“Creepy and manipulative” is how an artificial intelligence has called Mark Zuckerberg

08/09/2022 at 12:03 CEST Meta has developed a ‘chatbot’ that attacks its own director It has generated a reaction of widespread laughter on social networks Meta recently boasted of have created a conversational artificial intelligence that he wasn’t racist or hated women. Something that is very difficult, since they usually become like this because they … Read more

15 traits in which artificial intelligence differs from human intelligence

In order to facilitate doing some tasks and shorten the time required to complete them, people are always trying to create tools that help them in various aspects of their lives. Now humans are developing machines that can think about them. These machines rely on artificial intelligence that simulates human intelligence. These machines have touched … Read more

Artificial intelligence and tourism, a promising association!

The adoption of artificial intelligence has now become an opportunity for the tourism industry: optimization of brand-consumer exchanges, personalized products and services,… in short, a new era for customer relationship management! Who nowadays hasn’t heard of a magic technology that hasn’t stopped giving good harvests in different industries just for adopting it! Well it is … Read more

“Markuk” with artificial intelligence | Mecca newspaper

The idea of ​​intelligent robots is not new, it was mentioned BC in Greek mythology. There is also a Chinese legend written in the tenth century BC that claims the presence of an intelligent robot in the council of Mu, the fifth king of the Chinese Zhou dynasty. It was the invention of a scientist … Read more

The Dungeons & Dragons game was the inspiration for a new artificial intelligence

This is the game generated by Artificial Intelligence. (AI Dungeon) Although the video game industry has taken some tools from artificial intelligence to create immersive experiences, until now there had been no proposal that would work entirely with this technology. Now a role-playing game inspired by the well-known game has hit the internet. Dungeons & … Read more

Rose’s wife under fire: Black, artificial, monster!

A former pole dancer who stole hearts Rosesshe’s obviously had enough of the attacks on her appearance and she’s given the haters a hard time! “Jesus she’s black, she’s artificial, she’s a monster, she looks 50, burnt out, mouth like a duck…. This is our world today… no one cares what kind of person you … Read more

Scientists have come up with proton resistors for an artificial brain – they are a million times faster than neurons in the human head

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found a replacement silicon transistors to create a new generation of powerful processors for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Using simple and affordable compounds of phosphorus and silicon, scientists have created analog logic elements that operate much faster than silicon transistors and a million times faster than synapses … Read more

GFP-GAN, the artificial intelligence tool that restores old photos and converts them into current images – FayerWayer

That old photo of grandma in sepia format can become a current image, as if it was taken on a recent birthday. Between the interesting and even a little terrifying, they have developed GFP-GANa artificial intelligence that makes it possible to modernize an old photograph. There are AI applications that create new images, but fixing … Read more

A 3D printable artificial muscle capable of lifting 1000 times its weight

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) Small, but strong… An artificial muscle designed by Italian researchers would be able, according to their latest research, to lift up to 1000 times its weight. The secret of this strength lies in the resin chosen for its manufacture as well as in the … Read more

Stephen Hawking made a terrifying claim about artificial intelligence before his death

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who died on March 14, 2018, had repeatedly given his opinion on artificial intelligence. For him, a humanity that wants to rely too much on machines could be ruined. artificial intelligence is it a good or a bad thing? For Stephen Hawking, the eminent British astrophysicist who died on March 14, 2018, … Read more