turin. Artificial intelligence, it is stalled: the pole paralyzed by the government

TURIN. Do you remember I3A, the Italian center of artificial intelligence based in Turin, the hub that was supposed to guide and coordinate the various research activities in this field at a national level? More than a year after the announcement by the government (it was September 2020) the whole game is still stalled. Although … Read more

A group of physicists breaks a record by keeping an artificial bubble intact for more than a year

Published: 21 ene 2022 10:45 GMT The scientists carried out ‘gas marble’ experiments with glycerol-based nylon particles and water. A group of physicists led by Aymeric Roux, from the University of Lille (France), has broken a record by keeping an artificial bubble intact for 465 days, as explained in a Article published this Tuesday in … Read more

China builds the world’s first artificial moon Teledakar

Chinese scientists have built an “artificial moon” with moon-like gravity to prepare astronauts for future exploration missions, according to ZME Science.Simulating low gravity on Earth is a complex process. Current techniques require either piloting an aircraft that goes into free fall and then rises, or jumping from a tower, but both of these operations only … Read more

China builds an “artificial moon” that simulates low gravity with magnets

It will be officially launched in the coming months, it is a vacuum chamber 60 centimeters in diameter. Chinese scientists have built an “artificial moon” that simulates low-gravity, lunar-like environments to help them prepare astronauts for future exploration missions, reports the South China Morning Post. The artificial moon, which will officially launch in the coming … Read more

Sabrina Sabrok ends up with a paralyzed face for abusing facial treatment: “I managed to see myself artificial”

After his time as a model and TV hostess, Lorena Fabiana Colotta Sabrok better known in show business as Sabrina Sabrok, is currently dedicated to developing erotic content, although his surgeries have begun to wreak havoc on him. In an interview with the program Today, from Telemundo, the famous pointed out that finally “I achieved … Read more

China builds an ‘artificial moon’

Chinese scientists have just built an ‘artificial moon’, a research facility that will allow them to simulate low-gravity environments using magnetism. The Chinese moon will come into use this year and will use powerful magnetic fields inside a 60-centimeter-diameter vacuum chamber to make gravity “disappear,” he explains. Live Science. The chamber is the first of … Read more

China has built an ‘artificial moon’ that can make gravity ‘disappear’

China has created an artificial low-gravity research facility. The gravity of this place can be controlled using powerful magnets by scientists to levels so low that it could successfully simulate the gravity of the moon, according to the South China Morning Post. The research facility can control gravity inside a 60 centimeter diameter vacuum chamber … Read more

China wants to create an artificial moon 60 centimeters in diameter – La Nouvelle Tribune

The China intends to deepen its research in the exploration of the moon. Indeed, Chinese scientists are developing an artificial moon designed by the Chinese National Space Administration. The latter, which measures 60 centimeters in diameter, will be subject to low gravity and will allow scientists to experiment with the behavior of their equipment in … Read more

Amazing Video Seconds China Launches Artificial Sun Called 5 Times Real Heat, Here’s the Fact

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – China recently created artificial sun whose heat is called 5 of the original. After this news circulated, social media was shocked by the video of the artificial sun being launched. But is the video really the moment China artificial sun melauching? here are the facts. Videos with narration that China has launched an … Read more

Artificial intelligence in pursuit of SARS virus host species

L‘artificial intelligence is able to predict which viruses will infect humans in the near future, according to an international study. An international team of researchers led by scientists from Georgetown University has shown that artificial intelligence can predict with a excellent probability which viruses are going to infect humans in the near future and where … Read more