Shin Min-ah ♥ Kim Woo-bin, dating again… Couple look + arms crossed ‘Daldal’ [엑’s 이슈]

(Export News Reporter Ha Ji-won) Actor Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin’s date has been caught again and is a hot topic. On the 19th, a Japanese netizen posted a video on social media showing Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin dating. In the released video, Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin are walking on the street wearing … Read more

The Russians’ nightmare: Mobilization is resisted. He’d rather break his arms or choose prison

Analysis of Putin’s speech: What did he want to say to Russia and the world? On Wednesday, for example, the Tavrichesky shopping center in St. Petersburg fell silent. Instead of classic activities, traders and all visitors focused on the president’s speech. “Like in some movie from the eighties,” one of them commented on the situation … Read more

“The flames on the arms are good. But on the socks…”: Axel Witsel gives his opinion on the new Red Devils jersey

Before Thursday evening’s game against Wales (to follow on RTL TVI, RTL Play and our website), Axel Witsel answered our questions. The Red Devils are preparing to play the last two games of the Nations League group stage against Wales (Thursday) and the Netherlands (Sunday). Two very important meetings to try to grab the Final … Read more

Russian Su-34 Bomber Destroys Ukrainian Arms Workshop with Kh-29 Missile

loading… Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers destroy a Ukrainian weapons workshop using Kh-29 air-to-surface missiles. Photo/TASS MOSCOW – fighter bomber Su-34 Russia destroying Ukrainian weapons workshops using Kh-29 air-to-surface missiles. The Iskra factory workshop in Zaporizhzhia was previously used to store the US-supplied HIMARS missile system. The crew of a Su-34 fighter-bomber uses high-precision Kh-29 missiles to … Read more

Why men cheat. 7 reasons why they seek pleasure in the arms of other women

Men love variety and cheat frequently, most of the time without much thought. Just as no relationship is the same, each case of infidelity can look different. Thus, every relationship, whether long-term or short-term, is not completely protected from the risk of an affair. But what are the real reasons why men cheat? Here are … Read more

Russian arms depots are empty, but the West is also tight

AP Coen Nij Bijvank editor Nieuwsuur Coen Nij Bijvank editor Nieuwsuur While the Ukrainian army makes a bridge useless with a few shots, the Russians may take a whole day with a few hundred grenades. The difference: Ukraine has advanced American Himar systems at its disposal whose missiles can find their own target, Russia is … Read more

Flood in the Marche, Mattia snatched from his mother’s arms; the heartbreaking story »

Weather: Flood in the Marche, Mattia snatched from his mother’s arms; the heartbreaking tale Mattia overwhelmed by the Marche flood, heartbreaking story of his motherA dramatic story that unfortunately becomes the symbol offlood that has hit in recent days the Marche. We are talking aboutwave of exceptional bad weather which raged with intense rain in … Read more

“Without dough, there would be no coat of arms” / Belgium / Charleroi / September 18, 2022 /

Strass et Bayat. After the defeat of Charleroi at home against Westerlo this Saturday (2-3), the second in a row in the Jupiler Pro League for the Zèbres, the managing director of the Charleroi club, Mehdi Bayat, wanted to be reassuring about the sporting results of the team led by Edward Still. Criticized for the … Read more

Kadyrov’s call to arms in Ukraine: “We are not waiting for the Kremlin: each region will create a battalion”

From the Chechnya comes an appeal to the whole Russia to supply the army of Mosca and win the war againstUkraine. These are difficult days for the military strategy of the Kremlin: after reconquest from Kiev of over 2 thousand km of land, the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov calls for a general mobilization, inviting «every … Read more

The Pope of Rome no longer criticizes, but supports the supply of arms to Ukraine

Pope Francis on Thursday acknowledged that supplying Ukraine with weapons is “morally acceptable” because they are needed for self-defense. Francis announced this at a press conference after returning from an inter-religious congress that took place in Nursultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, for two days. “It is a political decision that can be moral, morally acceptable … Read more