Portable art

The Barcelona gallery Bombon Projects presents until January 30 an exhibition of historical contemporary art in dialogue and harmony with current works of art. The exhibition vindicates the spirit that animated the artist, collector and dealer William Copley in 1968 when he created SMS, an affordable mail-order art project in New York. Copley, aided by … Read more

Pepa Bueno, from art to journalism and from journalism to fashion

Pepa Bueno has climbed Kilimanjaro, collects art, reads, goes to exhibitions and says that sometimes she feels like the replicant of Blade Runner, because she has seen things in Madrid that no one would imagine. Graduated in History of Art and with a half thesis, Bueno has gone from directing the main women’s magazines in … Read more

Art and representation | Fernando Vasquez Rodriguez

Diana Corvelle sketchbook. 1 The real. Consistency, hardness, fixity. And, despite this, the real is soft, fluid, it is in motion. The real passes; time incarnates in beings or, better, beings are for time. Last and toughness are analogous. The stone, which seems so immobile, keeps within itself an incessant mobility. The exterior of the … Read more

Palliative care for art

The Junta de Castilla y León has launched a Reactivation Plan endowed with 200,000 euros for the purchase of work that artists and gallery owners describe as “late, deficient and scarce” Enrique Marty, in front of his work in the Chapel of the Patio Herreriano. / G. Villamil VICTORIA M. CHILD Valladolid Sunday, 17 January … Read more

the art of ambiguity and sadism in film

Depending on who you talk to, and according to their biographers, Patricia Highsmith It was one way or another. She was a passionate woman, she was a cold woman, she was a misanthropic, a social outcast, a feminist, a misogynist, she was loyal or a traitor. All the uncertainty that surrounds the author, full of … Read more

The flight of art in 2021

He Lafuente Archive continues with collaborations with national art centers -such as the Reina Sofía, the March Foundation, or the IVAM-, and international, with loans for current and future exhibitions during this year. The contribution and prominence of the Archive is reflected both in ongoing exhibitions and in the 2021 agenda. This content is exclusive … Read more

The Art of Caricature in Colombia – Martha Senn Column – Columnists – Opinion

Caricature is a sharp and humorous art that strengthens democracy, or cries out for its absence, and is strengthened with freedom of thought and critical expression. Marcel Marceau and Charles Chaplin immortalized it with their silences. It is inspired by the social and political daily life of a community. His brushes are: image, satire, irony … Read more

Hollywood 2021, the cinema in search of the box office lost by the pandemic

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 WhatsApp 0 The voice of Galicia Miguel Angel Fernndez 17/01/2021 05:00 h Although for the most anticipated films – the returns of the fantastic Dune seen by Denis Villeneuve and the musical West Side Story according to Steven Spielberg– We will have to wait for the last quarter, 2021 will be … Read more