Crazy! China Wins at WTO, US Sentenced to IDR 9.2 T/Year

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – China won against the United States (US) in the World Trade Organization (WTO). The UN agency allowed China to impose duties on US imports worth US$ 645 million or around Rp. 9.2 trillion (assuming Rp. 14,300/US$) per year. “In view of the arguments and evidence of the parties in this process, … Read more

AUKUS, which is claimed to be an Indo-Pacific maritime power, has actually become an intense battleground, is it true? – Lately, AUKUS has demonstrated the recognition of the United States (AS) on military threats from China, which is also considered to have the largest navy in the world. Anxiety like that makes AS share its most valuable nuclear propulsion military technology with Australia, something that has never been done with any country except … Read more

Refusing to wear a mask until he pulls down his pants in front of a flight attendant, this man is threatened with 20 years in prison

NEW YORK, – A man Ireland who refused to wear a mask during a flight from Dublin, Ireland, to New York, United States of America (US) faces up to 20 years in prison. Reported by the News Agency AFP, Saturday (20/1/2022), the US Department of Justice stated that in addition to refusing to wear … Read more

Celebrity Gabby Petito’s riddle of death is solved, the FBI reveals the killer

WASHINGTON DC, – FBI reveals new facts about US celebrity murder case Gabby Petito. The FBI said, Petito’s girlfriend, Brian Laundrie, admitted to killing his lover through his writing in a notebook just before committing suicide. Laundrie also sent text messages between her and Petito’s cell phone in the days after Petito was strangled … Read more

British Woman Earns IDR 194 Million Monthly from Breastfeeding Videos All

DEVON, – A woman in the UK admits to making £10,000 per month from videos of pumping milk on social media. Woman named Alice Lovegood from Devon was even offered 100,000 pounds (Rp 1.9 billion) to breastfeed a fan. The Sun reported, Monday (17/1/2022) the 27-year-old mother of three began doing the job after … Read more

Tense, not far from Indonesia, China expels American warships, PLA: US will face the consequences! China and United States of America (AS) was again involved in a tense incident at Sea China South which is not far from Indonesia. Paracel Islands, Sea China South which is not far from Indonesia get tensed over China and United States of America involved in a confrontation on Thursday, January 20, 2022. Tension … Read more

USS Benfold Accused of Territorial Violation, US Gives Shocking Answer to China – China point out if USS Benfold belonging to the Navy AS enter territorial Beijing without permission. accusations China this certainly has something to do with AS getting hotter and hotter. Even China commemorate AS regarding the serious consequences associated with USS Benfold who infiltrate illegally into the waters territorial China in Xisha (Paracel … Read more

Revealed, Trump Holds Secret Meeting Before Capitol Riots

WASHINGTON DC, – Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham revealed that former US President Donald Trump held a secret meeting at his residence days before the riots. Capitol Building. The Guardian reported on Thursday (20/1/2022) that the information was shared by Grisham to the US House committee investigating Capitol riot which occurred on … Read more

US warships challenge China’s claims after being expelled in LCS

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Missile destroyer warship United States of America challenge claims China on South China Sea (LCS). This claim was made after China expelled US warships sailing in the region, Thursday (20/1). The USS Benfold sailed around the Paracel Islands, known to China as the Xisha Islands. According to a spokesman for the … Read more

FACT CHECK: Drinking Papaya Leaf Juice Is Not Proven To Be A DHF Drug – Circulating uploads mention drinking raw papaya leaf juice can treat Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). Mentioned after drinking raw papaya juice can increase platelets. “LATEST NEWS, “Dengue Fever Medicine”. How to make the juice: 2 papaya leaves cleaned, pounded and squeezed with a sieve clothYou will get * 1 tablespoon per leaf. * The … Read more