Tame artificial intelligence, the head of ChatGPT urged lawmakers

“The United States government should consider a combination of licensing or registration criteria for the development and deployment of AI models … while incentivizing full compliance with these conditions,” he said according to Reuters Altman. At the same time, he emphasized that regulation “should not hinder innovation efforts”. “The security requirements for companies operating in … Read more

Diagnosis: Artificial intelligence is changing the world, but most of us are still ignoring it

What would you do if one of your friends sent you a web link where you vehemently espouse views that you don’t actually agree with at all. And what if you were there singing a song you composed or trying to sell one of your paintings? That you don’t sing, you don’t know music and … Read more

The billionaire wants to enable the Czechs to buy cheaply and sell expensively

Billionaire David Beran got rich on non-bank loans. He founded the Profireal Group, which lends money in the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia and the Philippines. The European Green Deal calls Beran “madness”, he does not believe in electric cars. Nevertheless, he is building his new business precisely on green technologies. Beran controls SOMI Application … Read more

Facing US Artificial Intelligence, Huawei is Ready to Present ChatGPT

Huawei prepares artificial intelligence to face Microsoft’s ChatGPT. PHOTOS/TV BEIJING – The popularity of the United States company, Microsoft with ChatGPT make China not want to take silent. One of them is the technology giant from China, Huawei. As reported by Gizmochina, Friday (28/4/2023), Huawei is starting to prepare its own version of chatbot technology … Read more

ChatGPT got anonymous mode – News

Italy banned ChatGPT at the beginning of April due to concerns about the possible violation of user privacy. At the same time, the local regulator published the conditions under which artificial intelligence from OpenAI could start working again. Although the introduction of the anonymous mode solves some of the problems, OpenAI’s chief technology officer Mira … Read more

The girl with the pearl. Artificial intelligence has gone all out on Vermeer

First, an oil painting now hanging in the Mauritshuis (Maurice’s House) museum in The Hague, Netherlands, depicts two dazzling earrings. And aren’t the freckles on the girl’s face a slightly odd shade of red? That’s because one of several fan reconstructions replacing the 1665 original, on loan from February to June for a major Vermeer … Read more

Artificial intelligence invented an interview with Schumacher. Punishment came soon

The front page of the magazine Die Aktuelle, which by the way is mainly focused on women, attracted the attention of the article. “Michael Schumacher: first interview! A world sensation!” screamed the headline, which also included a photo of the famous competitor. Even from the other captions, it was not possible to tell that it … Read more

The Belgian killed himself. The artificial intelligence encouraged him

The wife gave an anonymous testimony to this newspaper. Six weeks before his death, her husband started chatting with Eliza, a chatbot created by an American start-up using GPT-J technology. “If it wasn’t for Eliza, he would still be here now. I am convinced of that,” she has no doubts. Her man took refuge in … Read more

How artificial intelligence will become the world’s largest employer

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has grown rapidly and is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives. From chatbots and virtual assistants to autonomous vehicles and smart factories, artificial intelligence is becoming an essential part of the modern world. However, as AI becomes more and more integrated into industry and society, many fear … Read more

Shoplifters are detected by artificial intelligence

For example, if a person puts the goods in a pocket or bag instead of in the basket, employees receive a notification and a short video of the suspect on their mobile phone. The security guards do not have to monitor the footage from the cameras continuously, or they can supervise several stores at the … Read more