How to Use AI Like ChatGPT in Microsoft Word, Here’s the Steps

Microsoft Word document illustration with electronic seal or e-seal. © Tantri Setyorini Reporter: Merdeka – Microsoft is rumored to have integrated ChatGPT into Word, Excel and Outlook applications. However, this effort is currently under development because the features used are so sophisticated. So actually, to be able to feel how the experience of using … Read more

Ubisoft announced the launch of an artificial intelligence tool called Ghostwriter, which allows game NPCs to automatically generate different natural dialogues- mashdigi-Technology, New Products, Fun Stories, Trends

Ubisoft revealed a new game during GDC 2023Artificial intelligence tool called Ghostwriterwill allow NPC (non-player character) characters to automatically generate different dialogue content in open-world games, and also allow players to feel more natural when interacting with such characters. According to Ubisoft, this tool hopes to save time spent on developing games and add a … Read more

5 free platforms to take advantage of

Artificial intelligence (AI) -by means of the instructions that run through its algorithms- tries to emulate those cognitive processes that, later, derive in mental activities such as learning, creativity or the ability to plan. The paradigm that best represents these synthetic virtues is ChatGPT, a system developed by OpenAI that is generating a lot of … Read more

artificial intelligence has compared the images with a woman trying to prove the resemblance to Madeleine

In videos published on social networks, Julia shows a spot in her eye, which is also visible in Madeleine’s photos. Also, the girls have freckles in the same places on their legs. Wendell is 21 years old, but she admits the age could be wrong. Madeleine was born in 2003, so she must be 19 … Read more

“Creating Intelligence Itself”: After Fire, Electricity and the Internet, the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

“Creating intelligence itself” After fire, electricity and internet, the revolution of artificial intelligence The deployment at high speed of a so-called “general” artificial intelligence, ie that of programs “smarter than humans in general”, is considered inevitable. Posted20 mars 2023, 22:26 OpenAI unveiled GPT-4 on Tuesday. AFP The rapid deployment of an increasingly “general” artificial intelligence … Read more

Artificial intelligence looking for aliens caught eight signals that caught the attention of scientists – FayerWayer

Is it true that they are already here? It is impossible to know. What is certain is that science is searching for a civilization of aliens confirming that we are not alone in the vast universe. Artificial Intelligence, in addition to being used as tool that shows us Shakira at 60 years oldIt also has … Read more

Google launches an initiative that allows companies and organizations to develop artificial intelligence applications themselves The US technology and internet services giant Google has launched a comprehensive initiative that allows companies and institutions to develop artificial intelligence applications on their own and without much effort, according to the Emirati statement. Google said it will add artificial intelligence functions to the office work system known as “Google Workspace”. The program … Read more

Program says how to convince the boss: More salary thanks to artificial intelligence | Money

For many employees it is one of the most difficult and important questions: How do I succeed in salary negotiations? The latest trend: People are asking artificial intelligence “ChatGPT” how to proceed and which mistakes to avoid in order to get more money from the boss. BILD tried out the AI ​​program, documents the results … Read more

DIABETES: The artificial pancreas is also effective in children

3 hours more per day in the target range is the precise benefit of this artificial pancreas originally developed at the University of Virginia Diabetes Technology Center. The Control-IQ system, manufactured by Tandem Diabetes Care and already approved in Children by the American Agency FDA, Based on the results of 2 previous studies, therefore confirms … Read more