prices for less than 180 thousand pesos

build one PC gamer it can be a real headache. The options for each component can be overwhelming: processor, RAM memory, storage, video card, motherboard, power supply and cabinet put together a complex puzzle. And, month by month, prices rise. However, you can always build a computer with good updated components, new and cheap in … Read more

Delays in Western arms deliveries have limited Ukraine’s ability to launch a counteroffensive, analysts say

The institute recalls that last year the Russian army led an offensive from February 24 to July 3. Then Ukraine launched a large-scale counter-offensive in August and liberated the western part of the Kherson region. “Since then, Ukraine has failed to launch a new major counter-offensive,” the report says. Analysts believe that if the West … Read more

Arms in Kiev, state secrets only for Italy. (Our) allies publish lists and reports. From the USA to Germany, here’s where to find them

Germany publish the complete list of supplies and updates it on a weekly basis: 3,000 Panzerfaust rocket launchers, 100,000 hand grenades, 350,000 detonators and so on. It even takes into account the clothing: 240 thousand “hats for winter” , 116,000 jackets for the cold, 80,000 thermal trousers. What’s more, it anticipates those approved that are … Read more

The war in Ukraine sends US arms exports flying (+49%). The giant Lockheed Martin: “Ready to supply F16 jets to Kiev”

Seventeen billion dollars. This is one of the dividends of the war in Ukraine for the US arms industry. The data was released by the State Department of the United States and report how the value of American arms exports, authorized by Washington, has reached in 2022 the 52 billion dollars, up 49% compared to … Read more

Rape threat, baby in arms at UN; When Jacinda returns, still ‘unable to lead’

‘No… I no longer have the energy to lead the country’ – this is the first time the world has heard such a farewell speech from a Prime Minister. It was a most honest revelation. When it was heard that Jacinda Ardern had resigned as Prime Minister of New Zealand, everyone turned their attention there. … Read more

Round table with the Swiss arms industry

Federal Department of Economics, Education and Research Bern, 26.01.2023 – On January 26, 2023, Federal Councilor Guy Parmelin, Head of the Federal Department of Economics, Education and Research (DEFR), invited representatives of the Swiss arms industry , its main associations and the federal administration to an exchange of views. Discussions were dominated by current developments … Read more

Combined arms combat is becoming increasingly important

In modern combat, the coordination of different types of weapons is becoming increasingly important. Both the Americans and the Russians have specialized units. The Stryker wheeled infantry fighting vehicle is an important element of the American brigade combat teams, which conduct combined arms combat. Jeon Heon-Kyun/EPA After months of hesitation, the NATO countries are now … Read more

Ukraine War, Arms Aid to Ukraine | Red’s principle is Putin’s lucky pill

The debate post expresses the writer’s opinions. The majority in Rødt’s opinion committee say no to sending arms aid to Ukraine. One can at best call it ignorant, but in reality Rødt is currently running around as Putin’s puppet. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter from Norsk debatt Logic that kills You are attacked … Read more

Three police officers were arrested: Charges for bribery and the Arms Control Law

Three police officers were arrested in the last hours and will go tomorrow, Wednesday, to a detention control and formalization hearing in the Sixth Guarantee Court of Santiago. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, two of the detainees are active civil servants and the third is retired. At the same time, two will face charges for … Read more

Clara Chía Martí left Gerard Piqué to seek comfort in his arms | Critical Voices – Salta

Tuesday, January 24, 2023 It is no secret to anyone that since Shakira released the provocative and controversial song in collaboration with Bizarrap “Sessions #53”, she achieved what she wanted and that was to separate Clara Chia Marti on the side of the father of her children, and it is that the young woman tired … Read more