A weekend to discover the jewels of the territory, culture and art protagonists of the spring Fai Days

You protect what you love but you love what you know. In the wake of this spirit, the Fai days of spring, now in its 31st edition, to discover the treasures and “hidden” beauties of the area. A weekend, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March, dedicated to culture and art to explore the cultural heritage … Read more

App helps online artists protect their art from generative AI

A new app gives online artists the ability to (for now) protect their artwork from analysis for generative AI. It is a research project of the University of Chicago. The university developed an app (which is explained in this paper) that should prevent the improper use of images for training AI. In practice, Glaze overlays … Read more

Shutterstock partners with NVIDIA to build AI foundation for generative 3D art tool that converts text into 3D content

American image material and editing tool provider Shutterstock announced today (22) that it has cooperated with NVIDIA (Hui Da) to establish an artificial intelligence foundation for generative 3D art tools.Users will be able to NVIDIA Picasso Generative AI Cloud Serviceusing assets from Shutterstock to train 3D models and turn text into 3D content for industrial … Read more

MITZIC: Maëva wins the 2nd edition of the public speaking competition – GABONEWS

MITZIC: Maëva wins the 2nd edition of the public speaking competition March 22, 2023 The 2nd edition of the public speaking competition, organized in Mitzic, in the Okano department, by the association, “Les Enfants du Village” (Bong be ya adza), ended last Saturday with the consecration of Maêva, a student in 4th grade, with an … Read more

Art is not forbidden, and for this reason I do not appear in the media

The artist, Yasser Jalal, was a guest on the DMC evening program yesterday, Thursday, and he talked about the series “A legitimate relationship” that he is starring in, defended his fellow artists, and revealed the secret of his distance from the media appearance. Yasser Jalal: Art is not forbidden, and there is no attack on … Read more

Sexy fan art shows Kaulifla and Kale as Super Saiyan 4 – FayerWayer

One of the most acclaimed arcs of Dragon Ball Super It is the Universal Survival Arc, also known as the Tournament of Strength Arc, fourth in the manga and fifth in the anime, in which we first saw Kaulifla and Kale. Also Known As Caulifla, this warrior is a Saiyan from Planet Sadala of Universe … Read more

Ghany Belmaachi invests the walls of So Art Gallery

After his 50-year career, So Art Gallery honors the work and career of artistic monument Ghany Belmaachi, by organizing a major exhibition bringing together these recent works. Among the pioneers of the new scene of figurative art in Morocco, Ghany became one of the outstanding figures in the 1970s thanks to a visual vocabulary specific … Read more

“Round” sand dunes on Mars raise questions for scientists

“Round” sand dunes on Mars raise questions for scientists Wednesday – 23 Shaaban 1444 AH – March 15, 2023 AD London: «Asharq Al-Awsat» NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has captured stunning images of almost perfectly round sand dunes on the surface of the Red Planet. While dunes of all shapes and sizes are common on … Read more