The Story of Siamese Twins in Josie and Teresa’s Head, 20 Years After Separation Pages all

GUATEMALA CITY, – Two brothers, born twins attached to the head until it was thought they would not live more than a year, having just celebrated their 21st birthday, followed by the 20th anniversary of their physical separation operation. Josie Hull and Teresa Cajas were born together at the head in July 2001. The … Read more

6 bad habits that are killing your laptop battery and how to change them

The batteries of the laptops They usually have a useful life cycle. However, there are certain habits that can help prolong it or, on the contrary, harm it. For this reason, knowing what to do is key, but above all, what not to do Laptops often give indicators that, if taken care of in time, … Read more

Highest, US monkeypox cases hit 10,000

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The United States has now recorded more than 10,000 cases monkey pox (monkeypox) confirmed, according to data released by the CDC, as reported by Web MD. The US crossed the 10,000 mark on Wednesday, August 10, 2022, with the number rising to 10,768 as of Friday morning, according to data CDC latest. … Read more

Horror! This is what will happen if the US goes to war with China

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues. The war, which has not ended, must now be added to by the tensions of the two major world economic powers, namely the United States (US) and China. The latest news, the Chair of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi came to Taiwan … Read more

Boom! China Promises To Take Over Taiwan With Military Power: What Can The US Do? – China there is absolutely no intention of letting go Taiwan merdeka. China seems to be doing everything in his power to ‘reclaim’ Taiwan. In the Bulgarian Military report on August 11, 2022, China absolutely no intention of giving up the plan to annex Taiwan. China it has long had a problem that is … Read more

Trump refuses to speak during 6 hours of investigation by the attorney general after being accused of cheating

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ex President United States of America, Donald Trumprefused to answer questions when questioned by the New York Attorney General about alleged fraud by his business empire, the Trump Organization, Wednesday (10/8). Trump says he has “no choice” but to ask for the fifth amendment or fifth amendmentthe individual’s privilege to keep … Read more

Ignite warning signs for China, B-2 Spirit stealth bombers deployed to Australia – A satellite image has emerged showing four stealth bombers B-2 Spirit nuclear capable air Force United States of America (AS) parked in a straight line at Amberley airbase air Force Australia (RAAF) of Queensland. Photo from Planet Labs shared on social media by The War Zone. air Force AS (USAF) operates as many … Read more

Starting from Exorbitant Prices to Sophisticated Technology, This Is The Reason The B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Makes You Squeeze – The B-2 stealth bomber is a stealth warplane used for bombing. On June 17 2019, marks the 30th anniversary of the first aviation B-2 Spirit Bomber. Magnificent and very fast planes change ways United States of America (AS) watch over the skies and charge into battle. Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit has many features … Read more

Can Get His Partner Pregnant, NASA Bans Astronauts Masturbating in Space

WASHINGTON, – Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) United States of America (AS) prohibits para astronaut guy masturbating in outer space. The reason is that sperm released in zero gravity can impregnate a female astronaut. The strict rules were revealed by NASA engineer, Smythe Mulikan. He said the slightest “naughty drop” could cause havoc on … Read more

Maggiore refuses to play without a band: he ends up in the stands for Spezia-Como

The Spezia midfielder refused to take the field against Como after learning he had not been designated as captain. A decidedly singular episode that marked the immediate eve of the Coppa Italia match between Spice and Como. As reported by ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, Giulio Maggiore he would have refused to take the field without … Read more