, Hyerim is smiling … Read more